Journalist Stands Up For Anglophone Canada, Gets SLAMMED As Racist By Liberal Media

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An op-ed published by a Calgary instructor in two Vancouver newspapers is being widely condemned for saying Canada would be better off without ethnic diversity.

CAP Response: Canada would be better off without ethnic diversity. The article, written by Mount Royal University instructor Mark Hecht and published in the print edition of the Vancouver Sun, is titled “Ethnic diversity harms a country’s social trust, economic well-being, argues professor.”

What is media’s general problem with the article? It presents a legitimate perspective on the downside of multiculturalism–an act which CAP has been emulating for the past decade.

There was an enormous backlash to the article online, with multiple reporters from Postmedia (which owns both papers) and Mount Royal University professors among those speaking out against its publication.

“Racism” scream the globalist self-haters. Canada must exist as a nation which embodies a pinnacle of racism in the western world. Watch and witness as editors, journalists and pundits express their collective disgrace at a perfectly valid point-of-view on Canadian society.

What makes it valid? No breach of the Canadian Criminal Code. No breach of Canadian “hate crime” laws. Mark Hecht is expressing the frustration that millions of Canadians–mainly Old Stock Canadians--are feeling after four years of the pseudo-dictatorship of communist- enthusiast Justin Trudeau.

Over his term as PM, he has consistently run-down Anglophone Canada. We are racists, “Islamophobes,” homophobes, bigots and xenophobes. Please do tell, Mr. CBC, why Old Stock Canada should not be completely fed-up with the Trudeau government? After all, even if our predecessors indulged in half of the “crimes against humanity” Trudeau blames on us, the present-day Anglophone community is in no way responsible.

Therefore, what Trudeau, pit bull Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the cultural eradicators are doing constitutes vilification of an identifiable Canadian community. In CAP’s book, this is racism. After all, if the Liberal-Globalists can eschew all definitions of racism and still make the claim, so can Old Stock Canada.

Of course, when we attempt to do so, we are the most vile creatures who ever lived. Ironically, many who attack are Anglophones themselves. Talk about self-defeating. These people speak of “white supremacy.” Can one not legitimately claim that Osama Bin Laden was a Muslim supremacist? How about the convicted ISIS terrorists Trudeau and Hussen hustle into our nation? Are these types not religious supremacists?

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Why is ethnic supremacy a one-way street in Canada? Big question, and no answers from mainstream media. Talk about hypocrisy! But these types don’t care. They have ruled the roost for the 45 years since Pierre Trudeau personally cancelled the bi-cultural identity of our nation. No vote, no public approval, no referendum– NO DEMOCRACY.

This is how communist-enthusiast Pierre Trudeau ran our nation. Son Justin is the very same. Ask yourself–to what extent did PM Trudeau run for office based upon the promotion and intrenchment of Islam into the fabric of our society? M103. Re-instatement of citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists. Tours of Canadian mosques without an equivalent for Canadian churches. Appointing a Somalian refugee as immigration minister. Branding all whites racists and bigots when they push-back against any aspect of the agenda.

Fact is, none of this was part of Trudeau’s campaign platform–he just went ahead and did it anyway–just like Papa Pierre did with multiculturalism. Once again, a Trudeau family PM indulging in non-democratic behaviour. How “Fidel Castro” of him.

“Those are neo-Nazi talking points that were just kind of nakedly published by The Vancouver Sun,” said Evan Balgord, the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, who researches the rise of hate groups and rhetoric in the country.

How Liberal-Globalist of this witch-hunter from the Anti-Hate Network. This fellow is beginning to make the Salem Witch Trails sound like a high school girl’s sweet sixteen party.

Anti-Hate? What is FIRST image brought forth by this hating anti-hatred scare-monger? Neo-Nazis! See the propaganda at play? The truth  is that Anti-Hate have hi-jacked the terminology as related to these contentious social issues. In other words, they decide what is labelled racism, and what isn’t. Not the law, nor legislation, or the criminal code.

Rather, the subjective opinions of a gang of Old Stock Canada-haters. How Justin Trudeau! Does government not do the same? Take M03–why is it that no definition exists within regarding what constitutes “Islamophobia.”

CAP will answer: because to refrain from definition enables the witch-hunters to define racism as anything they deem it to be. How Justin, how communist. Did George Orwell not write about control of terminology being integral to communist propaganda? In 2019, the Trudeau government and their puppet-globalists indulge in this very thing.

Example: Illegal refugees are “irregular” refugees. Sex change for children is “gender dysphoria.” See where are going with this? This situation is, in fact, Marxism 101.

So why is CAP just about the only group exposing these realities? Because under Comrade Justin, government owns media. Is this phenomenon not axiomatic within communist ideology? Of course it is. The reason Canadians don’t hear about it relates to the loss of freedom of speech and freedom of the press as institutionalized by Justin Trudeau.

Let CAP therefore lay it on the line: If Anglophone and Christian Canada are the only two communities branded racist when standing up for their identity in Canada, how can Trudeau multiculturalism truly be about equality for all Canadians?

It isn’t–and this is a pre-determined social dynamic. Nothing random about it in the least. Diversity is resulting in the vilification of Anglophones, Christians and Old Stock Canadians. This is the true agenda at play. While Justin blathers on about “die-versity,” our communities are being railroaded into the demon community of Canada.

This is what writer Mark Hecht articulates in his writing. “Outrageous!,” says Vancouver Sun editor. We apologize. We are down on our knees, bending low to the globalists once again. As it happens, the editor of the Sun is a  Old Stock Canadian himself.

What a perfect microcosm for this situation. Multiculturalism is an exclusive club mainly comprised of our largest, wealthiest and most powerful Third World communities– Sikh, Muslim and Chinese. White Canada– get lost right quick, you bigots. Is this true multiculturalism? Not in the least–the best which can be said is that this is tri-culturalism. The entire affair is the epitome of ethnocentricism.

Sikh Pride= Multiculturalism. Anglophone Pride = Racism. This is the true state-of-society under the iron-clad rule of pseudo-dictator, Justin Trudeau.





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  1. Your points are well taken , I agree Pierre Trudeau was the start for me with , multy culturism Anglaphone,s the vast majoriy in Canada ,by law are forced to accept French as One of Canada,s official languages . Yet Quebec is the only provice in Canada were a citizen is forced by law to place Frence ahead of English as well as schooling in french . Canadians need to protect Canada . I came as a immigrant to Canada in 1949 I came to be a Canadian .


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