Justin Trudeau Brands Conservative Leader Scheer White Nationalist Supporter

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is wasting no time branding Conservative leader Andrew Scheer a nasty racist and bigot. In a 25-minute speech to supporters in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Trudeau informed the audience that “Andrew Scheer fought against a non-binding motion to denounce Islamophobia. Andrew Scheer has proudly spoken at the same rallies as white nationalists. Is that someone who will GOVERN FOR ALL CANADIANS? I don’t think so.”

Conveniently omitted is that Trudeau himself has NEVER governed on behalf of all Canadians. Who has been overlooked? Why, this would be the LARGEST community in the nation– the one ex-PM Stephen Harper referred to as “Old Stock” Canada.

Since day one Justin has alienated and shunned the community comprising the LARGEST TAX-PAYER BASE in our nation. Furthermore, he has branded religious Christians as the “worst community in Canada.” While consistently going to bat for Islamics on the victim-card ticket,  Trudeau has IGNORED the mass murder of Christian communities within Muslim nations.

In fact, Justin Trudeau has NEVER ONCE made reference to Christian Canada. In 2015,  MP buddy Omar Alghabra arranged a nation-wide tour of mosques  for Trudeau to capture the Islamic vote. During the tour Justin took part in various religious ceremonies,  yet NEVER ONCE has he publicly STEPPED FOOT in a church. Nor has he  ever met with Christian community leaders to understand their concerns.

Yet, incredibly, he claims he works of behalf of ALL Canadians. The only problem with the statement is that it is a STONE-COLD LIE.




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