Justin Trudeau, Cure Or Cause Of Increased Racism In Canada?

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“Diversity truly is one of Canada’s greatest strengths, but for many Muslims, Islamophobia is all too familiar. We need to change that. No one in our country should experience hatred because of their faith.”

— PM Justin Trudeau.

Upon which CAP offer up a question not once addressed by mainstream Canadian media:

Does the behaviour of PM Trudeau result in a reduction, or exacerbation of racism in Canada? One sure-fire way of increasing racist sentiment in society comes in the form of favouritism toward a specific community. The situation becomes worse when another community is chastised by a ruling government.

Such is the case regarding the Christian-Muslim religious dynamic in Canada. Since day one in office, Trudeau has placed Muslims on a political pedestal. Conversely, Liberal government neglect of prejudice toward our Christian communities has set up society for inter-community conflict.

Has Justin Trudeau done so on purpose? Can there be a covert goal at hand in this regard? CAP say their darn well is. Consider the history of 20th century revolutions. In each case, the creation of a vilified community was essential to revolutionary success.

Trudeau’s socialist conversion of Canada– branded by Cultural Action Party as his “Woke Revolution”– uses the tenets of Marxist ideology to push forward a post-modern revolution.

“Divide and Conquer” is the name of the game. Justin Trudeau’s recent appointment of social activist Amira Elghabaway as “Minister of Islamophobia” pours more fuel on the Liberal government’s agenda of social division.

Justin Trudeau loves to speak of social equality. If his actions matched his rhetoric, there would be no Ministry of Islamophobia. Rather, if anything, there would be a Ministry Of Anti-Racism.

Trudeau’s incessant favouritism only deepens resentment among identifiable communities of the “Old Stock” variety. A balanced focus on prejudice against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Aboriginals et al is the way to go.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trudeau and  his half-Somali Minister of Multiculturalism, MP Ahmed Hussen, refuse to go there. Any endeavour of this nature must include selective community favouritism. This way, a maximum amount of resentment will emanate from those outside the privileged community.

No organization indulges in cultivating sympathy more than the National Council of Canadian Muslims, of which Ms. Elghabaway is a former executive. If one didn’t know better(we don’t), one would say that a special symbiotic relationship exists between the NCCM and the Liberal government of Canada.

It was the latter who, in partnership with half-Pakistani citizen and Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, established M103, or the “Islamophobia” motion. When representatives from other religious faiths wanted in on the motion, they were shut out. It must be exclusive being the obvious sentiment.

On the symbiotic side, CAP reference a most curious dynamic. Trudeau’s Liberals place Islam on a platform, and NCCM go along with all Liberal policies–regardless of a breach of traditional religious beliefs.

Take LGBT as an example:

“Muslim-majority countries and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have opposed moves to advance LGBT rights at the United Nations, in the General Assembly.”

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world, with approximately 231 million adherents. In 2020, authorities in Indonesia’s Aceh province publicly flogged two gay men 77 times each.  The whipping— recognized as torture under international law— was punishment under the province’s Sharia (Islamic law) regulations, which forbid same-sex conduct.

Canada hosts something in the area of 500 Islamic non-profit organizations. Not one of them has spoken out against Koran-breaching LGBT promotions advanced by Trudeau and the Liberals.

In religious terms, the entire spectacle exists within the Christian-LGBT category– another source of social discord designed to pit citizen against citizen, community against community.

Why the silence from NCCM, Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, Muslim Association of Canada, and myriad others financed with taxpayer dollars from mainstream society?

“You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.”

Interesting to note how quickly religious principles fall by the wayside when political power accumulation is the prime motive.

In 2022, the Catholic Register reported that “international observers are condemning media, politicians for turning a blind eye to a new report that shows a 260-per-cent increase in anti-Catholic hate crimes in the past year.”

So, Mr, Trudeau, do tell– how long will it be until a Liberal government-sponsored “Ministry Of Christophobia” arrives in Canada?

CAP know the answer already– it will arrive on the 12th of Never. Mr. Trudeau, a self-proclaimed “Catholic,” has no interest. Not much of a Christian is this character.

Abortion, Euthanasia, Organ Harvesting(new), LGBT, Transgender, Sikhism, Assisted Dying. All supported with absolute vehemence by Justin Trudeau. Every one a breach of Christian religious principles.

Not a problem for Nation Council of Muslims. Courtesy of Somali Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen, they how have what they requested. Amira Elghabaway, hijab-clad police person of anti-Muslim prejudice in Canada. Not that this will suffice– insatiability existing as the source for ultimate success.

Is it fair to say that Justin Trudeau and his army of woke Liberal warriors created the problem, only to blame the repercussions on “traditional” Canadians in order to degrade and disempower these communities?

CAP believe it in spades. Not that you ever hear this espoused by legacy media. Condemnation of the Nation of Islam exists within a “no-go zone” in Canada. Like all fundamentalist religious tenets, it will remain this way on a permanent basis.

3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau, Cure Or Cause Of Increased Racism In Canada?”

  1. Trudeau has exacerbation racism towards Muslims and native populations in Canada because of catering to all non tax paying taxes, this is Canada and every Canadian should be paying there share to make Canada great,but he is a complete jerk that gets away with it. My opinion.

  2. Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet by radical Islamic ideology also allowed to operate within mosques in Canada. When will our Marxist loving PM appoint a special minister to investigate that? Never!!! Too busy looking for Islamophobia under every rock by a cop hating anti-semitic ingrate. Typical of Christian hating liberals in Canada. We have lost Canada under this tyrannical government. GOD HELP US!


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