Justin Trudeau Attacks His Own Nation, Brands Canada “Genocidal”

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Unprecedented. Never before has a prime minister elected by the people spent his entire time in office attacking those people and branding them racist, bigoted, and xenophobic.

Now to add salt-to-the-wound Justin Trudeau has branded Canada “genocidal.” Which segment, Justin? Dead Canadians from when Canada was a bi-cultural English/French society. You may remember this Canada–it was the one your father cancelled on behalf of every Canadian citizen with no input from the public whatsoever.

So according to PM Trudeau, Canada is a disgrace. According to Mr. “No Core Identity,” Canada is evil and awful. NOT Pakistan and their persecution of Christians. Not Somalia with its worldwide-leading cases of female genital mutilation. Not thug-like African governments who mass murder THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

No, for Justin Trudeau, Canada is a genocidal nation intent on destroying an identifiable community. TODAY. In 2019. Notice one thing– with all the recent consternation regarding this so-called genocide, not one article has appeared which postulates that this is PROMOTING RACISM against an identifiable(Charter wording) Canadian community-Anglophone Canada.

This is the TACIT message, is it not? After all, someone must be responsible for the genocide. Who is it? Without directly saying so, the enemy here is  Anglophone, Francophone and  Christian Canadians. Is it not true that Justin is (theoretically) one of them? Why then would he go on a rampage AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE? Why would Canadian-born, Anglophone media editors and journalists support the demonization of their own heritage?

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Very strange– yet truly, EVERYTHING Trudeau does is strange. If he is an example of a person who stands up for their nation and advances pride in our collective heritage, than Saddam Hussen was better suited to be President of Iceland.

An enemy of his own people. A politician who takes multi-BILLIONS of tax dollars from the community HE DESPISES and hands the funds to theocratic governments in the Middle East. And media go along for the ride, hiding and obscuring the true agenda of Trudeau and his motley gang of cultural destroyers. It’s all so VERY SICK.

So it’s genocide time in Canada. The year is 2019–not 1909. Those living in Canada at present have NOTHING TO DO with this “genocide.” We are INNOCENT. Yet, this means nothing to Trudeau, pit-bull henchman MP Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the Liberal cronies.

It’s a sad– and dangerous–state of affairs. Anglophones and Christians are being railroaded into a demon community in Canada in preparation for our TRANS-fer to the periphery of Canadian society. The person driving the initiative is Canada’s prime minister. If this is not the CRIME OF THE CENTURY, what is?



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  1. He is a traitor and must be held accountable and responsible, criminally charged and if convicted (in my opinion he would be) hanged for treason.


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