Justin Trudeau Denies ISIS Genocide, Brands Canada “Genocidal” Nation Instead

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In 2016, Justin Trudeau voted against a Conservative motion declaring ISIS atrocities as genocide. So did the rest of the Liberal Caucus. Yet, just this week he was more than willing to label the domestic crimes committed against Indigenous women “an act of Canadian genocide.”

What a odd-ball this fellow is. According to Mr. Trudeau, Islam is innocent as the lambs. There is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist. ISIS killers MUST BE returned to Canada. ISIS has not committed mass murder or genocide against Christians. Sharia Law, Child Marriage and female genital mutilation are permissible. There is no element of woman-hating misogyny within Islamic ideology.

But Canada, on the other hand, is a racist, bigoted and genocidal nation. Is Trudeau INSANE? CAP believe this not to be the case. Rather, Trudeau is a hollow shell of a human being whose mind  has been seduced by globalist big business, United Nations idealism and Islamic ideology.

As far as his mental condition, he has narcissistic personality disorder, as well as mania inherited from mother. From father, he received a top-flight education in hating English Canada, the Christian faith, and colonialism. He is also a megalomaniac of the highest order.

Using the label “genocide” is always a slippery slope. According to the United Nations definition, murdering “part” of an identifiable community qualifies. Which part? What percentage of the community? In Cambodia during the 1970’s, Pol Pot murdered approximately 24% of the overall population. This is “part” of the population.

But is this not an arbitrary approach? What if the 24% was 4%. Still genocide? Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau speaks of the murder of Aboriginal women specifically. Can this qualify as genocide?

According to Statistics Canada,there are 634 recognized First Nations governments or bands within our borders. The 2016 Canadian Census enumerated 1,673,780 Aboriginal people in Canada, 4.9% of the country’s total population. This total includes 977,230 First Nations people, 587,545 Métis, and 65,025 Inuit.

National representative bodies of Aboriginal people in Canada include the Assembly of First Nations, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the Métis National Council, the Native Women’s Association of Canada, the National Association of Native Friendship Centres and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

Sound like genocide to you?  In no manner is CAP  stating discrimination, oppression and murder have not occurred against Aboriginal communities. We have no interest in pretending First Nations communities have historically been on a level playing field with Anglophones and others. What we are saying is that PRESENT-DAY Canadians are innocent of the crimes Justin Trudeau speaks of.

Notice one thing MEDIA NEVER SPEAK OF. Namely, the fact that Justin Trudeau never adds context to what he speaks of. Never does he say that present-day  Anglophones are INNOCENT of the accusations. NEVER does he state our nation MUST BE CAREFUL not to take revenge on Old Stock Canada.

The man simply REFUSES to indemnify those innocent of the persecution of Aboriginal Canadians. It is always “Canada failed the First Nations.” “Canadians failed Jewish refugees” during World War 2. Canada must “hang its head in shame” regarding the Komagata Maru incident of 1905. 

But never “the government of the time was responsible.” See how he operates? He assumes the worst, generalizes the most, and includes NO HISTORICAL CONTEXT.   Keep in mind many of these injustices occurred PREVIOUS to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. This was before Martin Luther King and the American civil rights movement.

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Justin NEVER points this out. Rather, what he does is to take century-old events and apply 2019 social standards to them. This is classic Marxist theory in action. What a scam. A superficial, propaganda-based agenda if there ever was one.

So it is not blood-thirsty ISIS terrorists who are the mass murderers–it is the people of Canada. Reading  Canadian media on a daily basis brings a sensible, informed Canadian into a world of absurdity regarding social issues in our country. Globe & Mail, Andrew Coyne, CBC, Chantal Hebert, Toronto Star, National Post, Global News, John Ivison.

Their world is not the real world. When it comes to social issues in Canada, their world is a dream-land of absurdity.  And highly dangerous–for it is issues such as the propagation of genocide theory that TRANS-forms Anglophones and Christians into a punching bag for non-Third World Canadians and Aboriginal communities.

When the man with the sharpest left-hook in the business also happens to be the prime minister of your country, it is an ominous sign of an agenda of globalist destruction.

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  1. A sad,divisive,egotistical,uncooperative,unethical and unaccountable PM for what He says,what He does AND WHAT HE REPRESENTS. He has a not-so-hidden agenda that will wreak havoc for this country we love, but He wants to regulate, legislate and propagate every aspect of our daily lives to fit his opinion of what Canada should be and WE MUST STOP THE INSANITY !


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