Justin Trudeau Destroys Canadian Voter’s Belief In Honest Elections

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Despite coast-to coast consternation regarding China’s election interference in two previous federal elections, no one appears willing to stand and deliver the ominous news:

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has weakened– and possibly destroyed– Canadian voter’s faith in our federal electoral system. To do so constitutes a grave crime. Although myriad factors have contributed to democratic degeneration, Mr. Trudeau is ultimately responsible.

In truth, the PM has always had a cowardly streak about him. Hiding himself away throughout the Truckers Convoy protest in early 2022 being an excellent example.

Trudeau has never fessed up to any form of wrongdoing. In Liberal la-la-land, that’s a rule. Likely motivated by not knowing how to respond, the PM runs to back-room strategists Katie Telford and Gerald Butts to formulate a come-back strategy.

As with WE Charity, the Aga Khan, Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Emergencies Act itself, a path toward retention of Trudeau’s political throne is the end result.

Still, common sense Canadians have to wonder: how legitimate can it be for a prime minister to ruin federal election integrity, and remain leader of our country? Why would it occur? In this regard, it’s really a shame that so much of the Liberal-Trudeau political machinations are poorly understood by citizens of our country.

Brother Alexandre Trudeau’s approval of  communism, dedication to China, and veneration for Fidel Castro. The mysterious death of youngest brother Michel Trudeau.

The Constant Liberal: Pierre Trudeau, Organized Labour and the Canadian Social Democratic Left (UBC Press, 2018.) 

“Before entering electoral politics on behalf of the federal Liberals in Quebec in 1965, Pierre Trudeau had been a student of socialist intellectual Harold Laski at the London School of Economics.”

Harold Joseph Laski (30 June 1893 – 24 March 1950) was an English political theorist and economist. He served as chairman of the British Labour Party from 1945 to 1946, and was a professor at the London School of Economics from 1926 to 1950.

After 1930, he began to emphasize the need for a Workers’ Revolution.  Laski was one of Britain’s most influential intellectual spokesmen for Marxism during 1920’s and 1930’s.

A graduate of Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and the University of Montreal Law School, Pierre Trudeau began a master’s degree in political economy at Harvard University in the fall of 1944. The subject of his dissertation was “Communism and Christianity.”

Why is it that such incriminating facts have never reached the consciousness of Canadian society? It wells appears that the man venerated for decades as a great  statesman was, in fact, a card-carrying communist.

In addition to a curious relationship between himself, his wife, and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Trudeau Sr.’s infatuation with communist China should have been properly understood by Canadians decades ago.

Moving to present-day politics, we witness an apotheosis in the current Liberal-China election interference scandal. Yet, never do media put any of this together for our citizenship to come to terms with.

Does the whole thing not appear as a clandestine effort by controlling powers to pull the wool cap over the eyes of Canadians for some form of “higher purpose?” At present, PM Justin Trudeau is doing all he can to mitigate election corruption accusations. While media continue to sling mud in the direction of the PMO, never do they issue a desperately-needed public statement:

On the basis of an erosion of federal election integrity, Justin Trudeau must step down effective immediately. Do tell, fellow patriots– what could constitute a greater reason for Justin Trudeau’s retirement than undermining 38 million Canadians belief in the maintenance of our democracy?

Yet, the calls don’t come. Not from CBC, Globe & Mail, or any other Liberal-funded media entity. Justin Trudeau remains on his political perch. He is innocent, knew nothing, and the whole thing is a giant exercise in hyperbole.

Why oh why did our nation have to degenerate into this sorry state of Canadian federalism? To think that it never had to occur, and likely wouldn’t have, except for one virus in our political system:

The rise of the Trudeau family to political prominence, and the democratic deterioration following in its footsteps. At this point in time, Justin Trudeau is in office for one reason: someone, or some group of people, want him there.

Not the people of Canada, of course. That’s all so “2014.” Seduced as a society, our country is being walked down a premeditated path toward transition to a neo-communist authoritarian state.

3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Destroys Canadian Voter’s Belief In Honest Elections”

  1. “Why oh why did our nation have to degenerate into this sorry state of Canadian federalism? To think that it never had to occur, and likely wouldn’t have, except for one [deadly] virus in our political system:

    The rise of the [pathogenic] Trudeau family to political prominence, and the…[infection spreading] in [their] footsteps.” In terms of a petri dish; this Trudeau virus was cultured in a medium better known as Quebec. In the 1980’s; Jock Andrew wrote a short book titled *Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow – Trudeau’s Master plan and How it Can be Stopped*. (Still available on Amazon.) The book title warned its potential readers about the not improbable trajectory we were on at the time. However; Mr. Andrew’s reasonable thesis couldn’t include the alleged son of P. Trudeau, and future “Prime Minister.” If he had; he may have titled a sequel: [Canada] *Democratic Today; Communist Tomorrow*.

    Mr. Andrew’s book may be dated; but it’s an interesting; (and now mostly historical) read. Short, and written squarely in the context of P. E. Trudeau; the “Father of Canada’s Dissolution.”

    In retrospect; Mr. Andrew’s book would have been heavily smeared as “misinformation,” and he’d likely be cancelled. If recollection serves; book publishers refused to carry it on their shelves. It had to be ordered by other means. Given our current horrid mess; government enforced bilingualism is a quaint worry. Hugely expensive, (ongoing) and largely unnecessary. Imposed on English Canada; just to transfer more power to Quebec. The insatiable tail; wagging the (seemingly toothless) dog. O Canada….and the march of folly continues. Where this is ultimately heading; God only knows.

  2. I have always said
    “ Do Canadians remember voting for or against “ Official Bilingualism “?
    Of course not , that would have employed democratic process, “ the Will of the majority “… Canada has not been the same since Pierre’s inflicted killing of Democratic Process!
    A stain on Canada’s history made intensely worse by his “ commie” son!
    Disgusted with Canada, and it’s acceptance of corruption. The Liberal electorate of Canada should be ashamed of the damage they have endorsed!!

  3. Scary, but probably true. One wonders about election tampering by China and strong support shown by Trudeau during the pandemic. There is no question Quebec runs Canada, and Canada is not a democratic country.


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