Justin Trudeau Causing Canadians To Turn Their Backs On Immigration

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Last week, Frank Graves of EKOS tweeted a rather alarming finding. According to a poll conducted between April 3 to 10, 42% of Canadians said they believe there are too many “visible minorities coming to Canada.”

Over the past few years, ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted a message of welcome to “those fleeing persecution, terror & war,” there has been a steadily rising wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in our country. 

In other words, Justin Trudeau has created a problem for Canada. In what can arguably be positioned as the most RECKLESS BEHAVIOUR of any prime minister of the modern era, Trudeau transcended rule of law and good governance by way of what appeared to be an impulsive decision as leader of our nation.

The result? Social discord –definitely NOT part of the job description for a prime minister. But Justin has been a curious decision-maker from day one–in fact, UNFATHOMABLE in many instances. Reinstatement of citizenship for terrorists being one glaring example. If one cares to weave a common thread, it seems diluting borders and eroding the meaning of citizenship are thematic for Trudeau. Does this not suggest dedication to a globalist ethos  populist leaders of European nations speak out against?

During his tenure as PM, Trudeau has consistently ignored Anglophone and Christian Canada. In fact, his actions have been down right PUNITIVE. As a result, Canadian-born citizens are angry. Canada is a young country. Until father Pierre cancelled it, we had a form of identity in bi-cultural English and French Canada. Since that time society has become a collection of  diversity platitudes viewed with skepticism by our original founding communities. Canadians sense their nation as it has been known since 1867 is finished, and they may be right.

So is the immigration backlash an act of racism and bigotry? Trudeau certainly wants citizens to believe so. So does Somalian refugee immigration minister Ahmed Hussen. Both brand dissent to the social engineering  acts of racism. They are wrong. The issue is one of cultural preservation, not hatred of an identifiable community.

Solutions are needed. Since Trudeau Sr. FORCED multiculturalism upon society in the early 1970’s, the entire program has become painfully archaic. So-called minorities are in no way MINOR. A recent study informs us that long-term immigrant families are wealthier than their Anglophone counterparts. Statistics Canada tells us Anglophones are headed for minority status nationwide within a single generation. 

This is a recipe for continued social strife, yet incredibly no media outlet or major journalist has EVER WRITTEN on the plight of Old Stock Canada, what they believe or desire for their nation. Under Justin Trudeau, these folks are INVISIBLE Canadians. No wonder they feel threatened by a government who consistently ignores their wishes, or more specifically, their entire existence.


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