Justin Trudeau Damaging Canada More Than Any Canadian In History

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Strange it is how gut feelings can develop in a person which over time prove to be accurate. In this regard, we reference the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Much of our PM’s success in transforming Canada away from its historical governance is found in media’s facilitation of Trudeau’s agenda. What does the program entail?

Justin Trudeau became national leader for the purpose of fulfilling a mission set before him by international forces like the World Economic Foundation and World Health Organization.

Mr. Trudeau’s job is to facilitate an incremental transition of Canada from western democracy to  socialist state. The primary method to accomplish this is through mass immigration. The more 3rd World immigrants entering Canada, the greater the reinforcement of long-term Liberal Party political power.

An integral component of the mission is media control. Hence, CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail’s omission of Trudeau’s agenda of assault upon 154 years of Canadian identity, culture and heritage. The goal of immigration policy is that over time the 3rd World immigrant voter block will transition all Conservative Party federal ridings to the Liberals.

The goal is to facilitate a political environment in which one day it will make no sense for Canada to continue as a democracy. Do tell, fellow patriots– if you were one of the few supporters of an opposition party in the year 2038, how much money would you donate when 95% of federal ridings are controlled by the Liberals?

Democracy becomes futile. The Liberals control government in perpetuity. Canada transitions to a one-party state. This is the long-term agenda of Justin Trudeau and his international backers.

Establishment media are working for the same “bossmen.”  How many times have you seen the press reference the morphing of Canada away from its traditional governance? Never is the correct response. The lack of exposure exists because Justin Trudeau is currently paying media to obscure the political transition.

Regardless of political affiliation, Canadians are aware that something within our society is seriously amiss. Call it a gut-feeling, a premonition, a nagging at the back of the mind. Each day, Canadians are subjected to government’s “woke globalist hustle.” Those who push back are branded racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes. A formidable and effective antidote it is– as well as one capable of ruining the lives of innocent Canadians.

Those born and raised in this country can recall a time when these circumstances didn’t apply to Canada, but rather to communist China and Cold War-era Soviet Union. Throughout the 1950’s – 1970’s, Canadian government and media spoke of the evils of totalitarianism.

How times change. Over subsequent decades, Canadian society transitioned from condemnation to replication. A sad tale it is for those who view society on an historical continuum– a point-of-view never encouraged by media.

For Cultural Action Party, the seeds for the end of democracy were planted when Liberal Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968. If Canadian history was placed in proper context, it would be recognized that Trudeau Sr. was the prototype globalist of the western world.

Of his own volition, PET brought an end to our bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity. His unilateral implementation of multiculturalism set up Canada’s Anglophone communities for a spiral down to a community of racist thugs.

Pierre Trudeau started this agenda; Justin Trudeau is tasked with fulfilling the mission. Not once during the near-seven year period Trudeau Jr. has been in power has mainstream media spoke of the Liberal-Globalist chain of events perpetrated by the communist-admiring Trudeau family.

A first-class disgrace it is. Long-term citizens recognize what “new arrival” Canadians do not. It’s the reason why Justin Trudeau prefers the latter over the former.

What Canada has on its hands is a 50-year pre-meditated agenda of governmental transformation. The culmination of the conversion project began with the installation of Justin Trudeau as prime minister in 2015.

Since that time, observant Canadians have witnessed a multi-faceted degeneration of  the fundamentals of  democracy. From social discord via Trudeau’s racism accusations to economic erosion through debt and deficit, our current PM has sacrificed Canadian identity on the altar of woke Liberal-Globalist politics.

Why? Is it all for the benefit of his ego? After six-plus years of observation, Cultural Action Party conclude that Justin Trudeau has never been interested in being national leader based on the standard job portfolio.

Justin has to be different– he has to be special. It’s not leadership that drives the woke mania inherent in his personality. Rather, the name of his game is transformation. Justin Trudeau has a sadistic streak– he enjoys squeezing the life out of a once free and democratic society.

“In his book, Federalism and the French-Canadians(1968), Pierre Trudeau is asked a point-blank question:

“What kind of country would you like to make Canada?”

Trudeau replied: “Labour Party socialist, or Cuban socialism, or Chinese socialism.” 

Added Pierre: “I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”

Yes, such a time may come. In fact, it may have already arrived. The advent of Trudeau family communism part two has delivered the necessary ingredients for nation transformation.

Is one underqualified, out-of-touch megalomaniac with a saviour complex enough to destroy a nation? If any individual embodies the necessary ingredients, it is Justin Trudeau.

3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Damaging Canada More Than Any Canadian In History”

  1. A silly question: Wouldn’t the Queen be able stop an increasingly rogue state? Some people diss the monarchy; but Westminster must have some commonwealth laws w/ teeth–to prevent a communist takeover of Canada? Federal elections cease? It’s too much to fathom. This Bollywood wannabe fool isn’t omnipotent–He has an achilles heel. If the not-so-bonny; wacky; Woke Prince Charles ever takes the British throne–Game over. A century ago; This unprecedented madness would never have seen the light of day. There was no “wokeness”/stifling political correctness. I wonder which boardroom hatched this sinister; Western destroying plot? Imagine–All Western leaders–Simultaneously–Following the same playbook; line-for-destructive line. It’s hard to get two countries to agree on anything; let alone the entire Western cohort of “leaders.” Interesting to follow; were it not so deadly.

  2. Only one glitch in your premise. 3rd world immigrants are more conservative in values than 3rd and 4th generation Canadians.
    The sooner the CPC realizes this and taps into this they will win over Canadian cities

    • That’s a fair statement. I spoke to a Sikh professor from U of T who said his community vote for Liberals because “it’s the thing to do”– Libs are known to support Sikhs, so they vote that way, even though their values are more Conservative.


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