Justin Trudeau,Term Two: Western Alienation, Anglophone Disempowerment

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In the wake of the Trudeau government victory in the recent federal Canadian election, pundits and media people are speaking of the relevance of the Trudeau government’s trans-sition from a majority to a minority government.

Always the bearer of bad news, CAP consider this to be a fallacy–it exists only on superficial level-– by way of establishment media in particular.

CAP will explain: Yes, it is true to state that the number of seats the Trudeau Liberals hold within Parliament constitute a “minority” government.

Yet, when considering this issue from an ideological perspective, this theory does not “hold water.” This is why:

The NDP party won 24 seats. As any thinking Canadian understand, Jagmeet Singh’s NDP are ideologically aligned with the liberal-globalist agenda of the Trudeau government. Over in Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois won 32 seats. While not 100% aligned with the policies of Justin Trudeau, Bloc leader Yves- Francois Blanchet is anti-pipeline, and most obviously, pro-Quebec.

How does this situation factor into Canada’s federal political equation? Quick answer: an ability to over-rule Conservative Party opposition legislation is firmly in place.

Speaking of Quebec, here is a piece of CAP analysis: In term number one, Justin Trudeau focused upon all nations on earth above and beyond Canadian interests. In term number two, Trudeau will work to empower Quebec with copious amounts of favouritism, while continuing to alienate Western Canada, as well as “Old Stock” Anglophone Canadians in particular.

See the way they roll, fellow patriots? First King Justin worked for the Third World, international Sikhism, communist China and the Nation of Islam.

Then, in term two, Trudeau continues to work this agenda–as immutable as it is–while working on behalf of Quebec to maintain his iron-clad grip upon the rest of us–English Canada, Anglophone Canada, and Christian Canada.

Sneaky, eh? In other words, Trudeau will use tax-payer monies to BUY Bloc Quebecois support–thereby pushing a corresponding disempowerment of  Anglophone Canada.

Many will notice the issue of Justin Trudeau surviving a second full four-year term in office. The Throne Speech must be approved, or Trudeau is done. A vote of non-confidence may well bring about the fall of Trudeau and the Liberals.

CAP has an opinion on this: it is entirely bogus, and will never happen. Pourquoi? Because NDP and Bloc will back Trudeau, rendering a non-confidence vote unsuccessful.

Why do we maintain this theory? Because CAP do not deviate from the idea that Justin Trudeau is being set up by globalist powers to become Canada’s ersatz “dictator-for-life.”

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CAP Crystal Ball: Trudeau remains PM for the full term–an unprecedented development in the history of minority governments in Canada. Why will this occur? Because Justin Trudeau is an unprecedented prime minister of our nation.

His sole purpose as national leader is to trans-form Canada away from a free and democratic nation, and toward a pseudo-dictatorship in the style of Trudeau family-hero, Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Could CAP be wrong about a full four year term for this political miscreant? Absolutely–we could be completely off-base–but we will believe it when we see it, and Trudeau is removed from office.

You see, Canada is what we refer to as a “marked nation.” A giant land-mass, clean air and water(except for First Nations peoples),  a robust “welfare state,” relative safety and stability.

Much of the problem is that not only do the Trudeau government want all this good stuff to be handed to Third World immigrants who have paid zero tax dollars within our borders, but the United Nations wants this as well.

Okay, perhaps “want” is not the best choice of words. “Demand” is more like it. And they have the jurisdiction to make it happen. Most foolishly, while lacking vision and foresight in any capacity, Canada signed on to the U.N. Refugee Convention in the year 1951.

A giant, colossal mistake— for two good reasons. One, this opened the door for “globalism” to take over in terms of poor, uneducated refugees being dumped upon Canadian soil.

Secondly, very few, if any, Middle Eastern nations followed suit. Iran–nope.  Saudi Arabia,  Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen? Not at all.

CAP Bottom Line: Rather than Middle Eastern nations being responsible for their brethren “refugees,” Canada is  responsible. Talk about getting burned!  What a massive injustice this is– several of these nations are rich as heck. Oil exports result in fat fiscal bank accounts for Saudi Arabia and Iran, and yet it is “little” Canada which is responsible for those they want to off-load to western nations.

How does our PM, Justin Trudeau, feel about this? Obviously, the answer is he believes it all to be wonderful–why else would he send out a tweet inviting 50,000 illegal refugees to bust a move over the Canadian border.

See the blatant injustice in all of this? Perhaps a small sliver of Canadian society sees through the obfuscation. The rest–perhaps 90%do not. Why? Because our monolithic media HIDE the truth from 37.5 million Canadians.

Government in collusion with media, media in collusion with government. For informed and aware Canadians, this means one thing–communism has arrived in Canada.

Welcome to “No Core Identity” Canada–where Sikhism, Islam, Africa and Quebec are the government’s top priorities. Enjoy the fading “Great White North”—  as Anglophone media work to cover-up a punitive agenda toward the Anglophone populations of our nation.




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