Justin Trudeau Bans Pro-Life Candidates From Running In Federal Election

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If you do not believe in Canada’s abortion laws–among the most “liberal” on the planet– you cannot become a political candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada.

In Canada, abortion policy(more of a non-policy really)supports abortion-on-demand throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth. If a potential Liberal political candidate objects in any form, they cannot run as a Liberal candidate.

“I have made it clear that future candidates need to be completely understanding that they will be expected to vote pro-choice on any bills,” Trudeau stated early in his term as prime minister.

“I would prefer to have a situation where the party was of a more pluralistic view, but the party’s made that choice and the leader reflects that choice,” responded Liberal MP John McKay.

But wait. Isn’t Justin Trudeau an international poster-boy for plurality? Has he not pranced around the planet for the last four years preaching the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism? Yet, when it comes to alternate or opposing opinions on abortion, he has NO TIME FOR DIVERSITY.

In this we discover the essence of liberal-globalist hypocrisy. Liberals Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Ralph Goodale and the rest demand diversity of PEOPLES — while destroying diversity of OPINION. If this isn’t post-modern globalist tripe, CAP don’t know what is.

It’s a disgrace– but the Liberals get away with it. To uniformly slam the door shut on all dissent regarding abortion in Canada is totalitarian-like behaviour. Abortion is an extremely complex and controversial issue. At the centre of the debate is the life of a human being.

Yet, all Justin has to say on the matter is “we cannot tell women what to do with their bodies”— and nothing beyond. As if the issues are as specious as this. What a light-weight political flake he is.

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As Cultural Action Party of Canada has consistently opined, we believe the current prime minister of Canada is anti-Christian. Unfortunately, we have never ascertained exactly WHY a self-professed Catholic Christian PM behaves in this manner.

Perhaps this mystery will be solved once Trudeau is no longer the leader of our nation. In time, we the people may come to know why Trudeau gives preference to Islam while maintaining malevolence toward our Christian communities. Common-sense Canadians should be praying(and voting) for Canada’s only “Canada-hating prime minister” to be voted out of office– never to return.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Bans Pro-Life Candidates From Running In Federal Election”

  1. He is trying to suck the CPC into a fight and also he will do anything to get votes. He is a ruthless ignorant treasoness piece of S(%$)T. He and butts should be charged with treason.

  2. Wait till Andrew Scheer gets into power. The media will pounce on him and his mps for EVERYTHING EVERYTHING JUDEAU HAS COMMITTED AGAINST THIS COUNTRY.
    At the moment the media are holding their breath from exploding the news of Trudeau’s spiteful intentions onto our nation. Without a doubt in my mind, Andrew Scheer and cpc, Christian’s will pay the price for all of this.
    If canadians want law and order restored, immigration sanity restored, our nation’s flag restored and people to live free from Sharia Law. And restore our nation to as a Christian nation as it is always has been and peace. Only then we can claim victory.


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