Justin Trudeau Declares War On Canadian Oil, Agriculture

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Throughout history, political leaders have declared war on forces which threaten the security of their nation. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is cut from a different cloth. Our national leader enjoys declaring war on his own society. Not to mention the citizens who voted him into office.

A duality exists in PM Trudeau’s systemic approach to his war on Canadian society. For the first half of his tenure, the PM attacked our country from an ideological perspective. Branding Canadians racist, homophobic and xenophobic, Trudeau forced Canada to dive into a cesspool of self-abasement.

Few Canadians seemed to understand the purpose. Mr. Trudeau was instituting a plot to weaken our national self-image. With a goal of stealing our country from its rightful owners– Canadian citizens– it made strategic sense to grease the wheels with guilt-trips regarding our historical identity.

Trudeau accomplished this by issuing public apologies to any so-called “minority” he could get his hands on. Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, First Nations, Blacks, Homosexuals, Transsexuals— all have been included in Justin Trudeau’s “apology-fest.”

With the intangibles under his belt, the time came to focus on the pragmatic. Away from the media spotlight, a common thread wove through Trudeau’s agenda of malevolence toward his own country.

First, he attacked the Oil industry in Alberta, working to cripple production for the benefit of the Saudi Arabian oil he prefers. Next up, humiliation of Canadian truckers. Followed by an agenda to seize handguns. Then, his assault on farmers through income-crippling fertilizer taxation.

Upon which CAP add up the equation. Turns out the punitive measures are directed toward those who government brand with perpetrating oppression upon the PM’s preferred  communities.

How obvious is it that Justin Trudeau is working to revolutionize Canadian society? To circumvent public awareness, the PM purchased media with our tax dollars.

As a result, the general public fail to comprehend the high-level picture: Justin Trudeau is a socialist revolutionary. Working in the spirit of political heroes Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro, the goal of government  is an inversion of Canada’s social order. Running down “traditional” Canada is intrinsic to the agenda. As is Trudeau’s elevation of his preferred “racialized” communities, in addition to homosexuals and transsexuals.

As we speak, the phenomenon is being placed on steroids:

“The annual Jalsa Salana Convention is the largest and longest-running Muslim convention in Western Canada. Muslim and Indigenous communities from across the country came together Saturday to build connections at a convention in Calgary.”

Witness the “oppressed” communities of Canada establish political solidarity. United in animus toward society, they can accomplish more than they could as individual communities. A similar synthesis is playing out among Blacks and Muslims, also in a process of assimilation as “sufferer communities” of Canada.

What were formerly disparate ethnic groups are in the process of consolidating into a unified political force. The enemy are those who our PM spent the past six years knocking into shape: Canadian of European heritage.

Trudeau must be over-the-moon. As must be Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party. Jumping for absolute joy would be Minister of Multiculturalism MP Ahmed Hussen, along with various members of the Liberal Cabinet.

None of it sounds like “sunny ways” to Cultural Action Party. The opposite is the truth. Step-by-step, Canada is being set up for social revolution. Witness as the weapons of strategic warfare fall into place– socially, economically, politically.

“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.”

— Sun Tzu, “The Act Of War”

There it is– the manner in which socialist revolutionary warfare rolls. Now for the bad news: this is our Canada in the year of 2022. It is Justin Trudeau, Liberal Cabinet, Mainstream Media, Academia, Healthcare and Education.

In the meantime, Justin Trudeau rambles on about “systemic racism.” Don’t you know? It’s the very thing being employed by government against Anglo-European Canadians.

To paraphrase a successful fascist revolutionary from the 20th century, to succeed you must “accuse your enemy of the behaviour that you indulge in.” 

Keep doing it until society is turned upside-down. By the time Canadians recognize that they have been bamboozled, it’s become too late to prevent success.

On October 19th, 2015, a certain Justin Trudeau was appointed revolutionary leader of post-modern Canada. Media’s goal being to obscure the reality until Canada circa 1867-2015 is buried in the desert sands of time.

4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Declares War On Canadian Oil, Agriculture”

  1. “The annual Jalsa Salana Convention is the largest and longest-running Muslim convention in [Western Canadian history.] Muslim and Indigenous communities from across the country came together Saturday to [bust broncos & ride bulls at the 250th annual Calgary Muslim Stampede.]”

  2. Don’t give Trudeau the credit, he’s not smart enough. As a figurehead for a concerted attack on our economy, he’s a perfect poster child. Look deeper, and follow the money.


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