Justin Trudeau Copies China’s Media Tactics, Controls Private Citizens

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Ever since Justin Trudeau told a “Ladies Night” fundraiser that he admires China’s “basic dictatorship” the Liberal leader has been held in contempt by common sense Canadians.

The mocking isn’t funny anymore as Canadian lives are on the line in China and Trudeau’s government is starting to imitate the regime in Beijing by trying to silence critics. Two former senior diplomats have come forward to say that officials called to ask them to stop contradicting the government in public on China and to “get with the program.”

That would be fine if either David Mulroney or Guy Saint-Jacques were still employed by the government,  but they aren’t. They are former diplomats now living out their lives as private citizens and offering their expertise on China to the media when asked.

Turns out the lack of employment by government makes no difference to Justin Trudeau. He is now going after PRIVATE citizens for the purpose of muzzling or spinning their messaging regarding the Trudeau family’s dedication to the behemoth nation.

Do tell– is controlling the voices of private citizens not emblematic of communist control of citizens and media ? Sure it is. Is this not the dynamic employed by totalitarian governments of 20th century history? Yes, it is.

The pair of former diplomats told the Globe that Thoppil(Global Affairs government employee) told them that the push for one voice on China was coming from the prime minister’s office.

“He wanted me to know that PMO just wanted him to relay the hope that we could all speak with one voice to support the strategy of the government,” Saint-Jacques said.

“People in Ottawa don’t invoke PMO lightly. It is done to intimidate and obtain compliance,” Mulroney said. Chairman Mao would be impressed. Ever since Justin  Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of Canadian society, he has driven our nation down a path toward a loss of democracy and freedom of speech.

By way of immigration intake of approximately 1.5 Million new arrivals every four years, Justin is attempting to transform himself into the “Fidel Castro” of Canada.

As we know, unlike the United States, there is no limit on the number of terms a PM can remain in office. Therefore, the Liberals attempt to “buy” the election by way of demographic manipulation. Then, four more years pass, another 1.5 Million are brought in, and Justin wins yet again. Repeat until nausea develops in the stomach.

This is Trudeau’s plan. It is an emulation of socialist societies such as Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The architect of the project is Gerald Butts. Second-in-command, Somalian demographic assassin, Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

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Trying to silence people like Mulroney and Saint-Jacques won’t bring us any closer to freeing detained prisoners Spavor and Kovrig, it will only make us closer to China’s “basic dictatorship.”

This is the goal of the Trudeau government and their sketchy, Third World-infused Cabinet. Justin Trudeau and his backers are incrementally taking away the freedoms Canadians have enjoyed for decades, and replacing it with a “soft communism.”

Of course, for Trudeau, Butts and Hussen, soft communism is a merly precursor to HARD communism. This will be delivered in Act 2 of the Justin Trudeau Pseudo-Communist Three Ring Circus. That is, if he wins on October 21st, 2019.


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