Justin Trudeau Does Incredible BACK-FLIP On Illegal Refugees To Win Federal Election

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Just a few months ago, the Liberal caucus would have had a collective heart attack if a political opponent talked about “asylum-shopping” when referring to topic of illegal refugees to Canada.

The system has been under enormous strain, with asylum-seekers waiting up to TWO YEARS for just a hearing. Of course, two years provides illegals with ample time to integrate into Canadian society– enrolling children in school, for example–  thereby maximizing chances of remaining in Canada permanently.

Then suddenly, Justin Trudeau makes a curious decision to impede their chances of success. The omnibus budget implementation bill is a series of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that essentially DISQUALIFY asylum-seekers who have made a claim for refugee protection in any other country. 

Why the about-face AT THIS TIME? It can only be for one reason– to win the votes of the majority of Canadians OPPOSED to illegal refugee entry to Canada. After all, Trudeau DEFENDED the process for his first three and a half years in office. Now, in a fake ploy to gain votes for the upcoming federal election, Trudeau pulls a fast one, expecting Canadian are gullible enough to buy his fraudulent political pitch. Guess what, King Justin–THEY AREN’T.

— B. Salzberg


3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Does Incredible BACK-FLIP On Illegal Refugees To Win Federal Election”

  1. I would like to see Justin Trudeau ask reporters to abandon their homes for his illegals. I mean, the reporters have thus far, abandoned everything they once stood for as reporters and since this their norm to do so, why not their homes for their idol Justin’s personal illegals.


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