Justin Trudeau Approves IMAM To Run As MP in Federal Election

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Hassan Guillet won a contested nomination in Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel, becoming the first Liberal candidate not to come from the influential Italian community since the 1988 inception of the east-end riding.

Guillet says he wants to represent everyone in the riding and not just its substantial North African community.  They all say this–previous to when they are elected. Subsequently, the pressure from multicultural non-profit groups and religious communities shift focus from “everyone in the riding” to the demands of one specific community.

In a column by Conservative journalist Spencer Fernando, the subject of Italian-Canadians in politics was raised. Fernando points out that Italians are poorly represented in government, with only one person of Italian heritage having serving in Trudeau’s Cabinet.

The role of Italian communities in Canada cannot be understated. According to the 2016 Census of Canada, 1,587,970 Canadians– 4.6% of the total population– claimed full or partial Italian ancestry. Somehow, in Trudeau’s initial cabinet, he could not find one Italian-Canadian out of 1.5 million that he saw fit to be in his cabinet.

Sikhs represented 1.4% of the Canadian population in 2016, and were given four cabinet posts. The Sikh community had recently elected 16 Sikh MPs across Canada.

Advantage, Third World Canada. It’s simply the Trudeau way. Now, Justin Trudeau has approved an Islamic religious fundamentalist to run for MP on behalf of the Liberal Party. It is well known that fundamentalists of this nature generally support archaic and misogynist religious laws. Female Genital Mutilation(illegal), child marriage(also illegal) and Sharia Law–much of which breaches Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Naturally, none of this makes a difference for “feminist” Justin Trudeau. He is not one to ever let hypocrisy stand in the way of his desire to be entrenched as dictator-for-life in Canada

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End result: Another victory for the Nation of Islam in Canada by way of Justin Trudeau. In the meantime, Trudeau’s punitive damages toward Christian Canada continue. Islam is more than a so-called religion–it is an entire way of life–and one in which NOTHING can take priority over dedication to religion–including dedication to one’s vocation.

A win by newly-minted Liberal MP candidate Hassan Guillet would be a GIANT victory for the Nation of Islam. Therefore, you can bet Justin Trudeau will be standing by his side with bells on.

Another incremental step forward in the works? Bet on it. Justin Trudeau ubiquitously supports victory for Third World forces, Sikhism, and Islam. Old Stock Canada be damned-– Justin’s “new’ Canada is in the house. For him, nothing else counts.




5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Approves IMAM To Run As MP in Federal Election”

  1. We are now close to the initiation of phase 4 take over of a country. One they get a significant political foothold, then they get VERY AGGRESSIVE AND US THE POWER THEY HAVE TO CHANGE THE LAWS AND WIPE OUT THE CULTURAL AND LEGAL AFFAIRS OF YOUR COUNTRY Watch Trudeau rush all this stuff before we boot his little into space

  2. I can prove the New Zealand attack was faked. I can prove we are debt slaves, I am not joking i am not nuts. I have evidence of CGI on the woman on the street. If that gets out we can ruin thier nasty plans here. Islam and our governments fakes a terrorist attack. I have it, I have two videos, I can prove it in a court of law. I have found other things about the UN as well as more, but I feel this story getting out will solve A LOT. No more muslim invasion, no more corrupt government faking terrorism while they are the terrorists, after this gets fished out they should all take off. If people knew they faked it, over ALL of the offences, this one is the worst. they have made their policy around Christchurch. Contact me please.

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    LOCK THEM UP..!!!


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