Justin Trudeau Attempts Totalitarian-Style CRACKDOWN With “Emergency Act”

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“Premiers across the country roundly rejected the idea of the federal government invoking the Emergencies Act during a conference call Thursday afternoon.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had written to each of the provincial and territorial governments to consult them on invoking the Emergencies Act in order to take on specific powers.”

You know what CAP find striking in this development, as well as countless others? It is the total absence of SHAME on the part of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

This fellow simply knows no limits when attempting to consolidate power. Witness as Mr. Trudeau prostrates himself before political despots in Africa. Watch as Justin bows low to Islamic government dignitaries, while permitting illegal 3rd World “refugees” to venture into our nation to collect substantial welfare cheques.

How about  an attempt to take full control of government by way of Covid-19? For this purpose, the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada just tried to leverage the “Emergency Act of 1988” to establish control of our society.

And now, for a blast of good, old-fashioned irony:

Emergency Act Preamble:

“WHEREAS the safety and security of the individual, the protection of the values of the body politic and the preservation of the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the state are fundamental obligations of government.”

Fine–CAP can never be accused of under-utilizing sarcasm– but this truly “takes the cake.”

First of all, Justin Trudeau has not maximized the safety of the Canadian people. If accurate, the Liberals response to Covid-19 would be completely different. Yet, because the root source is the communist behemoth nation of China, Trudeau & Co. stall. They under-play, rationalize and issue copious excuses.

Sounds to CAP not unlike the government of China’s leadership style, straight up. And now, the “values of the body politic.” How insane. Since day one, King Trudeau has strictly followed one form of body politic–the brand which destroys democracy.

National Sovereignty? Please do not make CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s coffee. Justin Trudeau has spent five years undermining the sovereignty of the fading Great White North:

Illegal refugees, citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists, excessive 3rd world migration to capture votes, attempted  free trade agreement with China, Huewei’s 5G wireless networks.

You name the form of decimation of the state-body, and Mr. Trudeau has indulged in it. In other words, a completely antithetical approach to true democracy in Canada.

For the purposes of this Act, a national emergency is an urgent and critical situation of a temporary nature that:

“Seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.”

What Media Suggest:

This seems “right as rain,” and although the Emergencies Act has never been invoked since its inception, it would be cool if Justin, Bill, Ahmed and Chrystia(suddenly Ms. Silence)invoked the darn thing.

What CAP say:

This is an attempt to establish a nascent one-party state in Canada. More will follow, without question. Covid-19 is pure subterfuge for the larger agenda of trans-itioning Canada into a socialist dictatorship.

Yes, that is how sneaky Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Ahmed Hussen, Bill Morneau and company truly are. And pray-tell, which nation on earth is the most successful in history at carving out a communist state? Hands up, patriots who choose China.

See how it is all unfolding in a logical manner. Darn. “What shall we do about this?” King Justin whispers to Liberal-Commie advisor, Gerald Butts.

Simple–buy the Canadian media. Take control of all messaging to the public in a similar manner to how media functions in China. In other words, deliver government-tailored propaganda to the masses, and the majority of them will not discover something called: the truth.

Speaking on Toronto’s Global News Radio on Friday morning, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said the idea was done after the premiers held a conference call together on Thursday and then held another call with the PM.

“We decided that there is no need for the Emergencies Act from the federal government,” Ford said.

“When we got on the line with the Prime Minister we said that. He agreed,” Ford said.

Oh, Mr. Justin immediately backed down in that tedious cowardly manner of his? What really transpired is this: this awful national “leader” attempted a draconian crackdown of government control, and then scattered like a field mouse when Canadian Premiers rejected his plan.

See how media “take the steam” out the anti-Trudeau engine? It’s all so damn typical and predictable–yet CBC and the rest keep on rolling when it comes to playing their part in the “Great Canadian Globalist Giveaway” program of the Liberal government.

Obscured By Media: Trudeau EXEMPTS China, Iran Nationals From Covid-19 HEALTH SCREENING

CAP Conclusion: There is at present within Canadian society a certain “sickness.” This is chock full o’ examples. By way of the Trudeau Dynasty’s favourite nation– a sickness called Coronavirus.

By way of the Liberals themselves, a covert agenda of national decimation, as democracy fades to black and is replaced by socialism. And naturally, a sickness within society itself. When government is sick, it trans-mits directly to the people.

Thus, anger, resentment, and social chaos. Is this the outcome of Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” policies?

Don’t think so–this is what occurs when society fragments into various social factions. Environmentalist versus Corporations( Trans Mountain). West vs East(Alberta versus Quebec). Religious zealots versus the rest. All has gone down under the tenure of Justin Trudeau.

Uniting, or fragmenting? And no wonder it is this way. After all, fundamental Liberal-Socialist policy in Canada promotes this very fragmentation. This CAP call “multiculturalism”— the division of Canadian into “voter blocks,”  “religious voters,” and the rest.

It’s all  in the game, fellow patriots, as Justin Trudeau continues unabashed as Canada’s  locked-in Pied Piper of national decimation.






8 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Attempts Totalitarian-Style CRACKDOWN With “Emergency Act””

  1. It is not only bending down to the China Government. There are other sources that are behind the scenes… This Is just a repeat of trying to conquer humanity which they have failed once before.

    • Agreed–and they are assisted by Justin Trudeau, just as China was assisted by Pierre Trudeau before him. Brother Alexandre is also a communist.


    • An excellent idea and I believe 100% this is warranted at this point and must happen to end this cycle of anti Canadian fed govt leadership. Things are getting worse by the day and the Liberals and Trudeau must have their power taken away by any means necessary in order to save Canada.

  3. That might fit nicely into the NWO’s globalist plan. Like socialism, one it’s in place it’s hard to remove.

  4. He should be tried for treason and kept in prison for the rest of his life . Trying to shame Canadians and saying travelers have to quarantine over a lie . The PCR test is a fraud , and this virus never has been isolated. It is all about Communism and treating Canadians like criminals .

    He vowed in 2015 that he would only be faithful , not to Canadian citizens but the queen . Everything is to the queen and we do not exist.

    Fellow Canadians , do not give in , stand on your Constitution and the Quarantine act 14- 1 for your right to not get tested for fraud 19 and not take the vaccine which is a weapon . Please do not take it . It is DEADLY . In conclusion Trudeau and all his minions must be removed.


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