Justin Trudeau Called “Traitor”, Takes No Questions, Avoids Reporters At Public Event

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One angry Canadian gave Justin Trudeau a piece of his mind earlier today in St. John’s Newfoundland. The prime minister spoke to a crowd of attendees at the Royal St. John’s Regatta boating competition.

According to Post Millennial News, While working the crowd, one man pointed to the prime minister and kept saying “You suck!” and calling him a “traitor”. The same person could also be heard booing Trudeau as he shook hands with event-goers.

What we have here is a Canadian who understands the political agenda of Justin Trudeau. Too bad 95% of Canadians DO NOT–a result of establishment media obfuscation if there ever was one.

PM Trudeau’s response: “Hey, democracy would be BORING if it was unanimous.”

CAP Baloney Meter: 10 out of 10. Justin Trudeau doesn’t give a fig about democracy. For this political miscreant, democracy exists for one purpose only: to be TRANS-formed into socialism. This sets up a situation where King Justin can become an ersatz dictator in Canada.

Democracy is anathema to the entire Trudeau family. Papa Pierre didn’t have much use for it. Trudeau Sr. spent the lion’s share of his life waxing philosophical regarding socialism, communism, Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro. Alexandre Trudeau, our prime minister’s brother, is a card-carrying communist who admires Castro, wrote a book praising China, and made films for the government of Iran.

But truly, neither of these characters comes close to brother Justin in terms of implementation of communist tactics to maintain control over Canada indefinitely.

Media pay-outs, mainstream media control, social media crackdowns, branding Canadians racists and bigots, muzzling Cabinet Members,  SNC-Lavalin, Admiral Mark Norman, MP Jane Philpott, M103 censorship motion, “Islamophobia” and the rest.

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For CAP, the social situation reminds us of previous despots of modern history. Within nations where the public has NO CHOICE or voice in any form of government policy, citizens come to resent and dislike the leader of their nation.

Now, we witness a similar dynamic in Canada: Millions upon millions of Canadians DESPISE Justin Trudeau. In the main, these are Old Stock, Anglophone, Canadian-born citizens.

These are the folks who recognize the globalist deception propaganda of the Trudeau government. Unlike new arrivals, these voters GET Justin Trudeau. The fellow from Newfoundland in one of these informed Canadians.

This is the exact reason King Justin has no interest in us, and prefers we are hustled off to the periphery of society. In our place, Third World arrivals who know nothing about Canada, its history, and the current state-of-the-nation.

In other words, these are voters who lack an ability to discern between TRUE democracy, and Trudeau democracy. Naturally, these two entities have nothing to do with each other. Trudeau “Dynasty” Liberalism is nothing more than socialism wrapped in a Canadian flag— which btw, Canadians are seeing less and less of as Trudeau finishes his first term in office.

So Mr. Trudeau has joined the ranks of an “untouchable” national leader. You can take him out in public, but to do so is a physical RISK to himself, and those attending his public appearance.

He must have copious amounts of security to protect from those who despise him. How Chairman Mao this is. Mussolini, anyone? This situation provides yet more evidence of the morphing of our society from democracy to dictatorship. In Orwellian fashion, the average Canadian citizen better watch their mouth. Say the wrong words and government could be on your doorstep within the hour.

Believe this to be an abstraction? In Vancouver, a court ruled the father of a 14-year-old gender “dysphoric” child has been ordered not to speak to his child in a manner government and academic institutions deem to be “transphobic.” If he does so, he may be banned from seeing the child for an extended period of time.

Such is the state-of-affairs while society is under the thumb of a pseudo-dictator like Justin Trudeau. One thing CAP will say about this character is that he is damn good at coming across as if he is innocent as the lambs.

The virtue-signalling, the innocence ploy, the human rights angle–all of it is one GIANT deception. If Canada remains Trudeau-land for another four year term, expect our nation to continue with the agenda the United Nations, geo-political Islam, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and globalist banking are advancing within Canada.

What is the agenda? Border-erosion, for one thing. Justin brought this to Canada by way of his “open border” refugee tweet. The establishment of Islam as Canada’s dominant religion. Trudeau has ignored the Christian faith since day one, instead pushing Islam to the forefront of society. M103 seals the deal long-term.

If Justin wins in October, expect all this to ramp up much, much further. This is what Old Stock Canadians who vote for our Socialist King Of Kings will be advancing for the future of our nation. Why would these folks vote for Justin Trudeau? There is only one reason– because they lack an understanding of what this cultural assassin is all about.

Media have taken care of this on behalf of Trudeau. It is THEIR JOB. Add to the mix 1.5 MILLION Third World voters entering Canada every four years. Mission ACCOMPLISHED.

Trudeau, Butts, Hussen and Morneau–along with their billionaire globalist backers– succeed in establishing the Kingdom Of Canada, with Trudeau locked in as dictator-of-destruction for Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canadians.



4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Called “Traitor”, Takes No Questions, Avoids Reporters At Public Event”

  1. Lets never forget if the fruit falls close to the tree the trudeau family has many bad apples including a distant uncle hung for horse thievery and robbery. Their legacy contines with the destruction of traditional canadian values and the theft of free speech and the erosion of morality.

  2. Trudeau and his government are incompetent. They have chosen to be moral leaders, preferring to champion causes such as gender issues, feminism, and caring for all the suffering in the world. To this end he has injected these issues into trade deals to the irritation of those with whom we are seeking to deal, brought endless illegals to Canada to be cared for by the taxpayers while they away word on their permanant residency, and has essentially ceased defending our borders. He took over an greatly indebted country but has done nothing to make the situation any better – he has done much to make it worse!! Government competence cannot be measured by moral leadership. The hard work of governing means balancing the books and doing what we can with what we have to work. Can anyone doubt that any fool with a credit card can be a hero to those who have nothing.

  3. Revisiting this article today, Jan 11, 2022, provides perspective on this character that pictures suggest his biological father was Fidel Castro. Pierre Trudeau and Margaret visited Cuba and apparently, with Pierre’s consent, Margaret had a night with Mr. Fidel Castro.

    They visited again after Justin’s birth, and Castro is pictured holding Justin and Margaret in by his side watching in obvious loving meltdown. Lastly, it was very important for Margaret to join Justin when they flew on official ‘duty’ to Fidel Castro’s funeral.

    He was apparently ‘family’. And in these past two years of ‘a jab in very arm’ Justin follows in his father’s footsteps towards Commie dictatorship. And out of the blue, woman on Global News accused him the other day of treason.


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