Justin Trudeau FLOODS CANADA With 3rd World Migration During Covid-19 Crisis

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“All roads lead to Rome” is a refrain from days gone by. Within Justin Trudeau’s Canada, a slight augmentation is required:

“All roads lead to flooding Canada by way of mass immigration from the 3rd World.”

 Good news, bad news—it really doesn’t matter at all. PM Trudeau and his written-in stone ways never cease to exist within “post-modern” Canada.

Perhaps a Hockey Night In Canada metaphor will explain:

“Trudeau passes to ex- Immigration Minister, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen. He forwards the puck to current Liberal Immigration Minister MP Marco Mendicino— he shoots, HE SCORES!”

The Liberal government of Canada “win the game.” Just like in a sporting match, one team wins and another one loses.

 For CAP, this illustrates what Canadian government, media and academia will never speak of: who wins, and who loses—in the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist assault upon Canadian demography.

Suffice to say, this immigration dynamic is the single most important issue regarding the state-of-our-nation, and our future as a western liberal democracy.

No wonder CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star never speak of such things. 

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Is this true, or not: Canada has the highest per-capita rate of immigration on earth. Yes, this is true.

Is this true, or not: CBC and establishment media NEVER speak of the impact of this unique scenario upon the destiny of Canada as a nation.

For example, a prediction of the percentage of our citizenship that will be Sikh-Canadian in 2028. Prediction of  Islamic-Canadians in 2033.

Heck—Justin Trudeau & Co. won’t even inform Canadians of which nations our immigrant populations are coming from. Is China the number one source of migrants in 2020?

What is to be the number one source in 2028? Not a word spoken by media and government.

Pourquoi? This is where it gets interesting. Thinking logically, the surge in immigration intake— justified by government even during the time of China’s Covid-19 global dissemination— is rolling more than ever before in Canadian history.

How does this affect the Canadian-born? Ever read a Globe & Mail article which alludes in any manner to this question?

Ever see John Ivison and John Ibbitson—leading journalists of Anglophone extraction— opine on this “incidental” piece of future history?

Never once— why would this be? Many CAP readers will recognize the irony in this. Speaking of mainstream media, within the pages of Toronto Star, resident Anglo-Basher Shree Paradkar speaks of the fate of 3rd World Canadians. She herself is one of them.

By way of CBC, resident writer Shanifa Nasser speaks of the trials and tribulations of Islamic Canada. “Islamophobia” is the word, have you heard— forgetting all about the fact that clinging endlessly to 7th century religious philosophy may bring about resentment with a “progressive” 21st century Canada.

By way of Andrew Coyne, Chris Selley, Ibbitson, Ivison and Chantal Hebert regarding the communities from which they personally derive?

Nothing. This is Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada— one in which 3rd World Canada is growing by leaps and bounds, while the populations of English Canada are being decimated as we speak.

Not one word from media. Now, what can astute Canadian political observers glean from this?

CAP will respond first: T-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Seems Trudeau, Morneau and the rest of the Liberal cultural assassins are conspiring to deceive Anglophone Canada, as well as Christian Canadians.

Again— those doing the deceiving are, in fact, Anglophone and Christian Canadians. It is here fellow patriots that the true agenda of the Liberal-Trudeau-3rd World destroyers is found.

Until this breaks on through to the people of “Old Stock” Canada, the program will continue unabated.

Number one entity responsible after the Liberal-Globalists? CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest of Canada’s anti-Anglophone political posse.


2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau FLOODS CANADA With 3rd World Migration During Covid-19 Crisis”

  1. To fix something that has not worked in 225 years, you must replace it. You don’t waste your life complaining and pointing out the millions of tiny details that make the whole government at all levels repugnant!

    So, when are people going to start talking about truly viable alternatives such as a Constitutional Republic in every province and then United Republics of Canada or United States of Canada?

    Probably never, because complaining is so much easier than actually changing things, starting with our attitude. We want Trudeau to change, we want his flunkies to change, we want a lot of things, but we don’t want to change our thinking or refusal to create a Canada of our own design.

    Since we do not want to take the initiative, then other countries and races will.


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