Justin Trudeau CANCELS Refugee Hearing Process For Iran, Iraq, Syria, Seven Other Muslim Nations

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Overwhelmed by asylum claims from irregular migrants crossing the U.S. border, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is fast-tracking “less complex” cases from selected countries.

Refugee judges now assess claims under what is known as a file-review process — meaning a decision is made based on submissions from claimants — WITHOUT  A HEARING.

To qualify for the file-review process, a claimant must be from one of 14 countries:

Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and Yemen.

Notice a specific theme here, fellow patriots? Who was immigration minister at the time this policy change occurred? Why, it was an African refugee— Justin Trudeau-appointed former immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen. Self-serving much, buddy-boy?

The new procedures affect “less complex” cases and include rules for paper-based handling of claims — meaning the refugee claimant is not required to appear in person before a refugee judge — and a new “short-hearing” process, which is supposed to take two hours, or less.

To facilitate the new system, the IRB has created a list of countriesand claim types which it “generally considers as appropriate” for processing under these new rules.

The list includes gender- and aged-based claims from Iran, extortion and kidnapping cases from Libya, religious-based claims from Pakistan and cases of political or military opposition from Sudan. Any women from Saudi Arabia who are at risk because they are “female”are also eligible for the new paper-based process.

Holy Cow. What a giant policy change this is. Do Canadians believe these are appropriate nations for lowering the standards required to gain entry into Canada? Pakistan and Libya? Why are they almost exclusively Islamic nations? Where is the public outcry? 

Answer: There isn’t any public outcry, because 99% of the population have no idea this has occurred. These people are both legal and illegal refugees. Why do we do it? Because the United Nations says we have to– and  so does Justin Trudeau.

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Would Canadians–including migrants taking the proper path and spending serious dollars to move to Canada– vote for Trudeau if they understood what government is up to in this regard? Therefore, media hold back the facts. Government and media functioning as a single unit  is a sign of a communism. This is the way things work in China, a nation admired  by the Trudeau family.

These countries are not among the world’s most trustworthysocieties. Their governments are not to be trusted–certainly not with the billions Trudeau is throwing at them under the guise of “humanitarian aid.”

How do concerned Canadians know, for example, if money is being siphoned off to be sent to militant Islamic organizations, or to build mosques upon Canadian soil? We are completely in the dark, and that’s the way Justin Trudeau wants it to be.

Inexplicably, these select nations and their citizens are suddenly the apple of Canada’s eye. Does this have anything to do with the ideological leanings of PM Trudeau, ex-Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and other religion-centric MP’s within the Liberal government? It’s all so strange. Then again, Canada has the strangest prime minister in history.

Justin Trudeau is political inversion– non-Canadians first, tax-paying citizens last. What a strange and dangerous creature Canada has had a prime minister for the past four -plus years.


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  1. We don’t want anyone from polygamous countries! They are hundreds of millions of them who have had their potential women married an already ,married man. When are you going to stop destroying Canada, instead of acting like fucking antisemitic assholes like you just did asw if the spirit of the resolution calling for attackers to give back territories, wasn’t about Israel having been attacked. Of course it has, and it keeps being attacked even by you and it can keep what it needs for its security if the principle applies without any antisemitism, unlike say, Ukraine, where it is Russia that attacked. You are the disgust of the human race given our glorious history and you should be ashamed.


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