Justin Trudeau “De-Colonizing” Canada, Transitions Anglophones To NEMESIS Community

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is leading a wide review of all federal laws and policies to “decolonize” Canada and its relations with First Nations. He insisted his decisions are based on “what’s good for Canada.”

He’s lying. Since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada he has consistently worked on behalf of specific communities, while simultaneously running down others.

Sikhs, Muslims, 3rd World Refugees–all at the top of the totem pole. At the very bottom, Anglophones and Canadians of European heritage.

By way of PM Trudeau, present-day Anglophones deserve to take their place as the designated “nemesis community” of Canada. It is they who are responsible for all the troubles of Canadian history.

Naturally, Trudeau insinuates this messaging in a cowardly manner.  Never once has Trudeau has publicly referenced English Canada, Anglophone or Christian Canada.

Trudeau’s behaviour has been punitive, and the sub-text of his rhetoric is decidedly anti-Anglophone. These Canadians are the colonizing community. If it wasn’t for the original white settlers, Canada would be a land of peace, harmony and social perfection, goes the globalist refrain.

The piece omitted from the entire scenario is that contemporary Canadians of European Heritage are in no way responsible for prejudice against First Nations people. Yes, historical institutions did indeed maintain prejudice against Aboriginals.

But the general Anglophone populace is entirely innocent.  Only problem is, Justin Trudeau, pit bull anti-Anglophone ex- Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal Cultural Assassins do not care.

Has Trudeau ever once mentioned that culpability among contemporary populace of English Canada for these transgressions is 100% unfounded?

Of course not. Trudeau is systematically vilifying and marginalizing Anglophone Christians in Canada, and he has been doing so since the moment he took office in 2015.

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Trudeau and Hussen constantly rant on about oppression of “minorities,” while never alluding to the fact that Anglophones are headed for minority status themselves. See the game-plan? Witness how our communities are being railroaded out-of-power within Canadian society.

Justin Trudeau is working to damage a specific identifiable community in Canada– a behaviour that is 100% antithetical to the spirit of his father Pierre’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada’s penultimate human rights declaration.

Justin doesn’t care. He has his nemesis community, and for as long as he remains prime minister, this man will continue to disparage, disempower and marginalize this segment of Canadian society.

Meanwhile, Third World migration covers off the demographic issues. The Trudeau family-brand of Multicultural ideology will forever ensure white Canada remains outside the walls of accepted “diversity communities.”


3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau “De-Colonizing” Canada, Transitions Anglophones To NEMESIS Community”

  1. You’re bang on with this article. He is dividing those he’s supposed to represent and trying to turn us against one another. We’re not buying it though. We’re all brothers and sisters. The current hypocrite crime minister is the cancer. He needs to be booted out of office asap.

  2. Anglo Canadians shoud unload the burden of paying for french, Let those who want to speak French pay the costs of French Schools and loet the rest of us live without the burdens of pandering to Quebec. Quebec is a unilingual province instead of leading Canada in Bilingualism time we followed their example


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