Justin Trudeau Finally Makes Public Reference To White Canadians: “Stop Being Racists”

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Justin Trudeau has made a move unprecedented within his reign as prime minister: he actually made public reference to white Canadians. It took just under six-years for any form of recognition of Old Stock Canadians to take place.

Not once since Trudeau was elected in October, 2015 has he made an explicit reference to Anglophone Canada,  or any iteration thereof. This, as opposed to tacit references toward Canadian-born citizens. Here we speak of our PM’s implied branding of white Canadians as racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes and purveyors of genocide.

Suddenly, on the turn of  dime, Mr. Trudeau is asking our communities for a favour. He wants us to stop being racist. Never mind that it is this individual who is responsible for a rise in racism to levels unheard of in modern times.

In terms of the sounds of silence, this phenomenon surely cannot be applied to 3rd World Canadians. Under the rule of Justin Trudeau, Sikhs, Muslims and others have been transitioned to the top of Canada’s social totem pole. In contrast, for the past five past five years, Justin Trudeau has been running down Old Stock communities as bigoted haters of non-white Canadians.

A strange and curious experience it is– one that has pushed our country to the brink of inter-community discord.

Caucasians are encouraged to discuss discrimination and its impacts, break down systemic barriers and embrace diversity, social cohesion, inclusion, social justice, equity-deserving groups, intersectionality, reconciliation, Indigenous rights, missing and murdered Indigenous women and members of the two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities, racialized peoples, religious minorities and human rights.”

What an incredible laundry list of “woke” terminology this is. And what, pray-tell, are non-Caucasians encouraged to do? Most likely nothing– save benefitting from the social inversion established by the Trudeau government. And don’t you know? There is no obligation for change on their part.

Ever read through the Multicultural Act of 1988? It appears few have done so. As founded by Pierre Trudeau, multiculturalism instructs so-called “minority” communities– today known as racialized Canadians– to promote, celebrate, and take pride in the cultures of the nations from which they came.

Conversely, Anglophones in 2021 are instructed to consider themselves colonialists, racists and bigots. In 2020,  government and media made a decision to put our self-hatred on steroids. Canada became a country founded upon “systemic” racism.

You see, fellow patriots, responsibility for racism in contemporary society has nothing to do with government. Nothing to do with immigration. Nor is media culpable. Nor do Canada’s Marxist-saturated universities hold responsibility.

It sure as heck isn’t due to Pierre Trudeau unilaterally forcing an end to bi-cultural English and French-Canadian identity. It is a misnomer to believe that government and media advancement of LGBT, Transgenderism and Pride serve as a catalyst for a rise in bigotry.

No– the reason is simple: Old Stock Canadians are by our very nature haters of all “outsider” communities. This is not some fly-by-night fancy. According to systemic racism theory, it is ingrained into the lifeblood of our psyches.

“Over the course of this pandemic we have seen an unfortunate rise in Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Asian hatred and anti-Black racism,” said Trudeau, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter.

Translation: It’s the pandemic’s fault. Anything other than laying the truth on the line: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have screwed-up big time. By way of their cult-like zeal, government has advanced an absence of social harmony that citizens are today experiencing.

Now, PM Trudeau wants white Canadians to change. To what extent has this man called for adaptation on the part of 3rd World Canadians? How about a bit of flexibility, folks? How about, for example, a throwing off of the Hijab head-covering?

What matters is what’s on the inside, right? No one is asking for people to compromise their faith. How about a bit of good-will, just to show adaptability? It won’t happen–nor will any other example of “progressive” behaviour of this nature.

“The PM told Commons that words matter, noting they can be a seed that grows into an ugly, pervasive trend and sometimes lead to real violence.”

It has led to real violence. While Old Stock Canadians are perpetually called upon to adapt to the will of slivers of society, the behaviour of government is written-in-stone.

What we really have here is the sign of a desperate individual. Justin Trudeau created this mess, and he should be the one to fix it. It can be done. For example, show some good will, and instead of importing the immigrant vote for the purpose of remaining in power forever, establish a multi-year moratorium on immigration.

