Justin Trudeau: Canada Is Third World Migrant’s Nation “MORE Than It Is” For Canadian-Born

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“I always sort of laugh when you see people who are – not many of them, but – intolerant or who think, ‘Go back to your own country,’” Justin Trudeau said in the television interview.

“No!” Trudeau continued. “You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”

Presumptuous much? Of course he is–this man is a member of the family of Pierre Trudeau. Say no more–but CAP will anyway.

The Trudeau family are Canadian patriot’s living nightmare. Talk about making sweeping statements based upon subjective personal opinion. Is King Justin speaking on behalf of 37.5 million Canadian citizens here? Of course not. Such is the mind-set of our nation’s self proclaimed “King of Kings”– it is he, and he alone, who decides who are the most important Canadians, and who are secondary citizens.

After four years of this globalist pratt, all Canadians should have an understanding of the social hierarchy Justin has established within our post-modern society:

At the top, Third World Canada, Sikhism and Islam. At the bottom, Old Stock Canada, Anglophones and Christians. Is this not inherent in Trudeau’s commentary?

By way of stratifying our various identifiable communities, our PM is indulging in behaviour 100% antithetical to his “diversity is our strength” proclamation. After all, Trudeau-brand multiculturalism ostensibly exists for the purpose of creating an equal playing field for all Canadian communities.

Has Justin Trudeau adhered to this globalist philosophy with his “migrants are superior to the Canadian-born” statement? Of course not!  What a bleedin’ hypocrite. Either this, or a damn fool. CAP will stick with both labels

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What else? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is “jealous” of immigrants to Canada and their families, who, he said, have more of a stake in the country than others.

More,more, more–how do you like it? Why, pray-tell, do recent arrivals have more of a stake in our nation? The opposite can easily be put forth: Old Stock Canadians have more of a stake in Canada because unlike new arrivals from Pakistan and Iran, these people have been paying income tax for decades. Therefore, one can logically state it is these people who have the greater stake in what government does with our tax-dollars.

See what a jack-ass Mr. Trudeau really is? Yet another divisive public statement from the “Prince of Diversity.” So why don’t the majority of Canadians comprehend the true nature of this political charlatan? Because establishment media do not present the true Trudeau to the public.

If they did, the man would be infinitely less popular than he is. As a result, Trudeau would be less inclined to win a second term as prime minister. That’s it, fellow patriots–this is the bottom-line reason for the cover-up of this example of Justin’s  idiocy.

“Anytime I meet people who got to make the deliberate choice, whose parents chose Canada, I’m jealous” says Mr. Trudeau.

Okay Justin, let’s understand this correctly. A border-jumper enters Canada illegally from the United States after reading your “all refugees are welcome to Canada” tweet. The fellow is a native of Nigeria. He has with him his wife and four children. They have little money, and must rely on government welfare payments to survive.

Yet, the made a “deliberate” choice to move to Canada, therefore PM Trudeau and his trust fund is jealous of him. Conclusion? Trudeau is either a foolish man, or he is lying. Either way, his statements in general reveal a political leader entirely out-of-touch with the Canadian people. Taking one step further, CAP support the theory that Trudeau is, in fact, out-of-touch with reality.

Playing favourites is a full time occupation for Justin Trudeau. Favourite communities include Third World migrants, Sikhs, Muslims, Transgendered and Homosexuals. Kind of an odd-ball collection, but then again, Justin is the most odd-ball PM who ever lived, so to some degree it does make sense.

CAP Confession: We don’t understand Justin Trudeau. His hypocrisy is out-of-control. Blatant community favouritism results in a lack of social cohesion. The result is fragmentation and resentment among our citizenship. This is not the role of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Then again, Trudeau has transitioned the PM role into something it has never been before: a ticket to utilize Canadian tax-dollars to help improve the lives of the people. That is, the people in Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Yemen and Ethiopia.

Noticing a common thread here? CAP certainly do–the nations are all Islamic.  Justin Trudeau was voted into office by the people of Canada. Then once prime minister, he went to work for the people of the Middle East and Africa.

What a bizarre situation this is. And yet media go along for the ride. Under Justin Trudeau, our nation has degenerated into the “Salvation Army Nation Of The World.”

Who voted for this? No one. And here some people still think of Canada as a “democracy.”







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  1. He keeps on lumping all us Canadian in his so blinded stupid comments and answers..
    I wish he would stop..
    No Trudeau I don’t think like you Thank god… the majority of Canadians don’t
    I have always cared about Canada and always will …
    Stop lumping us Canadians into your stupidity….
    Now that we have seen you without your mask.. we will see how many of us don’t think like you come Oct 21


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