PM Trudeau REFUSES To Answer Question On Syrian Refugee Teenage Murder

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Question asked of the Prime Minister of Canada:

The audience member asked PM Justin Trudeau– “Can you guarantee that Marrisa Shen was not killed by a Syrian refugee who came to Canada after you were elected, and if not, what in your opinion is the acceptable number of Canadian lives lost as a result of your policies on refugees?”


Justin Trudeau REFUSES to Answer:

Trudeau responded first by saying violent crime — and what the Shen family has gone through — is a “terrible tragedy, and we have a judicial system, we have a process through which to go.”


“But the generalizations and the danger that we get in, in tying in things like immigration policies to incidents like this, is something that I don’t entirely know is helpful or useful in a diverse, pluralistic, inclusive society like ours,” Trudeau stated.

Note– The accused is a so-called “refugee”— which is not the same thing as an immigrant. Ignorance knows no bounds when it comes to the King of Globalist Canada.




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