Justin Trudeau Condemned for Investment In Communist China Infrastructure Bank

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Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has some cutting words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding current Canada-China relations. “Justin Trudeau sold this investment to Canadians as a way to improve trade between Canada and China. This has clearly failed,” he said.

For PM Trudeau, failure regarding foreign relations has become something of a specialty. In addition to harming relations with the communist government of  China, Justin has damaged our relationship with India, Saudi Arabia, Philippines(garbage spat) and the USA. Not exactly minor players on the world stage.

To anger China’s communist government is quite the accomplishment. It was Trudeau Jr’s father, Pierre Trudeau, who first established diplomatic ties with China in the early 1970’s. Since this time, the Trudeau family–including brother Alexandre, have venerated their system of government–regardless of the fact that for decades the country was run by the despotic Mao Tse Tung.

In an action referred to as the “Mass Killing Of Landlords”,  mass murder occurred throughout 30 years of social transformation under Mao, resulting in the deaths of approximately 13 MILLION members of the landlord class. Quite the track record for the nation Justin Trudeau named when questioned on world governments he most admires.

Yet, ironically, he has messed up relations with the behemoth nation. Currently, Canada does not have an appointed ambassador to China. Detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are presently  being held on charges of espionage. The Liberal government appears to be doing nothing to circumvent the situation. In addition to blocking Canola exports, China is threatening an additional ban on raw food products.

Dealing with serious challenges posed by Communist China, while standing up for Canada’s interests is essential for any leader. Unfortunately, Mr. Trudeau does not do this. He will not pick up the phone to call China’s Supreme Leader regarding the detained journalists, who may face execution in due time.

Yet he will throw our tax-payer dollars at their banking system to the tune of $250 million dollars. Opposition leader Andrew Scheer says as prime minister, he would pull Canada’s quarter-billion-dollar investment from China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank over the communist state’s recent ban of canola and detainment of Canadian expats.

Can Trudeau’s level of incompetency in foreign relations be any more glaring? In a word–yes. Rather than spin tall Trudeau tales, the establishment media could report honestly and accurately on Trudeau’s foreign relations antics. Fact is, Justin has achieved the unique postion of screwing up relationships with governments who both admire Canada, AND those who now dislike us.  China is angry. India is unimpressed. Saudis are furious. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines DESPISES Trudeau.

Still, media refuse to present the big picture to the people of Canada. Justin Trudeau is a seriously disliked political leader– both internationally and domestically. Recent polls show Trudeau’s popularity dropping yet again. With six months until the federal election, it appears his days are numbered as leader of our nation.











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