Justin Trudeau Approves Sharia Law-Pushing Candidate To Run In All-Middle Eastern Candidate Riding

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Sameer Zuberi, a former media coordinator of the Islamic group the Canadian Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Can), is now the Liberal candidate in the Montreal-area riding of Pierrefonds-Dollard.

Zuberi is a former employee and media relations coordinator of CAIR-Can that campaigned for Sharia Law as part of Canada’s Family Court system in 2004-05. It was a branch of the American Islamist group, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that was listed as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 2008 Texas Terror funding trial. In 2013 CAIR-Can changed its name to the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM).

How sweet. Let’s get real for a minute: Justin Trudeau continues to endorse the push of fundamentalist Islam into the fabric of Canadian society. If it were not true, he wouldn’t approve this person as a Liberal MP candidate.

It’s not as if Sameer Zuberi’s resume is ambigious, or half-hearted. Obviously, the man is a life-long advocate of fundamentalist, as well as militant, Islamic  ideologies. “Way to go, Justin Trudeau,” exclaims MP Iqra Khalid. “It’s a victory for Islam!,” bellows MP Omar Alhagbra.

Yes, indeed. Justin Trudeau four-year tenure as prime minister has been a victory for Islam. On Sept. 14, 2019, days before his nomination, the Conservatives released a 2011 public post from Zuberi where he questioned whether Osama bin Laden was indeed the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack.

In 2011, Zuberi wrote a letter to the editor on the occasion of the killing of bin Laden where he commented: “With respect BL (Bin Laden) masterminding 9/11, although this is still a matter of public debate we need to be careful before subscribing to theories simply because they validate our positions.”

So this fellow is a conspiracy theorist regarding 9/11. He defends Osama bin Laden. He wants Sharia Law entrenched within the Canadian legal system. He formerly worked for an Islamic non-profit organization authorities claim is associated with militant Islamic groups. Then, Justin Trudeau approves his candidacy.

According to the 2001 census, 37% of the population lists English as their mother tongue, while French is the first language for 32%. There are also significant populations who speak Arabic, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. This is an ethnically mixed riding, including Italian, East Indian and Chinese communities. The total immigrant population is almost 30%.

That’s 30%-in the year 2001. CAP thinks “the times they are a’changing. Here is a tid-bit we would guess very few Canadians realize: All three candidates in riding- Liberal, Conservative and NDP, are Muslim-Canadians.

What diversity! For Justin Trudeau’s Liberal-Third World Party, we have religious supremacist, Sameer Zuberi. For the Conservatives, Ibrahim El-Khoury. NDP are offering up Mariam Ishak.

Diversity is our strength!, exclaim Canada’s liberal-snowflake brigade. Quite. Let CAP print what no other will: this is not multiculturalism–this is die-versity. How about we fast forward fifty years? Now, what do we see. How about every riding within urban Canada maintaining this configuration of candidates? Sound good to you, Mr. Jones? How about you, Mrs. Mackenzie?

Result? Goodbye, English Canada— welcome to  “deads-ville.”  Let CAP be very clear is this regard: within our current society– as well as by way of globalist power players beyond our borders– there are powerful people pushing the erosion of English Canada in a structured, tangible manner.

Within our borders, Justin Trudeau is the kingpin. For this purpose, he selected an anti-Anglophone Islamic refugee as immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen Less profile political figures such as Trudeau-appointed Senator Ratna Omidvar love this. According to these types, white Canada must be punished for the historical behaviour of our predecessors.

So despite the ignobility of this Islamic fundamentalist, this urban Montreal riding could find its saddled with his presence. Furthermore, if he loses, a co-religionist will win the riding.

Why the set-up? There can only be one reason for all three major candidates being Middle Eastern-Canadians: the voters are Muslim. If not, Sikh, or from the Third World.

Diversity as a strength? Certainly not for Anglophone and Christian Canadians. Here is where we get to the heart of the multicult matter–the area establishment media are loath to expose to 37 million Canadians:

The multiculturalism forced upon Canada by Justin Trudeau’s family is damaging Anglophone-Canadians. We are being usurped of position and power by way of Liberal immigration policy. Whites who disagree are racists and bigots

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CAP call out this multicult madness. If diversity results in damage for an identifiable community, then multiculturalism has failed. This has indeed occurred. It is an irrefutable fact that this non-democratic piece of legislation has resulted in the social and political empowerment of our Sihk, Muslim and to some degree, Chinese communities.

At the same time, there are dozens of ridings where it is entire futile for a white Canadian to run for an MP position. Let us take another example–Brampton, ON.

In Brampton East, the candidates are Ramesh Sangha  for the Liberals, Ramona Singh for the Conservatives, and Saranjit Singh for the NDP.

Diversity is our strength!, bellows NDP federal leader, Jagmeet Singh. How so? Sure, CAP can see the strength for Sikh Canada-– this is most obvious. Yet, we see no form of strength in this scenario for Anglophone Canada. Nothing, nada, zip.

Fellow patriots–this is Trudeau’s Canada. Pierre Trudeau began the anti-anglophone trajectory when he forced his multicultural utopia concept upon our nation. His immature, reckless, black-faced son drove the program into the stratosphere.

This is the true story of Canadian multiculturalism, and its punitive, damaging impact upon the descendants of those who founded our nation.





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  1. Free me from this backwards world


    Replying to
    First of all,
    is running for the Conservatives, not the NDP as listed.

    And, I’ll let her correct me if I’m wrong, but word around here is that she’s a Christian, not a Muslim.

    I’m all in against Sameer Zuberi, but the errors undermine the message. Facts matter.
    2:11 AM · Sep 22, 2019·Twitter Web App

  2. Brad Salzberg– I love your articles. I hope your messages are getting through to Canadians who love and care for this country! Certainly not this fool supposedly leading canada forward. He is complete jerk.

  3. I have greatly appreciated all of your timely journalism exposing Our Prime Minister & the aweful Agenda’s his Liberal Gov’t has been pushing onto the rest of us Canadians ! * Praying & Hoping they will wake up soon, in time to VOTE him out !!* Keep on telling the Truth. Thank You sooo much ! God Bless your efforts!🙏💞🇨🇦

  4. Then from what are those illegals from the middle east fleeing. Cant be from Sharia law or FGM? What then? Or, unless, are here to take over with a White Man at the helm that represents Canada.

  5. The Liberal and Conservative candidates are supported by the United Nations ‘One World Order Evil Satanic Agenda 21.. I’m a home grown Canadian and I love my ‘heritage.’ These people allowed in there have no intention of ‘assimilating.’ They are INVADING to take over the country.. thus.. converting OUR system to Sharia Law.
    If Canadians ‘allow’ this.. we will be finished as a ‘country.’
    The PPC party is for closing our border and ‘logical immigration’ and to get the United Nations OUT of our country. No border = No country!
    *This is why they are being shadowbanned everywhere..” They go ‘against’ their agenda
    Wake those close to you.. and watch for voter fraud.. We are fighting to SAVE our country.
    PPC 2019

  6. Dear Mr. Primeminister,

    Can you please tell me what your doing about the starving families, homeless veterans, poverty and starving children in Canada??? Yes I said Canada, this is the country you run!!!! I’m very disappointed to see this article, people who live in your own country are suffering and you cant deal with the issues at hand or in front of your face!!!


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