Justin Trudeau Begins Agenda To FLOOD RURAL CANADA With 3rd World Immigrants

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Vernon, British Columbia is one of 11 communities in Canada participating in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program.  The program was designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to communities outside of the larger metropolitan areas of the country.

Rumour has it that within a decade from now, Anglophone Canadians in Vernon B.C. will transition to a minority community. This rumour–unconfirmed by Cultural Action Party of Canada, states that Vernon B.C. will trans-sition from 40,000 residents in 2019 to 130,000 residents by 2029.

Let us undertsand exactly how a Liberal-Globalist program like this plays out in society over time. The initial incarnation targets 11 Canadian communities. Then the program is rolled out to more and more small towns and cities in Canada. For example, 35 communities for the year 2021, 65 towns targeted towns in 2023, and up,up, up from here.

Who was the immigration minister at the time of conception of this ominous program of social engineering? Why, it is Trudeau-appointed Somalian refugee and religious supremacist, MP Ahmed Hussen.

In our opinion, Mr. Hussen’s animus toward Anglophone nation has contributed to this program of incremental transformation of our people to a minority community in Canada.

In other words, this agenda is punitive--and Justin Trudeau is on board 100%.

What else will CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star hold back from the awareness of 37.5 million Canadians? Try this on for size:

Establishment media will not mention a single word about the emulation of urban Canadians demographics within rural Canadian communities–so CAP will do so:

Just as some 30-40 urban ridings have trans-sitioned from white majorities to white minority communities, media will refrain from informing Anglophone Canada that the same process in now being unrolled for rural Canada.

Talk about a coordinated government/media cover-up!  Fast forward 50 years. Of the 338 federal ridings in Canada, let’s say 170 are now “minority white”ridings. Now, consider the idea that within majority 3rd world ridings, 3rd World MP’s win 90%(more like 100% really) of the ridings.

Expand this to 170 ridings and bang-zoom, Canada is 100% re-invented as a nation. 3rd world communities and their MP’scontrol the majority of seats in Parliament. Many are born in 3rd World nations, and hold dual citizenship like Trudeau favourites MP Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid and Ahmed Hussen.

CAP Outcome: A brand new Canada is established. Fact: 3rd World immigrants care less  less about democracy then the fading “Old Stock” communities. Canada transitions to a one-party state,democracy and free speech are dead, and draconian fundamentalist values rule the day.

Stop The Press: So who is responsible? Which entity is the catalyst for the “Great White North” finding itself the target of geo-political Islam, Chinese communism, socialist media dynamics, and Sikh Nationalist success?

READ MORE: Anglophone Canada To Transfer Over Time To MINORITY STATUS As Trudeau Rolls Out Small-Town Immigration Program

One would think this a complex question, and in truth, the situation is one of complexity. Yet, the beginning of this cultural decimation has a definitive starting point– the day ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau became the leader of our nation.

Two pieces of legislation jump-started the globalist “revolution”–both created by Pierre Trudeau:

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982). This statute, integrated into the Canadian constitution by Trudeau Sr., began a transition of power which has played out every day since its inception– the empowerment of “special interest” Canada, and a corresponding disempowerment of “traditional” Canada– Anglophones, Francophones and Christian-Canadians.

Next, the Multicultural Act of Canada(1988). This statute established the greatest political cash grab outside of  Pierre Trudeau’s punitive Nation Energy Program. Suddenly, billions of Canadian tax-payer dollars began flowing out of the hands of Old Stock Canada, and directly into the hands of 3rd World Canada.

Immigration, refugee and multicultural not-for-profit organizations became empowered like never before. Over the past thirty years, billions upon billions of tax dollars have been taken from the wallets of working Canadians, and been transferred into the hands of organizations such as National Council Of Canadian Muslims–arguably the most powerful “multicultural” non-profit group in Canada.

Remember reading about all of this is that fascinating John Ibbitsonpiece in the Globe & Mail? How about CBC’s excellent 30-minute TV special on the topic?

Blink, and you missed it–because it never occurred in the first place. Talk about a globalist plot of public deception. When government control media, communist methodologies have penetrated a western society.

Pierre, Justin and brother Alexandre Trudeau’s preferred form of governance? Communism, socialism, theocracies.

Now, put 2 + 2 together–media will never do it for you.

This is the untold story of the seduction and ultimate decimation of traditional Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canada.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.


26 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Begins Agenda To FLOOD RURAL CANADA With 3rd World Immigrants”

  1. This will be another aspect of the civil unrest and, perhaps, war to come. Trudeau is a puppet for the elitists, including Soros and those asshole Democrats and the EU. There’s nothing positive or nation-building about multi-culturalism, but Trudeau abd his ilk don’t care. Hi “kind” are always trying to traumatize the masses by whatever means possible. Karna’s a bitch Justin.

  2. What in Hell is wrong with White people…they are destroying their selfs.Does people not realize yet that trdo hates White people .. he wants us to become a minority ! What if it had of been White people on that plane that got shot down…I bet that he would not have said a word !

  3. Why not bring in Western European settlers to these areas ? Afraid they won’t vote Liberal!!!! This will cause civil war in this country. Where is the opposition parties

  4. Anytime all “colored” folks are lumped together in an article, or all “white” folks, I don’t take the article seriously. Just a pile of racist garbage.

  5. I have to question how many jobs are available in Vernon for a large influx of any people? And what level is the infrastructure at to house all these extra people…

  6. Do we really need all these new Canadians help the young couples to have and support children we could get real Canadians , I don’t think it would cost anymore . Turdo needs to go before he destroys Canada !

  7. His legacy Trudeau will be to ruin this nation we call Canada.Our Children and Grandchildren will not know Canada as we knew it.What a shame it was such a great Country.

  8. Piece of shit should really worry about his people in Canada struggling to live before helping others who are not even grateful they want more and more like wtf

  9. You all need to stop bitching about what needs to happen and take action. everyone of you should be protesting at Parlument or shut down railways, highways, do whatever we need to to get that puke out of office along with anyone he appointed.

    Instead of bashing the natives a week or 2 ago we should have learned something from them and that is to stand up for your rights.


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