Justin Trudeau Establishes HIGHEST Deficit Levels In Canadian History

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Debt legacies for the prime ministers are measured by calculating the change in debt during their respective tenures. In 2019, federal debt per person is expected to reach $32,589.

Justin Trudeau is projected to be the largest debt accumulator among prime ministers who did not fight a world war or experience an economic downturn during their tenure. Pierre Trudeau recorded the next highest per person debt increase during his second tenure. He increased debt by 58.8 percent.

Is there a pattern to be recognized here? In simple terms, one could argue Trudeau family prime ministers enjoy accumulating public debt– but why? Does this debt accumulation “coincidence” between father and son convey a measure of altruism toward the people of Canada?

Hardly. In fact, it is very much inline with the political philosophy of the Trudeau family: if you can’t enslave the public on an ideological basis(both have desperately tried), then enslave them on a financial basis.

The unspoken piece neglected by media is who benefits from this. Media speak of debt, but never exactly who we are indebted to–which, of course, is an international banking cabal(Think George Soros) making billions of dollars from interest charges.

In this capacity, Justin Trudeau is number one with a bullet. By way of transferring billions to non-democratic Third World governments, Mr. Trudeau pleases those he is working for— United Nations, Middle Eastern governments, billionaire banker Soros, and his globalist “Open Society”(they really mean it) and various other global power players.

Who suffers? This would be the usual suspects. Old Stock Canadians and their families, who after decades of mass immigration still form the largest Canadian tax payer base.

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Is there another recent example of a Liberal leader who sent debt into the stratosphere? Yes, Katheen Wynne, ex-premier of Canada’s largest province, Ontario.  Racking up a massive $400 billion  in debt accumulation, think-tank the Fraser Institute described the circumstances as a financial “lost decade.”

Justin. Pierre. Kathleen Wynne–all Liberal, all accumulators of massive debt and deficits for Canadians, and their nation as a whole.

Deficit Increase under Prime Minister:
Lester Pearson 1963-68 Debt: $18.75 billion 19.6% increase
Joe Clark 1979-80 Debt: $77.4 billion 18.3% increase
Brian Mulroney 1984-94 Debt: $487.5 billion 67.7% increase
Jean Chretien 1994-2004 Debt: $496.2 billion 1.8% increase

Pierre Trudeau 1968-79 1980-84 Debt: $157.2 billion 738.7% INCREASE

Hello Canadian media! How about publishing this little tid-bit? Look what Papa Pierre did for the benefit of international banking– he virtually enslaved Canada to a global banking cabal–and his son is even worse!

Caustic Conclusion? Liberals love debt.  How interesting that mainstream media never allude  to the affinity between Liberal leaders, and deficit accumulation. Are we to believe the sober sounding John Ivison of the Globe & Mail cannot put 2 + 2 together, and inform the people of Canada about the Trudeau family’s mismanagement of the Canadian economy by way of massive, unprecedented deficit accumulation?

Of course he can. Of course he never will. Doing so would turn voters away from King Justin, and establishment media in Canada never do such as thing.

Want more of the same? Vote for Justin Trudeau in October, 2019, and your wish will be granted.

-Brad Salzberg, Founder of CAP.


20 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Establishes HIGHEST Deficit Levels In Canadian History”

  1. Let’s try all gov’t mp,premiers, prime minister all members take a really dramatic cut in pay , retirement packages and every other benefit that comes out of our dollar.

    • Trudeau is a TERRORIST and his Attack on Canadians though Mass Criminal Infestation in our Country is the First Knife Thrust into Canada’s Back . Destroying our Economy is the Second and the Third will be his JIHADI Stack with his Terrorists he brought into the Country . JIHADI JUSTIN IS CANADA’S GREATEST ENEMY .

  2. When are Canadian taxpayers going to STAND UP and demand all governments to operate within a reduced budget. That means a stop to all the nice too’s and special interest groups requests for funds that only benefit a small population. I am tired of hearing about what happened to native Canadians that todays Canadian had nothing to do with and the last 10 years of giving money for no results has to stop; we are all Canadians and should all pay taxes equally. If you want a pension then you need to pay into it and help develop Canada by working and paying taxes. And if you want to own land pay taxes to support the infrastructure to service that land. Stop all lobbying at all Government levels for laws that make no sense other than make money for some industry.

  3. Not even close. Are conservative readers so stupid that they need their views backed up with blatant lies to get through the day? Trudeau isn’t even close to the debt/deficit levels accumulated by Harper – and the 3 highest defictis ever, more than double that of current, were under Mulrooney. It too the liberals to get us back to surplus, and then Harper destroyed that…. Learn to read, folks.

    • Carefull Jeff…your liberal is showing and that means replace facts with lies. You only have to say them loud enough and long enough to have the lies materialize into facts. That’s a liberal trick.

    • When you look at Harpers total deficits vs his surpluses…Trudeau is spending at a much higher rate. You are also not taking in to account the Great Recession that happened in 2008 and the push by the liberals and NDP for the conservatives to go into massive deficit spending when the conservatives had a minority government…

      Context is everything

    • What about Wynne and mcgoofy doubled out debt in 15 years. Listen libs tax and spend.what you forgot about Harper Had to deal with the market collapse &recession. Trudeau has had. I’m time and stilll spent more. The libs philosophy is all wrong you should be paying down debt not building it up. He’s a drama teach play a part with which he has no idea.he. A looser as far as I’m concerned.

    • I looked it up and Jeff it is you that is wrong. And whats with calling Conservatives stupid? Makes me think you re an idiot or a liar… you pick

  4. Look after people that pay the taxes working for a living ! Not to the dead from many years back that had nothing to do with our generation! All people back then where raped and killed not just indigenous people.Tired of the cry and pay for way too many years! Ass kissers!!

    • This is the most insensitive and ignorant comment I’ve ever seen. They were literally enslaved by Europeans and residential schools, and were a part of a whole genocide and you’re going to compare that to everyone else?? Get over yourself. You have no real struggle, get off your high horse and acknowledge Canada’s horrible history with them, that’s all people really want to see, not a COMPLETE disregard for it. Ridiculous.

      • So when do we hold the chiefs responsible for the money we give them.where does the 9 billion a year get rid of the Indian act and treat all people equal. When do the payments stop.

  5. If we are so far in the hole why is our government continually giving millions away to other countries? Why don’t we take a break away from giving tax payers money away and pay off our own debt first. Why is this so hard to comprehend????


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