Justin Trudeau Censors Criticism of Islam To Appease Muslim Brotherhood Says Canadian Professor

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Salim Mansur is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario. He is a former columnist for the London Free Press and the Toronto Sun, and has contributed to various publications including National Review, the Middle East Forum and Frontpagemag. He often presents analysis on the Muslim world, Islam, South Asia, Middle East.

Mr. Mansur is now running as an MP candidate for the People’s Party of Canada. At a recent public event, Mansur introduced party leader Maxime Bernier, and made the following statement:

Professor Mansur warned that,”in efforts to appease the Muslim Brotherhood, Justin Trudeau seeks to censor ANY criticism of Islamism. Globalism and Islamism are like Siamese twins. Islamism is dedicated to imposing sharia law. Globalism is the ideology emanating from the UN and the European Union.” If globalism and Islamism prevail over our Canadian national identity, “we will be ruled by shadowy unelected ideologues in New York, Brussels and Geneva.”

Conclusion? CAP theory on globalism is in no way limited to those establishment media brand as conspiracy theorists. Media love to portray conservatives and patriots as 7-11 slurpee drinking meat heads.

This Mansur fellow does not fit the bill. For one thing, he says he is a practising Muslim. He is highly educated. Mansur was born in Kolkata, India and moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he completed his doctorate studies in political science.

Okay, Liberal-Globalists, unleash your vitriol on this fellow. After all, he negates the uneducated, “dumb” Canadian stereotype the left perpetually use in an attempt to control the social destiny of Canada.

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CAP have theorized on why Justin Trudeau so thoroughly embodies the practice and spirit of the Islamic faith. What are some of the fundamental tenets–at least from the non-Muslim, outside-the-tribe perspective?

Never publicly criticize the Islamic faith. Never associate Islamic terrorism with Islam. Done–Justin adheres to both. What else? Do not mention or condemn religious practices such as female genital mutilation and child marriage–regardless of the fact these practices are against the law in Canada. Done, Trudeau is all over this. Protect all those from the Islamic faith–even when these people are convicted terrorists and murders. Justin is on the case.

More from Mansur: “We cannot discuss immigration or national security, if we cannot discuss Islamism.” Concluding to wild applause, Professor Mansur said: “The People’s Party of Canada is the only party to resolutely oppose globalism and Islamism and the UN-driven globalist agenda.”

Yes–the only federal political party. Good on them. Obviously, Mansur and Bernier have the guts to tackle issues rendered taboo by the Liberal-Globalists. To do so demands a toughness of character, high moral principles, and a solid commitment to  democratic fundamentals like freedom of speech and the press.

Then, there is Justin Trudeau. This man embodies NONE of these personal attributes. Rather, his style is to blame, brand racist, alienate and anger the largest identifiable community in Canada–our Anglophone population.

So is Salim Mansur correct? CAP cannot verify such a thing. We can, however, do what we do best: unravel, expose and critique the behaviour of Justin Trudeau and his motley crue of globalist assassins.

When analyzing the behaviour of Mr. Trudeau, we find a holistic affinity with Islamic ideology and social behaviour within our nation. He behaves in the same manner as a fundamentalist Muslim. This doesn’t confirm that he is a convert. It is possible his motives are purely political–Trudeau will do anything (political prostitute) to win the upcoming federal election.

Therefore, the question becomes one of motivation. What DRIVES Justin Trudeau to back the Nation of Islam in the very manner that Liberal MP’s do. Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef and Iqra Khalid are good examples of Liberal politicians who adhere to Islamic ethos.

Currently in Pakistan, a story buried by mainstream media has leaked out. It turns the government of this Islamic nation are mass murdering Chinese people within their borders.

Total silence from media. Pourquoi? Because it places King Justin in a bind. Either he supports Islam, or he supports China. Talk about an existential dilemma for Canada’s King of Kings. Therefore, the story is suppressed.

As a corollary, it is worth noting half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid’s response. She has said nothing. Yet, how quick she is to condemn Canada as a racist nation. As it happens, Pakistan is one of the most oppressive Muslim nations in existence. Khalid says nothing–despite her “commitment” to fight racism based on her M103 motion. Trudeau says nothing. MP Ahmed Hussen says nothing.

See the pattern? CAP certainly do, and so does Salim Mansur. There are many more– millions, in CAP’s opinion. That’s a lot of Canadians to brainwash into the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist ethos. Of course, the Liberals are working very, very hard at this program of propaganda.

Yet, it does appear the tide is turning–finally. In Britain, Boris Johnson has become prime minister. This is major step forward in our mission to extract the Trudeau-Macron-Merkel globalist mindset from western nations.. Naturally, media in Canada underplay the populist trans-formation occurring in western nations. They do this to assist Trudeau in winning a second term in office.

Slowly, through an incredible persistence of the populist movement, it appears the tide is turning on the globalists. A quick microcosm here: In 2015, when Jagmeet Singh became leader of the federal NDP, he fit the zeitgeist of the times to a reasonable extent.

At this time, Multiculturalism was still the flavour of the month. Now, in 2019, does Singh encapsulate the social standards of our time? Not so much, really. He and his pink turbans are doing badly in the polls. CAP predict a giant wash-out for the NDP come voting day

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Conclusion? The times they are a’changing. Globalism is being exposed for what it truly is–an agenda of border-erosion and an attack upon the sovereignty of western nations.

NOT Islamic nations, and not China, or other communist nations. These are countries Justin Trudeau admires. Conversely, there are countries our PM does not like–beginning with Canada, and then moving south to the USA.

So Justin Trudeau is in the Islamic appeasement business. Protect all aspects of the Nation of Islam at all costs.

Remember when he made this part of his campaign platform when running for prime minister in 2015?







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  1. He promissed the potheads their weed would be legal. I must admit..he turned my head. But I still didn’t vote for him. And now I’m glad I didn’t.

  2. It is extremely odd to say the least that many Professors can explain this so called ‘Religion’ as not even an ideology, it’s a full blown Cult. This is a discussion we should be having in North America, I’d be willing to bet if their charitable status would be revoked they’d relocate to a weaker Nation, but alas Canada is it. #OWEcanada


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