Justin Trudeau Blames Conservatives, Social Media For Bullet Proof Vest Incident

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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said the security threat that forced him to wear a bullet-proof vest at a Saturday rally is an unfortunate consequence of the polarization of politics in Canada and elsewhere.

“We have seen an increase in polarization in election campaigns around the world,” Trudeau said. “Increased politics of fear and negativity and now, as we have seen from the Conservative party, flat-out lies,” Trudeau said.

We have all heard of a person being colour-blind. Justin Trudeau sets a new record for being “politically-blind.” Basically, his problems are everyone else’s doing but his own–a sure-fire sign of immaturity if there ever was one.

How can Justin Trudeau eschew his culpability in regards to the ever-increasing consternation within Canadian society? How can this man–after spending four years sending billions to Islamic governments while veterans lose pensions and First Nations drink poisoned water-– believe the social animosity has nothing to do with his personal behaviour?

CAP will offer our opinion: Because Justin Trudeau has elements of mental illness. As it happens, CAP made this claim after Trudeau’s first month in office. What trans-pired? Critics and media branded CAP “mentally-ill.”

Fine–we have no problem with this. Call us crazy, but we believe Mr. Trudeau inherited mental illness from his mother, Margaret. A degree of mania was passed from mother to son. As prime minister, this became manifest in a series of reckless, hair-brained moves by Trudeau.

For brevity’s sake, we will name just one: The “tweet that changed the world” — Justin’s shout-out for any and all refugees–legal or illegal-– to rush the Canadian border and begin to receive tax payer-funded welfare payment within 30 days.

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The Liberal leader said he was not blaming the Conservatives for the unspecified security threat. He said the decision to have him wear body armour and add a highly visible RCMP presence at the rally in Mississauga, Ont., on Saturday night was based on the event.

Still, he did not hold back his criticism when asked how the Conservatives have adopted a decidedly sharper tone in recent days on the campaign trail.

A “sharper tone?” What do you call branding all Canadians who question King Justin’s Islam-oriented global assault on Canada racists, bigots and xenophobes--a walk in the park? Poor Justin– imagine  opposition parties adopting a sharper tone-– how non-feminist of them, eh Justin?

“That has included telling Canadians the Liberals want to legalize all drugs, when they have said repeatedly they have no plans to do so.”

Out of touch–out of his head when he’s around. Is Mr. Trudeau so daft as to believe drug legalization is resulting in the need for the man to open his costume “tickle trunk” and pull out a bullet proof vest?

Hey Trudeau–Canadians do not hate you because of dope, they hate you because they now understand who you really are, as well as who you work for. Basically, all these entities are non- Canadian. Therefore, the benefits go toward non-Canadians.

Billions in foreign aid to Middle Eastern and African nations. A billion for abortion in Africa here, a billion for Syrian refugees there. Domestically, for four years Trudeau has worked for Third World and Islamic Canada, while at the same time demonizing Anglophone and Christian Canadians. Then, Justin wonders why he is more than likely the most hated man in Canada.

“There was no sign of the bullet-proof vest or the added security in the room on Sunday, where he was joined by Masai Ujiri, the president of the Toronto Raptors basketball team.”

Ujiri said he supports Trudeau both now “and when he is the prime minister again.” Quite.

Trudeau was also joined by Ahmed Hussen, his immigration minister and the Liberal candidate seeking re-election in the riding Trudeau was in Sunday morning.

Speaking of hatred, here is one reason Justin is in Old Stock Canada’s dog-house: Immigration Minister, Somalian half-citizen, MP Ahmed Hussen. In terms of Old Stock Canadians, Trudeau could not have selected a worse choice.

In CAP’s opinion, Mr. Hussen is an Anglophone Canada-hater. Additionally, he has major animosity toward the Christian faith. What a perfect choice to dilute and marginalize our people within the globalist “post-modern” Canada. Simply the best.

Those responsible for Justin Trudeau’s problems: Conservatives, Social Media, Patriots, Andrew Scheer, white bigots, Anglophone racists, Stephen Harper, Drugs, Old Stock xenophobes, white supremacists, as well as any Canadian who even questions Trudeau’s attitude toward the borderless society that he, Gerald Butts, and Ahmed Hussen are working to establish within our borders.

Conclusion: Justin Trudeau is a mentally-deluded politician who should never have become prime minister of Canada. He did not have the necessary life experience and/or education to do the job properly.

Instead, what trans-pired was a make-shift PMO based on little more than political ideology–that of the United Nations, billionaire George Soros “Open Society Foundation,” the geo-political aspirations of the Nation of Islam, as well as an international banking cabal( hence government deficits).

Generally, by the time a person becomes a young adult, they learn that the “blame game” is an ineffective mode of action. People come to understand that a lack of taking personal responsibility never succeeds in the long-term. Eventually, the “boy-who-cried-wolf” syndrome will override all other sentiments.

In Canada, the current prime minister of our nation is a person who lacks the maturity to comprehend these basic realities. Red-flag, or what?







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