Justin Trudeau Erodes Freedom And Democracy In Canada With “Digital Charter”

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“What you wouldn’t allow in a personal space — in a real space — shouldn’t be happening where people spend so much more time — in a virtual space.” 

— Justin Trudeau

This was Justin Trudeau’s response when questioned about his Digital Charter Censorship Program for the world wide web. Let us put this in context. In the history of the internet, the Charter censorship development is a monumental in meaning. Freedom of Speech is a critical component of the free and democratic society.

Yet, Trudeau speaks of it in a most trivial manner. “What YOU WOULDN’T ALLOW  in a personal space?”  There are 37 million citizens of Canada. Are these people of one mind regarding what they wouldn’t  wouldn’t allow in their personal spaces? Would a fourth generation Canadian have the same concept of this  as that of  a recent arrival from the Punjabi

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Trudeau’s comments are one step below nothingness. For every Canadian citizen there would be a VARIANCE in what is acceptable in their personal environment. These flacid remarks betray a deeper ploy at play. Justin Trudeau wants to CONTROL what Canadians  do and say to the greatest extent possible. When questioned on the matter, he responds with an entirely ambiguous comment that makes no sense at all.

Is his brain melting from the pressure of his job? Is his drop in recent polls affecting his mental cognition? There is something seriously wrong with the mind of Justin Trudeau. Internet censorship is BIG NEWS-or it should be. To reduce the entire affair to some tepid insignificance is a disservice to the Canadian people.

Fitting–as Justin Trudeau’s entire time in office has been a disservice to anyone who values Canada’s identity, culture and heritage. He’s not one of them.




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