Justin Trudeau Exempts Saudi Arabia From Oil Tanker Ban

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Bill C-48 was introduced after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet vetoed Northern Gateway — a project that would have carried crude from Alberta through northern B.C. to a tanker terminal for export to Asia.

Colloquially known as the “Oil Tanker Ban”, the adoption of Bill C-48 is discriminatory in that it does not apply to oil deliveries from Saudi Arabia to the Irving Oil refinery, from rigs off Newfoundland’s coast, or to oil deliveries made to refineries in Quebec.

Ottawa has not presented any economic study or scientific research that supports its West Coast ban. How very Justin Trudeau. Speaking of the man, it was he who gave a green light to the Saudis to be EXEMPT from his blood-sucking carbon tax. Whose side is PM Trudeau on?

The answer is simple–the same side he has been on since day one in office–that of the United Nations, the Global Banking industry, and the Nation Of Islam. Once again, our PM is favouring  non-democratic, theocratic governments.

Yet, incredibly, media never put this simple equation together. Who benefits by way of Trudeau’s decision? Again, the usual suspects: Non-Canadian corporations, non-democratic governments, Islamic interests, and the international banking cabal.

The $36-billion Malaysia LNG project in B.C. was cancelled. TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East west-east pipeline has been blocked, and the Trans Mountain expansion to the Pacific has been stalled. The result, of course, is a hollowing out of Alberta Energy interests.

It was  former prime minister Pierre Trudeau who introduced the National Energy Program to Canada in 1980. Since this time, hundreds of millions of dollars have been siphoned away from Alberta and handed to other provinces--Quebec and eastern provinces in particular. In a twist of irony, the National Energy program was designed to promote oil self-suffeciency for Canada.

This is the Trudeau family’s approach to Alberta Oil. Tax, block and impede. For Saudi Arabia, however, it’s a win-win as our federal government continue to play favouritism on behalf of wealthy oil-producing Middle Eastern nations.


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  1. He may be an idiot, but the machine driving the puppet idiot, is obviously focused on a cause, that has no concern for the best interest of Canada, or Canadians.


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