Justin Trudeau Emulating Pierre Trudeau’s Control Of Canadian Media

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That is the worry of some, including Conservative MP Peter Kent who said in the House of Commons that any bailout of the media in an election year could be seen as buying them off. The former broadcaster quit his post as anchor of CBC’s The National in 1978 to protest POLITICAL INTERFERENCE  by the government of Pierre Trudeau. 


1 thought on “Justin Trudeau Emulating Pierre Trudeau’s Control Of Canadian Media”

  1. We are not talking about a sudden impulse to buy the media to help the liberals get re-elected. The media has been doing this for decades….which they, reporters did it willingly even without extra pay. In fact, the media have sold their souls to the liberals
    and anything for the liberals even supporting the liberals welcoming terrorists and criminals and whatever catches Justin eye is praised by the media.
    The lives and security of the reporters’ families take a back seat to radical Justin’s nightmare to them. If the media had a choice right now which people they will protect with their lives, who do you they will fight for: Their families or radical terrorist supporter Justin Trudeau?


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