Justin Trudeau Donates $223 Million Tax Dollars To 3rd World “Climate Change” Agenda

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He’s at it again. Yet another instalment of Justin Trudeau’s never-ending great globalist giveaway program. Simply put, Mr. Trudeau simply ADORES taking billions from Canadian tax payers and funnelling them directly to Third World governments.

It’s an odd habit, even for the most odd-ball prime minister in Canadian history. While previous prime ministers and governments sent major monies to the Third World, there is something unique regarding Justin Trudeau’s approach.

Former Conservative PM Stephen Harper may have given away copious amounts of dollars to Third World nations, however unlike Justin Trudeau, he was not intent upon trans-forming Canada into a Third World nation.

Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, has proven himself to be both a financial and IDEOLOGICAL supporter of Third World governments.

Between 2014 and 2017, Canada  focused its development efforts in Afghanistan in the following  key areas:

  • increase the access to and the quality of education
  • improve the health of Afghan mothers, newborns and children
  • protect and promote human rights, especially those of women and girls
  • build the capacity of Afghan organizations to manage humanitarian assistance responses more effectively

Canada has committed $227 million in development assistance to Afghanistan for this period to support meeting these objectives.

Very nice–for Afghanistan. Unfortunately, this does nothing to improve the lives of Canadians–which, of course, is a fundamental element of the role of  the  prime minister. Then again, Mr. Trudeau has never really focused on helping Canadians.

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Trudeau’s priorities are almost exclusively non-Canadian: United Nations, Sikh Nationalism, Nation of Islam, free trade with China, communist and theocratic foreign governments, African women, et al.

For Trudeau, there are just two types of Canadians he dedicates himself toward: Third World Canadians, and LGBT/Transgender Canadians. That’s it. Everyone else– Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives, Patriots– can go jump in Lake Ontario as far as Justin is concerned. PM Trudeau has branded you OBSOLETE.

The health and welfare of African girls is not a government priority. Nor is climate change in Central America. It is up to their governments to improve the lives of their citizens. This is NOT the responsibility of tax-paying Canadians.

Only thing is, Justin Trudeau doesn’t GIVE A DAMN. He never has, and he never will. After just under four years of multi-billion dollar foreign give aways, he is still behaving in the EXACT SAME manner as always.

What conclusion to draw? Trudeau is an automaton of globalism. The man is ROBOTIC in his approach– he never listens, he never changes, nor does he alter his ideological agenda in any capacity. His approach is IMMUTABLE–  just like that of his chosen religion.

Ever get the notion that our PM is working an agenda of national trans-formation? No matter WHAT OCCURS, no matter what polls indicate no matter what the Canadian majority want,  King Justin keeps on rolling with the EXACT SAME AGENDA.

Very telling–or it SHOULD BE. It isn’t– because Justin has one thing up his sleeve which prevents the exposure of his true mission in life: Media CONTROL. The bailing out of establishment media in Canada means that  Liberal-Globalists now control establishment media. Last time CAP checked, this dynamic was indicative of a trans-ition toward a socialist state.

Speaking of media, note how they have never once referenced the idea that these billion-buck giveaways actually ENSLAVE Canada to the globalist banking cabal. Of course, they would never print such as thing as media are, in fact, CONTROLLED by the globalist banking cabal.

Therefore, the agenda continues unabated. It can only end–  mind you not fully–when Justin Trudeau is no longer the figurehead of Canadian society. May this occur POST-HASTE.

There is only so much social destruction Canada can take before our nation topples down. Unfortunately for the Canadian majority, this has been Justin Trudeau’s intention from the moment he seized control of the consciousness of the Canadian people.


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  1. We need 2 get rid of him some way October november is 2 far away 4 election
    He could give 20 billion more

    Oh I,m going 2 keep the debt down
    Good 4 a drama teacher
    People wake up


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