Justin Trudeau Apologizes For First Nations Incident in 1885

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has exonerated Chief Poundmaker, who was convicted of the crime of treason-felony in 1885. Members of a Saskatchewan First Nation say they’ve waited decades for their famous chief’s treason conviction to be wiped away.

Trudeau issued a formal apology and exoneration for Chief Poundmaker at the First Nation that bears his name on Thursday.

SNC-Lavalin. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Admiral Mark Norman. Gerald Butts. Trans Mountain Pipeline. Carbon Tax. Chief Poundmaker of 1885. Doesn’t Justin Trudeau have anything more important to do than issue irrelevant apologies to various communities in Canada?

Chinese Head Tax– 1905. Komataga Maru–1910. St. Louis Refugee Incident– 1939.

Why on earth would the prime minister of Canada choose to harp on social incidents which occurred a century ago? It was a different world then. It was before the UN Declaration of Human Rights(1951). Previous to Martin Luther King and the American Civil Rights Movement. Before the Suffragette Movement of the early 20th century.

Regardless, Mr. Trudeau continues to fixate on these historical incidents.One apology Trudeau made to First Nations Canada is related to an incident that occurred BEFORE CANADA WAS FOUNDED.

Why does he do this? No surprise, Cultural Action Party of Canada has a theory. The tacit message being delivered is that Canada is a racist nation, and the people of English Canada are responsible. What as effective way to demean and demoralize Anglophone and Francophone Canadians. What an effecient manner in which to  deflate PRIDE in our nation in preparation for ushering in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

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After all, the more the Canadian-born take pride in their heritage, the harder it is for the globalists to steal our country from us. Therefore, Justin does his part by demeaning Anglo-Canadians by way of a series of apologies to “minorities”(nothing minor about them) and special interest groups.

It’s all in the game. Canada is being seduced into a transformation of society not a single citizen requested or approved. Okay, maybe rabid globalist Senator Ratna Omidvar would be down with it. But certainly not multi-generational Canadians. Under King Justin, these folks are a silent majority. According to Statistics Canada, one day this will change. We will transition into a silent minority. Is Islamic Canada today a silent minority?

As it happens, recently Justin Trudeau signed off on a plan to make us EVEN MORE SILENT. Under the guise of caring about hate speech, Trudeau grinned and smirked his way into having giant social media player like Twitter to limit freedom of speech on the internet.

Justin Trudeau– censoring apologist extrordinaire. Such talent, such skill. Never in history has a PM worked so hard to demean so many. No one comes close, with the possible exception of one other prime minister –his father, Pierre.


2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Apologizes For First Nations Incident in 1885”

  1. Not only does Justin apologize, but he grants an ‘exoneration’ on these occasions. Where he gets the authority to grant this retroactive indulgence is a mystery, but then he is so virtuous, it must come from on high. Last year, he even exonerated Tsilhqot’in chiefs hanged in 1864 — before Confederation.

    • It can only be part of an agenda, which in CAP’s opinion, is to run down English Canada and its peoples to pave the way for Justin Trudeau’s post-Anglo/Christian society.


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