Justin Trudeau Donates $335 Million Dollars To AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FUND

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“The successful replenishment of the Bank’s African Development Fund – to which Canada contributed substantially with $355 million dollars  – will allow the Bank to deploy an additional $1.2 billion to address fragility, strengthen resilience and sustain peace and economic security.”

How giving Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is– when funding globalist causes which in no manner positively impact the 37.7 Million citizens of our nation.

Justin Trudeau is quite the political curiosity. Upon his ascendance to the “throne of Canada,” this PM immediately went to work:

On behalf of Islam, Trudeau immediately imported 35,000 Syrian refugees. After which, the man consistently worked for Islamic interests of a wide variety–importing, financing, promoting Islam within society, while empowering fundamentalist MP’s within the federal government.

Next, Trudeau went to work on behalf of the communist government of China. Pushing a free-trade deal against the advice of Australia and United States, our PM just about “gave away the farm” to the Chinese government. The agreement was structured to transfer major power to  state-owned Chinese Corporations buying up primary Canadian corporations.

The deal fell through. Okay–looks like the globalists can’t win them all. Subsequently, PM Justin shifted his focus to Sikhism. In order to create a lock on winning white-minority GTA ridings, Trudeau put major strength behind Sikh Canada’s political power-grab.

Guess what, fellow patriots–it worked. Did you know every MP seat in the riding of Brampton, Ontario was captured by a Liberal-Sikh MP candidate? Bet you didn’t–because CBC failed to inform you–intentionally, of course.

Next up on the priority agenda of Trudeau: Project Africa.

This is where Justin flies to Africa to charm Christian-hating Islamic nations into buying his globalist slop. To achieve success, Trudeau brings along his anti-Anglophone refugee pit-bull– MP Ahmed Hussen.

Former refugee, Somalian half-citizen, religious supremacist, anti- Anglophone racist-type, Mr. Hussen is the Liberal government’s “secret globalist bullet.” Where you see Hussen, you are witnessing a politician with a mission: to dilute, marginalize and disempower Old Stock Canada--this is CAP’s opinion on Hussen’s true role within the Trudeau government.

Ostensibly in pursuit of a United Nations Security Council Seat, establishment media in Canada are hiding the fact that in reality, this sojourn is for a very specific purpose:

To emulate previous government behaviour in anticipation of a future mass-wave of migration from African nations–90% of which are Islamic majorities.

Consider Canada and China. The great globalist program began with two components– business trade deals and foreign students. Then, when the chatter dies down, government begin importing hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the behemoth nation.

Ahmed Hussen, who moved to Canada as a refugee from Somalia, said he visited the continent NINE times in his previous role as immigration minister. He pointed to a number of programs to aid African immigration, particularly students from Senegal and Morocco, who want to study in Canada.”

Nine visits to Africa? What did he do there, attend Zulu Warrior Dance Performances in Southern Sudan? Of course not–he set up pre-mass immigration programs to bring his people to our country.

Notice the reference to migration based upon “foreign student”entry. Was this not the exact manner in which mass immigration from China began? Of course it is.

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CAP Prognostication:

By 2022, Canada will experience a giant wave of African immigration. In turn, media will not whisper one word about the religious affiliation of the migrants, even though a good 90% of then will be Muslim-Africans.

CAP Outcome: In the same manner as previous mass migration waves from the Third World, media will also obfuscate the following critical piece of information: all this is resulting in Anglophone Canada trans-sitioning to a minority community in Canada.

Question Time: What does the World Sikh Organization, National Council of Canadian Muslims, various Chinese not-for-profit organizations and Third World journalist-moaners have to say about being part of a minority community in Canada?

Plainly spoken they all say the same thing–it’s awful. So why will it be any different for white Canada? CAP Response–it won’t be different, it will be infinitely worse.

Why? Because Anglo-Canadians will be the singular identifiable community which is NOT protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms--that’s why. Outcome? Anglo’s transition to a oppressed minority community.

CBC say nothing. They are fully on board with Justin Trudeau’s decimation of Old Stock Canada–and the Africa Project is governments next phase to make this occur.

“Trudeau, the 2020 chair of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, called for cooperation among international partners and governments to create economic opportunity and prosperity that is broadly shared, “…as a way not just of countering the pull of extremism in some places or the cynicism of populism, but as a way of building a real and tangible future for countries around the world.”

So says wanna-be Globalist Messiah, Mr. Justin Trudeau. Hey, buddy–remember a little thing called the people of Canada? Of course, the cretin cares about some Canadians–but the person must be from the Third World, Gay, Islamic, Sikh or Transgender.

If one falls outside of this disparate social selection, they can forget all about the government of Canada’s concern for their well being.

Justin Trudeau is a extremely dedicated political figure. The man is dedicated to all globalist causes which result in the dilution of Canadian society.

The man is a political  menace, and for as long as he dwells in the political arena, he always will be.








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  1. When is this piece of shit we call a leader of our country going to stop. Like we don’t have enough problems of our own to worry about oh no let’s bring in some more. Trudeau needs to realize charity and changes need to start at home. Worry about your fellow Canadians first not immigrant

  2. The man is a total CANADIAN threat……please people of Canada , do all you can to curb his plans until you can get him out of your government!

  3. I wish you could get your headlines right .Justin Trdeau never contributed ANYTHING !! That 335 million came from the Canadian taxpayer .NO ONE ELSE .


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