“Justin Has Violated Every Step Of The Pandemic” — Half Brother Kyle Kemper

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Speaking on the topic of Covid vaccinations in a YouTube interview, Kyle Kemper, half-brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, states the following:

“This whole covid scam is a globally orchestrated phenomenon to consolidate power and drive enormous profits and facilitate more wealth transition from countries to corporations. I don’t know how anyone can deny that.”

“Tech, media, pharma are all working together in this giant charade.”

 Kemper’s statement comes at the 12:30 point in the interview.

Interviewer: Would you say he[Trudeau] is guilty of hate speech? 

Kemper: I would say that is one of the things he is guilty of. I feel like Justin has violated every step of this pandemic. It hurts my heart.

Find this at the 22:10 point in the interview.

Watch The Video Here

Interview courtesy of Western Standard Online.

5 thoughts on ““Justin Has Violated Every Step Of The Pandemic” — Half Brother Kyle Kemper”

  1. Trudeau should go to jail along with the pharmaceutical company all companies and persons involved and making huge profits from this 2+years of financial destruction and emotional destruction be charged with murder assisted murder, treason everything that these evil people can be charged with.

    They should all lose their money story stole over these past few years their companies and monies made should also paid back to Canadians and companies sold off with monies to the citizens also no pensions as that money should be returned to the citizens of Canada and or Albertans depends on the business es involved and they should never be allowed in politics again or their relatives.


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