Justin Trudeau Changes Law, Male Transvestites Now Held In Women’s Prisons

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Canada’s prison system has overhauled its policies around transgender inmates and will now place offenders in a men’s or women’s institution based on their gender identity.

Under a new Correctional Service Canada (CSC) policy, transgender inmates can be placed in an institution of their preference, “regardless of their anatomy (sex) or gender on their identification documents.  In other words, by way of Justin Trudeau, a Canadian can have male private parts, and still be housed in a women’s only prison.

Hey Justin Trudeau– Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv sends “they’s” regards. What a bonus for this mentally-challenged individual. As for actual the women incarcerated in Canadian prisons, they can now stress out over the possibility of transvestites sexually assaulting them in prison.

What a serious odd-ball this Trudeau character is. Such priorities-– transvestites in prison, reducing the minimum age for anal sex from 18 to 16 years of age. Re-instating citizenship for convicted Islamic terrorists. Tweeting out an invitation for illegal refugees to move to Canada by the thousands.

What else? Anyone else catch the photos of Justin Trudeau embracing  19-year old tennis star, Bianca Andreescu in a far-too-intimate fashion. Blackface at parties, Bollywood outfits while visiting India.

Yet, incredibly, Trudeau has been doing well in the major election polls. What the heck is up with this? Media, for one thing. After Trudeau “bought” establishment media with giant financial donations, they have been on a singular mission.

Media’s “post-modern” objective is to convince 37 million Canadians that Mr. Trudeau is a serious, competent politician, while Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is a racist, bigoted, xenophobic abortion-pusher who will take Canada back to its “neanderthal” condition as represented by former PM, Stephen Harper.

Harper may have been bland, but the man is an expert of economics with no interest in playing Mr. Dress-Up for the purpose of conning  Third World Canadians into voting for him.

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An observation CAP have made from day one in office– Justin Trudeau is an overly “tactile” individual, a polite way of stating that the guy has his hands all over everyone–including men. A similar pattern exists– grabbing the person by the shoulders, holding them in place, and gazing deep into their eyes. A lot of this is downright embarrassing– particularly his embracing of French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron. Based upon the photos, one would think these two to be deeply in love.

As we know, PM Trudeau has a soft spot for transvestites and the transgendered. He enjoys embracing these folks as well. Now, thanks to Canada’s King of Kings, men such as Jonathan Yaniv can find themselves where they want to be– in a confined area with plenty of females, some of which are quite young.

Basically, The Trudeau government has changed the law to permit males to be sent to female prisons. Such priorities!  How many convicted males would prefer to be held in a female prison? How many would “fake” being a transgendered person for this purpose?

Many, say CAP. Create a small wardrobe of dresses, apply some make-up, and bang-zoom you are trans-fered to a female prison. This is the “gift” Justin Trudeau gave to Canada upon altering the related legislation.

CAP theory: Justin Trudeau is a sexual obsessive. The root of this is the mania he inherited comes from his mother. It is commonly acknowledged within the psychiatric community that power, money and sex share a common space within the human brain.

Bill Clinton. The Scumbag Epstein. These patterns occur over and over within the world of high finance and politics. Justin Trudeau simply cannot keep his hands to himself. It is manic, obsessive behaviour. So is Trudeau’s fervent dedication to Canada’s  LGBT industry in general. Pride Parades, Transgender flag-waving, and of course, hugs and kisses for transvestites at will.

And yet, as odd-ball as this entire absurdity goes, equally absurd is establishment media’s presentation of Trudeau. Please do tell: Why would a leading Canadian journalist as sober as John Ivison not attack our PM with vigor? Why would erudite Andrew Coyne actually take Justin seriously? Chantal Herbert, John Ibbitson, Christine Blatchford?

These writer are deemed the “intelligensia” of our nation. Are sensible Canadians to believe these people lack the intelligence to comprehend exactly who Justin Trudeau is?

Mr. Blackface. Bollywood Star. SNC- Lavalin. Mr. Dress-up. A national embarrassment, and still the CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are making excuses for his behaviour. “It’s not affecting the polls,” they exclaim. “Voters have forgotten all about Jody Wilson-Raybould and “Lavscam.”  The blackface photos will not bring him down.

CAP will lay it on the line right now: The entire sordid affair is a farce. Trudeau is lying, Gerald Butts is instructing him how to lie most effectively. Meanwhile, Immigration Minister imports hundreds of thousands of Third World voters to keep King Justin in power in perpetuity.

One GIANT scam– the entire charade, from soup-to-nuts. Get this trouble-maker out of office on October 21st, 2019. We have all the evidence we need. Canadians have put up with the Liberal-Globalist clown-show for four years.

Enough! Old Stock Canada must rid our nation of this fraudulent political actor, and his culture-destroying agenda  If not for ourselves, for our children, and their children after them–if Justin Trudeau doesn’t outlaw them first.







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