Justin Trudeau Forces A New Social Order On Canadian Society

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It isn’t like a Trudeau family member hasn’t done it before.  Without standards of democracy such as public consultation or approval, former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau transferred Canadian identity away from its existing foundation.

It all began in 1971. Less than a year after meeting with China’s Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Pierre Trudeau transitioned our nation to a Multicultural society.

Fifty years later, we experience the result as Canadians of European heritage are corralled into a social doghouse as racists and xenophobes. Then came Justin Trudeau to further reduce our social status.

Not content with damage done, Trudeau Jr. set to work to permanently invert Canada’s social order. Prancing around promoting his vacuous “Diversity Is Our Strength” mantra, the reality of our PM’s venture was something altogether different.

With the help of multicultural not-for-profit organizations, the Liberals began their inversion of society. The irony is palpable– feigning desire for community equality, Trudeau established a post-modern social hierarchy.

To do so, he enlisted the Liberal government’s finest ethno-centrics. Within a half-decade, Justin Trudeau has elevated 3rd World Canadians to the top of our social totem pole.

At the opposite end of the food chain we find our PM’s nemesis communities. Thematic in nature, they include Anglophones, Westerners, Conservatives, Truckers, Oil Sands Workers, Farmers, Christians and Pro-Lifers.

The lines are drawn. Trudeau and his Liberals would successfully carve up Canada’s social fabric into “haves and have nots.”

The halves are those who buy what Trudeau is selling. The Liberal snowflake segment is a given– they being as ideologically fixated as the PM himself. Add to it 3rd World migrant voters, in addition to Trudeau’s favourites– homosexuals and the transgendered.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are those our national leader claims are responsible for the hardships of these communities– Anglophones, Caucasians, “Old Stock” Canadians. Naturally, the old school element is devoid of French-Canadian content. Trudeau is Quebecois, so this is a given.

The result is full societal inversion. Mr. Trudeau wants his post-modern Canada, and he is doing everything he can to bring the agenda to fruition. That’s “his agenda” — not that of the general population– his degree of vehemence verging on sociopathic status.

By focusing on continuity between so-called father and son, we come to understand a salient piece of truth: our country, Canada, has been hi-jacked away from its rightful owners– the Canadian people. Media say not a word about it.

This is not a piece of subjective Cultural Action Party bias– it is the law of the land:

“In a democracy, a government of the people, for the people, should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

 — Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

To apply this to Trudeau-family leadership of Canada is nothing less than a sick joke. Neither person has adhered to this staple of democratic governance. Rather– with incredible presumption and snobbery– the Trudeaus transitioned our nation to their personal vision of what they believe Canada should be.

Considering their political orientation, all Canadians should know what this means. Because of media, they won’t. Our society is to transition to a 3rd World-dominated socialist society.

For Justin Trudeau, and others like him– NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Minister of Multiculturalism MP Ahmed Hussen— it is akin to achieving a state of political Nirvana.

Indeed, some people– most prominently the Liberal Cabinet— have instituted what CAP refer to as “Old Stock pay-back time.” For the sins of our predecessors and their colonial ambitions, our country is to be stolen back from the descendants of Canada’s original settler communities.

Of course, no one in government will come out and say so. Nor will establishment media, who at this stage of the game function as ideological disciples of Liberal Party globalism.

Some call it “Wokism.” Cultural Action Party call it neo-communism, to one day be replaced by the real thing:

“What kind of country would you like to make Canada?

Pierre Trudeau: “Labour Party socialist, or Cuban socialism, or Chinese socialism.” stated

Think it can’t happen? CAP believe it can, and likely will. In order for the Trudeau communist dream-team– inclusive of brother Alexandre Trudeau— not to come true, the Conservative Party must win any future federal election.

Too bad CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are desperate for them to lose. Why else would they have with intention railroaded the CPC to the same status as “Old Stock” citizens?

Don’t you know? The Conservatives are racists. It wasn’t always this way. In 2015,  legacy media began to brand the official opposition as a party of bigots. It occurred at the time stories began to emerge stating that PM Trudeau had “bought our media.”

An incredible coincidence, eh? We discover the ideological alignment of Canadian media and our federal government. Together, they are out to defeat any party that challenges Liberal domination of our political landscape.

Ideological synergy between a neo-communist government and the nation’s media. Exactly how it is structured in China. Another strange coincidence thus manifests.

All three Trudeau males(if Justin qualifies) have at one time expressed their admiration for China’s communist system of government. In 2022, Trudeau is pushing Canada toward replication of Chinese society.

Internet censorship– an emulation of China’s Great Internet Firewall— is on the horizon as we speak. The ArriveCan app represents our country’s move toward replication of China’s Social Credit System. Ditto for Digital ID, today a staple of Chinese society.

All signs point to political transition to a socialist dictatorship. Media say nothing. CBC has no interest in retention of democracy. They are too busy plugging 3rd World community concerns and promoting LGBT propaganda in grade schools to bother with such trivialities.

A democracy in which no controlling institution gives a fig about maintenance of  traditional governance? Pray-tell, what can this lead to other than erasure of personal freedoms?

At this point, Team Trudeau can almost taste it. Canada’s days as a democracy are numbered. Four victories in succession for the Liberal-Communist Occupational Government, and it will be game over for democracy in Canada.

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  1. Photo: That must be the goblin Omar Abra Cadabra; grey suit; back to camera. He brought the donuts. (Former donut salesman.) We paid for the rest of their repast. Not an insect in sight. (Except for the two legged; Trudeau kind.)

  2. “When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people…” (Deuteronomy 32:8.) People of the Third World have their own countries. Trudeau’s long game plan is egretiously violating God’s division/boundaries. This country is our inheritance; not for two Trudeau’s to give away. The specious; oft repeated propaganda–That we “stole” it from widely scattered; relatively small bands of nomadic tee-pee dwellers is indefensible. Two hundred years on; they’re still not a nation; politically motivated word games notwithstanding. May as well make the bogus claim that we “stole’ it from the forest animals. That makes about as much historical sense. The late Dr. Barry Fell makes the a strong case–With now undisputed archaeological proofs–that North America was the short-term; continual home to people from Early Europe/Bible lands–Thousands of years ago. Trade and exploration was a primary factor. These people were not unsophisticated desert dwellers–They were also highly nautical; with many oceanic trade routes. *America BC: Ancient Settlers in the New World*.


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