Justin Trudeau Now Controls Social Media Content, Fines For Violations

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Justin Trudeau said his government would hold companies to account for fake news, and that they have to make major improvements or there would be “meaningful financial consequences.” He said social platforms were “failing their users” on Thursday, while speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris.

It’s typical Trudeau-speak. The man consistently turns issues inside-out in this fashion. Social Media giants are NOT failing their users, they are FAILING Justin Trudeau by exposing the rot Canada’s pseudo-dictator does not want citizens to become aware of.

Trudeau wants  conservatives, patriots, nationalists and various dissenters to lose their voice within society. During China’s Cultural Revolution(1949), Mao Tse Tung shut down dissenters by way of violence. We live in a different era, of course, but apart from methodology, Trudeau is replicating the dictator’s behaviour. It should come as no surprise.

Mr. Trudeau’s political idols are not Canadian prime ministers of history, or leaders in the development of liberty and freedom of speech rights within Western society. Rather, his admiration is directed toward Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro and leading communist figures in the former USSR. His brother “Sascha” is named after one of those revolutionaries.

As the October federal election nears, PM Trudeau is taking desperate measures to gain victory for a second term. His virtue-signalling is fraudulent(when isn’t it?). What he is really after is to establish himself as dictator of Canada in a similar manner to close family friend” Fidel Castro.

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Moving forward, Canadians will be muzzled from speaking out against certain elements of society. One can bet condemnation of Islamic ideology will be at the top of the list, as well any public expression of pride in being an Anglophone- Canadian.

“To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” stated French philosopher Voltaire. A most profound statement as it applies to Justin Trudeau and his fascist-like crackdown on freedom of speech.

Here’s a question establish media will not ask: Where does it end? How are Canadians to know this is not an incremental step in a larger plan. After all, this was the methodology of dictators of modern history. Justin and his globalist backers are very adept at the fine art of incremental dissolution of freedom and democracy in Canada.

With the online content crackdown, the Liberals once again show their true commie colours. The only way to circumvent this situation is for Justin Trudeau to no longer be prime minister of Canada. Sensible Canadians await this cherished moment.


14 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Now Controls Social Media Content, Fines For Violations”

  1. Actually it is ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNISM AS DESIGNED BY BUTTS AND GOING BACK TO MAURICE STRONG WHO NOW RESIDES IN CHINA. The tactics used in the run up to WWII are being replicated right now in Canada like they were in Germany only its not the Jews now its Climate Change which is a ridiculous term as the climate has been changing ever since creation. Politicians looking for cash now have THE PERFECT STORM. Nobody wants to wreck the planet but there is no scientific proof that human have any power to do this. Nature itself has always had the power and still does. One volcano eruption can do more atmospheric damage than all the fossil fueled vehicles in the world.

    The development of hydrogen powered vehicles will have a massive impact on air pollution. The current pandemonium over ecars will be history in the very near future as Japan (Toyota)and Germany (VW) lead the way with Hcars Mirai and Audi. The most advanced battery technology will be defeated by hydrogen as the hydrogen power cell is the ultimate energy storing system. another major factor in energy systems is the cost and methods required to dispose of spent fuel. Nuclear and batteries are the culprits and advocates never tell us the real disposal cost and in many cases the final destination of the waste. The adoption of hybrid technology recently will seem very slow compared to the speed that the world will adopt the hydrogen nano aluminum fuel cell.
    It is possible to get a substantial financial position right now in this new technology discovered last year by the US Army. Some of the great world companies have huge warrant positions right now. The energy industry is fascinating right now. Too bad the politicians are stuck with their paradyms on electricity when the perfect solution is right under their scamming noses. CLIMATE CHANGE –the greatest global financial scam in the history of the world lead by a powerful and corrupt United Nations organization and useful idiots like our own Prime Minister.

    • Maurice Strong https://mauricestrong.net/
      Maurice Frederick Strong, was a Canadian oil and mineral businessman and a diplomat who served as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.Wikipedia
      Born: 1929, Oak Lake, Manitoba, Canada
      Died: Nov 27, 2015, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
      Nationality: Canadian
      Pauline Olivette (m. 1950, div. 1980), Hanne Marstrand (m. 1981, sep. 1989)
      Parents: Frederick Milton Strong, Mary Fyfe
      Residence: Crestone, Colorado, U.S. (1972-1989), Lost Lake, Ontario,
      London, United Kingdom, Beijing, China
      Occupation: Businessman, public administrator, UN official

  2. hes pathetic, someone needs to rise above all the lies and actualy show there different from any other politician,, and actualy do what they say,,,thats the angle any party should use who wants to be prime minister.

  3. I wonder if this means I don’t see them fake news pages made my unragulated online casino’s claiming big stars are giving out secrets to win. How come Drake and the other stars used have not filed a law suit yet?

  4. Justin Trudeau said his government would hold companies to account for fake news, and that they have to make major improvements or there would be “meaningful financial consequences.” He said social platforms were “failing their users” on Thursday, while speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris.

    Does this mean that companies like Global, CTV, CBC, and other liberal loving FAKE NEWS REPORTING COMPANIES that refuse to tell the truth will all be fined for ‘lying’/fake reporting?

  5. Goodness he and his group are the perpetrator of false news and lies. How do I make complaints about the liberals ?

  6. The day the world ends is the day false news will stop! Misinformation is used to start conversation sometimes. The people making the news say one thing and tweet another, they create some of their own false news. Media has to sit back and not create sensationalism to get ratings or sell printed matter. Then the talk shows one for, one against create controversy. If you can stop the misinformation you can stop some of misguided thoughts. Media has to answer for sensationalism that starts riots, conflicts even wars but the original people should also be accountable for the misinformation.

  7. Well come Oct and with Scheer leading the country maybe then the government will be able to give the left a taste of their own medicine. Look at the nonsense that came out of CNN the past couple of years. Maybe the CPC will hammer on those agencies that spew nonstop liberal propaganda and lies such as the CBC does in imitation of CNN.

  8. I want to help spread the word and get Canada back from the criminals and believe that if something is not done in the imitate future there is a considerable risk of communism taking over completely

    I have 4 programmers which I am paying to develop content to join all divided forces across Canada.


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