Justin Trudeau, “Decolonization,” And The Erasure Of English Canada

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“RUSS: Our Yearly Reminder That We Are Still ‘British’ North Americans”

A timely article from Western Standard News has fired up our brain cells in regards to the “changing socio-political landscape” being advanced by political leaders in Ottawa.

“This Victoria Day, the usual suspects will decry the holiday — now in the name of decolonization.”

In contradistinction, we point to a comment made last month by PM Justin Trudeau:

April 29th, 2014: “We have to remember and get reminded on days such as this and every day, that Sikh values are Canadian values.”

A poignant microcosm for Canadian society it is. Without a shred of public buy-in, our ruling Liberal government establish a societal “hierarchy of needs” on behalf of 41 million citizens.

First among non-equals comes Trudeau’s preferred 3rd World communities. Alongside Canada’s Muslim communities, Sikh-Canadians stand as a pinnacle of preference. Our Punjabi-derived community comprise a mere 2% of our overall demographic. At 65%, Anglophone communities are in a state of demographic free-fall, a topic in which media display not a shred of interest.

“Taken to its logical conclusion, a decolonized Canada means the erasure of everything bestowed by Britain.

Primary advocates— Justin Trudeau and the Liberals— as witnessed in a variety of forms. From an erasure of Canadian symbolism manifest in passports and military insignia re-designs, to a recent snub of King Charles III.

“NP View: Justin Trudeau Lets King Charles Down, Again”

“The federal Liberals wasted no time scrubbing Canadian passports of national symbols and bucking King Charles’ choice of the Tudor Crown in favour of a Canadianized version featuring Maple Leafs and a snowflake.”

In terms of recognition of influence on society, we offer a short list of contributions of British origin:

Democratic governance, rule-of-law, legal system, court structure, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, habeas corpus, human rights, freedom of religion, parliamentary structure.

In contrast, we reference PM Trudeau’s attitude toward historical roots of Canadian society:

“Systemic racism is an issue right across the country, in all our institutions, including in all our police forces, including in the RCMP. That’s what systemic racism is,” Trudeau said.

On this basis, even a 10-year old can draw an accurate conclusion: our PM thinks little, if anything, of Canadian history and heritage. For Trudeau and the Liberals, Canada’s Anglophone component is anathema to society.

In contrast, we offer up his take on Islamic-Canadians, a community representing approximately 5% of our demographic:

“Tonight, at sundown, Muslim communities in Canada and around the world will mark the beginning of Ramadan.”

“For all of us, this is also an opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions that Muslim Canadians have made – and continue to make – to our country.” 

Quite the study in contrast, eh? Beneath the surface of blatant favouritism is found the future of Canada, Liberal-style. The extent to which mainstream media point out Trudeau’s contrast in community priority is non-existent.

In this, observant Canadians can come to understand the essence of Trudeau-brand politics. The job is not the “management” of our country, but rather a form of “revolution” being sublimated by media.

Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution” is comprehensive in nature. Ruination of our economy in a bid to transition Canada to a socialist economic model. From our British roots as a western democracy to a 3rd-World-dominated authoritarian state.

“On Monday, Canadians in most provinces will celebrate Victoria Day, a commemoration of Queen Victoria’s birthday that was proclaimed in 1845, making it Canada’s oldest national holiday.” 

Mark our words: this holiday is headed for the dust-bin of Canadian life. Give it ten years maximum, and it will be gone, replaced by official government recognition of Vaisakhi , Ramadan, or some other tribute to Trudeau’s “born-again’“ Canada.

Why so sure? Colonialism is the answer. In this regard, one must understand the mechanics of the woke-leftist assault on society. China may kill millions, Iran may hate homosexuals, Pakistan may persecute Christians.

But what they are not accused of is colonialism. Unlike Canada(goes the theory), these nations were not founded based on colonial infiltration. Or at least, not as a result of British-Anglophone colonialism.

It is under this historical dynamic that Justin Trudeau, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh,  their parties and the woke/migrant political contingent stick it to the rest of us. The mantra can be broken down into basic terms:

“You stole the land in the first place, so we have the right to steal it back.”

In this, we discover the death of Canada, circa 1867-2015. Why the latter date? Because this is the year the neo-socialist revolution began in earnest– the moment Justin Trudeau was made national leader.

If a reader wants to waste their time, try combing through legacy media output over the past nine years to discover an inkling of what is being expressed here. A futile endeavour it will be, because in neo-communist fashion, our federal government has taken control of establishment media in our country.

In this regard, one would do well to understand the extent to which anti-Anglophone(read anti-white) anti-colonial doctrine has creeped into the consciousness of Canada’s academic world.

In a nutshell, it’s out-of-control. Copious amounts of funding flow from Ottawa to Canadian universities, all of it ear-marked for an attack on Canada’s Anglo-European element. The people who push this are a bitter and angry bunch. Empowered by government, they gun for their “pound-of-flesh” from the Anglosphere with all their might.

At the top of the totem pole stands Justin Trudeau. Boy oh boy— does this character ever have a hate-on for Canada’s “old school” identity. He’s out to obliterate it, and since day one in office, has been working lto bring the decimation to fruition.

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] refer to the agenda as one of “social inversion.” It’s the very meaning of the PM’s “post-modern” society mantra. Canada is to become the first western society to invert traditional ethnic hierarchy maintained during our nation’s first 150 years of existence.

It’s the reason he fawns over 3rd World Canadians, while branding white Canadians racist. That his pursuit has nothing to do with the job portfolio of a Canadian prime minister has never been articulated by media.

What’s shaping up is just so damn typical of Canadian society. Ostensibly a democracy, government implement nation-transforming social agendas never endorsed by Canadian voters. By the time citizens discover the truth(immigration, multiculturalism), it’s too late to prevent the implementation.

Thus, the eventual fall of freedom and democracy in a dying “Great White North.”

5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau, “Decolonization,” And The Erasure Of English Canada”

  1. Turdeau’s actions against traditional Canadian culture, symbols and institutions is a blatant case of cultural genocide for which he should be executed.

  2. “This is also an opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions that Muslim Canadians have made – and continue to make – to our country.” Yes, And the moon is made of green cheese. Nonsense; nothing more. “Invaluable” contributions? Can he name one. Even half of one half…that benefits traditional Canadian society? Any “benefits” benefit Trudeau; no one else.

  3. Well, let’s see, if you wanted to rid your nation of freedom loving Christians and white folk, how would you go about it?
    First you would demonize them with every ridiculous lie you could come up with.
    Second, you would import an army of non-Christian, non-white military aged men from brutal third world nations, simply because you could not get the Christians to commit genocide against themselves.
    Communism is a very effective tool in this regard, so it would seem.


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