Justin Trudeau Establishes $8.2 Billion Dollar CARBON TAX-GRAB For 2022

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“Something’s happening here–what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

So says Stephen Stills, songwriter with 1960’s California rock group Crosby, Stills & Nash. Mr. Stills was referencing the Vietnam War within the tune. For CAP, the lyric may as well apply to a different form of warfare: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s war against traditional Canadian society.

No surprise–the first thing Canada’s self-appointed king wants tax-payers to know is that they will “get the money back“in the form of tax rebates. Other than the fact that CAP believe Trudeau is lying, a pertinent question remains:

What percentage of these funds will be fused into the massive billion dollar giveaways Justin Trudeau is handing to African/Islamic governments?  Isn’t the carbon tax in reality just a  rationalization for pulling even more dollars from the pockets of Canadian workers?

Fact: China produces 26% of world-wide carbon emissions. Fact: Canada produces a mere 1.6%.

Reality: Justin Trudeau has never uttered a single word of condemnation of China’s rating as the number one polluting nation on earth. Nor has Mr. Trudeau even once suggested that the communist government of China should impose a carbon tax upon their citizenship.

Yet within Canada, our tiny carbon footprint results in  $8 Billion Dollars being trans-fered from the Canadian tax payer into to pockets of our ruling government. Seems to CAP that all this is indicative of a nation-changing social structure.

It is obvious the Canada of 2014 has little if any connection to the Canada of Justin Trudeau. There has been in the past six years nothing short of a fundamental, axiomatic social transition within our society.

Within contemporary Canada, the 3rd World is everything, and Old Stock Canada nothing. Enter establishment media, stage right. Their role within this social dynamic is simple and direct:

Bury all traces of this pre-meditated globalist transition in the sands of time. Hide it, obscure it, and insulate it from exposure, and therefore public condemnation.

In other words, apply socialist-style propaganda tactics to keep the “natives from getting restless.” Fool us, trick us, and pull the wool cap over our eyes.

And now, read it and weep, fellow patriots:

“On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Budget Officer said the Canadian government could expect to collect C$2.81 billion ($2.12 billion) in direct revenues in 2019-20 from its current C$20 per tonne price on carbon.”

“Direct revenues, it noted, would rise to C$8.27 billion in 2022-23, with the carbon price increasing to C$50 per tonne.”

“An additional C$99 million will be collected this fiscal year through Canada’s federal sales tax, the PBO said, adding that figure is expected to triple by 2022-23.”

Insane, isn’t it? What the heck is this “churning” of billions all about? Our ruling government claim citizens will “get the money back.”  The whole situation is sketchy as hell. This is, in fact, the greatest gouging of tax dollars in history. It is a globalist agenda devoid of any benefit for the people of Canada.

We are talking an $8 Billion Dollar Tax Intake Program to deal with 1.6% of the earth’s collective fossil fuel output.

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“Canada’s main opposition Conservatives vehemently oppose the Trudeau government’s carbon tax, insisting the policy hurts Canadian families and businesses and should be repealed.”

Remember those guys– the Conservative “main opposition?” Interesting to note the fact that the Liberals transitioned from a majority to minority government, and yet they seem to be more powerful than ever– a sure-fire sign of a larger globalist agenda of democratic decimation if there ever was one.

How incredibly weak and ineffective the CPC is. In fact, CAP believe the Cons will never again win another federal election. They are so finished. It makes no difference at all who their party leader is. Whoever they muster up will lose to the Liberal Party.

Considering PM Trudeau’s “track record,” the only conclusion a sensible, non-liberal snowflake Canadian should conclude is that the carbon initiative is not truly a tax–it is actually a weapon.

In truth, all Liberal-Globalist policies share this “quality.” Immigration is a weapon of demographic destruction. Multiculturalism is a weapon of anti-anglophone prejudice. Taxation is a tool to empower African and Islamic nations by way of sending them billions of our tax dollars. An accusation of racism is a weapon to shut down all resistance to the agenda.

While facts and details are hidden away by CBC, one point remains crystal clear:

Justin Trudeau is working a covert, pre-meditated agenda for the complete social transformation of Canada. From freedom of speech to draconian media crackdowns. From freedom of the press to communist-style propaganda outlets. From immigration to minority Anglophone communities.

If you think like CAP, you may have noticed this disturbing media trend:

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star–you name it, and the media publication never speak of the future of Canada. What will be our nation’s demographic make-up in 2050?

Which nations will be the top sources for immigration between now and 2040? Is China number one? Will Islam become Canada’s most powerful religion by 2030? At what point in time will white Canadians transition to a minority community?

What is the fastest growing ethnic community in Canada in 2020? Which community has the highest birth-rates? What community most indulges in abortion?

On and on–ad infinitum. Not a single word regarding these future-oriented queries has ever been addressed by CBC and the rest. Why? There can only be one reason:

The ruling government of Canada do not want our citizenship to comprehend the unprecedented social transformation Justin Trudeau is forcing upon Canadian society.


8 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Establishes $8.2 Billion Dollar CARBON TAX-GRAB For 2022”

  1. I guess it’s the people of western Canada who see Trudeau and the liberal party for what they truly are and unless the folks in eastern Canada see him for what he is we are in for a rough time

  2. I am well aware of Trudeau and his hidden agenda. His preferred peoples. His dislike for Canada except one. We have observed enough people leaving him, his incompetence, his disregard for law and his mandate to provide responsible governance. Trudeau is ignoring his responsibilities to Canadians. He is feeding his ego and his personal agenda. Canada is foolishly being blind to this deception. It is not about a political party in Canada, rather about Canada giving up control to foreign interests. Canada is in decline. Canada is in a serious state of take over. Stop the nonsense Canada before it is too late. We have only been a peaceful people. What has Trudeau done?

  3. It is sad to see how our Country has became unrecognizable , since Trudeau and the Liberals got into power in Canada. Unvetted Immigrants, and thousand of Immigrants that need to be sent back to countries of origin,— Our Government has lost them and does not know how, or doesn’t want to send them back! Wide open borders and they let anyone in! Does this sound sensible in our violent world.He wants to take away guns from law abiding Canadians -yet lets Violent people with guns across the borders- because they are not searching the vehicles well enough. Then if they get caught in Canada with our watered down Liberal laws, they get out for a small fine or good Lawyer! Trudeau keeps giving Quebec companies big breaks , even breaks the law for some of them,millions of dollars of tax money that will never be paid back- they don’t even know how much Bombardier owes CANADA!
    We have places where people doing illegal drugs can come and inject them selves safely!
    Where the drug dealers hang out , A lawless, coddled, society. what ever happened to reality? like being a druggie is a choice!
    I’d take Trump, any day over the ilk that we call OUR Prime Minister.

  4. Raising refuges up out of poverty, (economic immigrants really), will add greatly to the world’s carbon footprint!
    When the rate per carbon credit doubles, those possessing carbon credits double their money! Ponzi scheme much!

    I am seriously hoping the world wide Trump movement forms the NWO and not the Muslim UN!


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