Justin Trudeau Exempts Saudi Arabian Oil From Carbon Taxes

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A rhetorical question published by the Toronto Star speaks volumes on the topic of energy and oil production in Canada:

“How come you[PM Justin Trudeau] have exempted it[Saudi Arabia] from your carbon tax and are not subjecting Saudi oil to the same environmental regulations you have imposed on Western Canadian oil?”

“It couldn’t be because most Saudi oil is destined for Quebec? You’re supposed to be in a battle with the Saudis, yet an objective outside observer might think you’re at war with Alberta.”

It couldn’t be because the Laurentian Mountain elite of Quebec want to maintain the Quebec-Saudi status quo, could it? To say nothing of the fact that you’re following in the footsteps of Pierre Trudeau by impeding oil production in Alberta?

Of course, it could be all of the above, plus whatever shady backroom deals the Liberal government has cooked up with oil billionaire Mohammed bin Salman, dictator of Saudi Arabia.

Just this week, PM Trudeau blocked what the National Post outlined in the following article:

‘Canada Just Missed Possibly One Of The Greatest Opportunities In Its History’

“Canada could have been using its LNG to save an embattled Europe …and make billions in the process. The economic hit is overwhelming: At current prices, even just one Canadian port exporting liquid natural gas could be adding nine figures to the Canadian GDP each day.”

“Politically, Canada could be helping to deal a body blow to Russian hegemony over Western European energy. Instead, on both fronts, Ottawa appears content to watch from the sidelines.”

Say no-go to this one. PM Trudeau will not let it happen. Seems to CAP that it’s a case of protection of the status quo over a giant uptick for the Canadian economy. How typically Liberal.

For almost seven years now, Justin Trudeau has bowed to masters that control his decision-making. These include not only the Quebec money elites, but also international players controlling Liberal government energy policies.

More of the rhetorical from Toronto Sun:

“How come Ottawa isn’t imposing the same taxes and regulations on Saudi oil that it imposes on Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland oil?

A fine question indeed. Just don’t ever expect to get a straight answer from our federal government.

CAP has to wonder– if carbon reduction is Justin Trudeau’s prize package, why aren’t related taxes applied uniformly to all perpetrators? Do tell– what’s the difference between Saudi carbon and any other? Emissions are emissions– the environment doesn’t know the difference between Saudi output and any other form.

Therefore, from a logical perspective, the rationale must be found elsewhere. CAP will take a shot at the motivation. Justin Trudeau wants to please the Saudi Arabian government. It’s simply the kind of guy he is.

Sycophantic as the day is long, non-Canadian entities come first for our prime minister. For nearly seven years in office, Mr. Trudeau has played globalist groveller to the Saudis, China, Iran, United Nations, World Economic Forum and World Health Organization.

For seven years, Canadians have played second fiddle to these forces. During this period, the Liberals took over control of mainstream media. The result is sublimation of a certain truism:

Justin Trudeau maintains a set-in-stone hierarchy of social order. After foreign governments come diaspora communities imported from China, Punjab and Middle East. Canada’s new arrival Muslim community, Sikhs and various 3rd World migrant groups are government’s top priority.

After this, we come to Quebec. Trudeau is Quebecois, so they retain priority. Next up on the downside come First Nations Canada. Finally, the lowest on Trudeau’s totem pole: AnglophoneCanadians.

Among these lowly creatures, Western Canadians are most neglected. It should come as no surprise that our current PM’s animus toward Alberta Oil dates back to Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program:

The National Post  reported that “the NEP was considered by Albertans to be among the most unfair federal policies ever implemented. Scholars calculated the program cost Alberta between $50 and $100 billion.” 

Favouritism to the Islamic theocracy of Saudi Arabia. Punitive measures toward the Canadian province of Alberta. Carbon taxation for Canadian citizens. Carbon tax exemption for billionaire oil sheiks of the Middle East.

How typically Trudeau it all is.

7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Exempts Saudi Arabian Oil From Carbon Taxes”

  1. “Just this week, PM Trudeau blocked what the National Post outlined in the following article: ‘Canada Just Missed Possibly One Of The Greatest Opportunities In Its History.’ ” Trudeau blocked? Say what? The *National Post* HAS the power to print the article. Money be damned; they’ve lost all integrity, and sense of obligatoin to the public. “Trudeau blocked.” Let that sink in. If that doesn’t convince Canadians that the once-upon-a-time free-press is dead and buried–They’re not paying any attention. Oops. Reality check: Not that “We’re alright Jack” Canadians will know what evil transpires in Trudopia; the “press” doesn’t report it. Perhaps there will be free copies of the *Post* delivered to the newly minted “voluntary quarantine” (punishment/re-education) camps. Like sheep to the slaughter.

  2. “Scholars calculated the [national energy program] cost Alberta between $50 and $100 billion.” Scholars further calculated that the NEP enriched Quebec with between $50 and $100 billion. Enriched; as in the present perfect continuous tense.

  3. What do you exspect from a POS like that. Something fair.
    Guys a looser, pedophile, slug. this madness needs to stop.
    Ontario brought that into our lives. Think its time they cut it off before we loose everything. Smarten the F^#K UP

  4. Remember, that NO LIBERAL…..ANYWHERE….ever takes any action, unless they know that they will personally benefit from the decision in some way.

    The Liberals always have to get a piece of the action…or nothing gets done. That’s the kind of people the Liberal party attracts.

    • Very true, I sadly laugh at the people/voters that say I have many libtard friends.Can an honest hardworking Canadian Conservative really have any kind of a friendship with individuals that vote for a parasite like trudope.

  5. This nonsense has to stop. The corruption is ramped among the parties on the left. Carbon is a tax grab. All the extra money spent by the government is to be rifled right back at them. The Ukraine weapons are sold on the dark web “howitzer munitions” shipped from North America.
    Stop the imorel actions of All the elite!!!


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