This way, our institutions can take an extended look at society, and make changes accordingly. Together, all Canadians could observe whether or not racism begins to subside during this time period.

Degree to which Justin Trudeau will entertain such idea? The answer is nothing. Zero degree of flexibility on the part of the entire “Woke Movement” of Canada. As for Anglophones –you are racists, and you have to change.

14 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Finally Makes Public Reference To White Canadians: “Stop Being Racists””

  1. “Over the course of this pandemic we have seen an unfortunate rise in Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Asian hatred and anti-Black racism.”

    My my! Do wonders ever cease? Has this creep been pouring through national police statistics? Nah. Believe the opposite of this prevaricator’s multi-forked tongue.

    He just makes it up; good grist for the CBC’s multicult mill. By the way….Who is this “we” he talks about? Himself and Singh??

  2. Why are real Canadians just sitting back and doing bugger all? Why are we not getting fkn angry? Are we going to have to eliminate Trudeau in order to re-establish democracy and sanity?

  3. Considering that’s a fake pretending to be the fool (if he isn’t, then shave off that disguise in public), why is this being “reported” as the truth?

  4. Back in the early 1990s, I worked for a Lower Mainland municipality in the parks department.

    Concern was, with the en masse immigration of Asians, there was a rising discrimination evinced by employees and others at such wholesale changes occurring across communities at large.

    Our city fathers, and government forces big and small, thus began promoting and administering a program of acculturation so as to ameliorate the consequences of these so-called new Canadians coming into already established towns/cities.

    Strange to us was the premise behind this program as it wasn’t so much that the newcomers were to adapt to the Canada that is ( was ), but that we should adopt their ways!
    What an upside-down and inside-out approach to societal harmony!

    This is what Truedope advocates! Father Pierre’s little apple fell not far from the tree…

    The seeds of such backward thinking then have aided in the present delineation of Canada. Have in fact, exacerbated this in totality.

    Thus, the separating of Old Stock Canadians from the rightful input and impact of our history upon the direction of this country.

    Versus that of those immigrants from countries anyplace but that the prime minister considers and champions as not racially biased such as countries and peoples from India, China, or those from Muslim and African nations.

    There is no assimilation in Multiculturalism, only alienation…
    And, separation.
    Certainly, no unity…

    • There is no assimilation in Multiculturalism for a good reason– The Act calls for the opposite–the maintenance and promotion of 3rd world culture in Canada.

      When Anglos follow suit, that is called RACISM.

  5. Justin, just one advice for your misguided mind: Stop biting the hand that feeds you!

    One day that hand will reach out bit too far and lodge itself in your throat…and it is going to happen in a not too far future. You are playing with fire, Justin, your pride and arrogance are blinding you, preventing you from seeing the truth.

    We, the “old” Canadians are fed up with your stupidity. Your very irresponsible ways of governing Canada have and continue to have very negative effect on the whole population.

    Canadians NEVER hated anyone, on the contrary, we have always been very hospitable, caring and generous towards newcomers…until you came and told us otherwise, thrusting sharp wedges between different cultural groups of people. Shame on you! You are willing to destroy the country in order to maintain your power!

  6. My family are United Empire Loyalists. We have been here for a long time and my ancesters helped to settle this beautiful Country. I have taught my children to love and respect everyone as my parents did before me. I refuse to be preached at by this dictator who thinks he is running this country. He will say anything his handlers tell him to say. I believe good will prevail over this evil and Canada will come back stronger than before. Hang in there.

  7. Funny thing about this, the French in Canada, including this idiot pm, are the most discriminating group of people in Canada. And here’s this a-hole calling English Canadians “racists.

  8. Quebec should’ve been a separate country, long ago. That would’ve made Canada a better country that respects those who build it. Now we are stuck with this group forever. Make me cry.

  9. The biggest racist, hater of Whites and lover of colourless calling Whites racists is racist. And it is time we rose up to fight the ones who hate us and no we are not White Supremacists!!

    We are as worthy and tolerable as anyone and face enough hate and racism from many of those who call themselves “first” and from Trudeau!! Who is with me???


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