Justin Trudeau “Attempting To RIG” Upcoming Canadian Federal Election

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The Trudeau Liberals have been making a big deal about foreign ‘election interference,’ though their legislation to ‘combat’ it doesn’t actually stop the practice.

But, it seems the real election interference is happening domestically, and is in fact being led by the Trudeau government itself. That’s because Justin Trudeau’s corrupt media bailout is a clear attempt to rig the next election in his favour, says noted Canadian political analyst, Spencer Fernando.

“It is beyond doubt that the Trudeau Liberals are engaging in election interference on a massive scale,” says Fernando. “It is also a subversion of democracy, and a serious attack on freedom of the press.”

What a shame that the general population are aware of so little of the globalist agenda of Justin Trudeau. It is only through alternate and social media sources that such truisms are revealed. As it happens, by way of a virtue-signalling deception known as a “Digital Charter,” Justin Trudeau is now applying his personal brand of pseudo-fascism upon social media.

Simply put, it’s the crime of the century.  Canadians are being seduced by lies and deception of the globalist regime. With the hated carbon tax, Trudeau brought environmental fascism to Canada.  Now, internet fascism joins the globalist parade.

How to succeed? Dress the whole thing up the Emperor’s hollow virtue-signalling. Tell the people government makes these decisions for their benefit.  Push the humanitarian element while eradicating the democratic element. Position refugee intake as an act of altruism when it is in reality a Liberal Party vote-grab.

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Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a damn about “the little people.” He has a singular interest– to TRANS-form Canada away from its first 150 years of identity, and to replace this with a borderless nation-state controlled by the United Nations, geo-political Islam and an international banking cabal.

In order to continue the mission, Mr. Trudeau must win  on October, 21st, 2019. Rigging the election by way of media control is a good way to do this. No previous government has even come close to the degree Justin Trudeau extends government reach into private and corporate business, Canadian families, their sexuality, as well as law and education.

When government control all aspects of society it confirms that an element of communism has taken hold of that society. When all is said and done, this is Trudeau’s number one political priority.

In truth, it’s the one thing he is actually “good at.”






9 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau “Attempting To RIG” Upcoming Canadian Federal Election”

  1. Kind of expected. Where’s the Ethics Commissioner this days? Being a well-paid suit on a hanger!

  2. This man is a traitor to every single Canadian born and bred and immigrant Canadian who came here for a better life, studied, took and passed the Canadian Citizen Test. It’s a slap in their faces just as much as it’s a slap in mine. This man needs to be charged with treason, tried, found guilty and at least thrown in jail and the key thrown away. His father wanted a Communist State and Junior is helping to bring that to the fore. This POS needs a licking and run out of Ottawa tarred and feathered on a rail at the very least.

  3. IF YOU HAVE READ THIS YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS SHOULD BE MADE AWARE. You owe to them and you should be VERY FORCEFUL pointing out how and why their futures depend on them to PAY ATTENTION or they will regret drifting for the rest pf their lives.


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