Jordan Peterson On Trudeau’s Vaccine Edict: “You’d Have To Kill Me First”

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Leading psychologist and author Jordan Peterson has publicly hit out against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus plea for people to get a COVID booster stating: “You’d have to kill me first.”

What a difference a border makes. The quote comes from a featured article in Newsweek, America’s most prominent news magazine.

Then we have Canadian media exposure. Simply put–there isn’t any. At least nothing which can be found using the most popular internet search engines.

What gives? Why is it that mainstream media in Canada constantly play “cover-up” for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? What happened to pertinent, objective news reporting in Canada?

It has gone the way of the dinosaur. This being one of the many “gifts” our ruling Liberal government has bestowed upon the public. Their “progressive” style of governance has progressed to establishing a comprehensive media bubble within 2021 society.

No alternate theory permitted. Which includes either the neglect or obfuscation of what Professor Jordan Peterson has to say about Covid–or anything else.

As a guest on the conservative talk show The Rubin Report, Peterson said that COVID-19 policy was “being driven by people who are more afraid than they should be.”

Peterson has stated  that the push to get children inoculated against COVID was “absolutely reprehensible.”

So long, Jordan Peterson. You are now banished from the “Kingdom of Wokeness.” Your opinions are unacceptable within Canadian society. Please walk in line to your place within our nation’s ghettoized community of anti-Vaxxers.

Sunny ways, fellow Canadians–sunny ways. This is what Justin Trudeau promised citizens upon election in 2015.

Turns out he was a tad off-base. The state of society in 2021 is one of a curious form of “liberal-totalitarianism.” An oxymoron to be sure– until one casts aside media presentation. Once accomplished, astute observers come to perceive the authoritarian strain weaving its way through our society.


4-Year Old Leukemia Patient Faces Eviction For Covid Non-Compliance


Who better to lead the woke war than Justin Trudeau? Raised in a household in which despotic communist leaders are venerated, our present PM is the ideal figure to lead Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Covid has cleared the path for success, and Jordan Peterson knows it to be true.

Born and raised in Alberta, Jordan Peterson obtained  bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology from the University of Alberta and a Phd in clinical psychology from McGill University.

After teaching and research at Harvard University, he returned to Canada in 1998 to permanently join the faculty of psychology at the University of Toronto.

Justin Trudeau used to be ski-boarding instructor, and then became a part-time high school teacher. Yet, despite the facetiousness, this is no laughing matter.

The history of the 20th century is filled with examples of under-achievers finding success in a framework of totalitarian rule. In fact, one could argue these people are best suited for the role–their drive to “prove the world wrong” being of an obsessive nature.

For CAP, this is Justin Trudeau in spades. As an under-achiever in his famous father’s eyes, he was primed and ready to make his mark upon the world stage if offered the opportunity.

It has been granted to him– and as expected, he has made a giant mess out of the entire situation. Still, he did one smart thing. He bought the media so that the truth would never be communicated to the people of Canada.

Jordan Peterson has the smarts to recognize all of this. As such, when compelled to adhere to a Covid edict from Justin Trudeau, he has this to say:

“You’d have to kill me first.”

An intelligent fellow, indeed.

68 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson On Trudeau’s Vaccine Edict: “You’d Have To Kill Me First””

  1. Jordan Peterson is one of the smartest outspoken Canadians ever. You are exactly right about Trudeau and his father. He has surrounded himself with more of this same type of useless under achievers in his Cabinets than anyone else in all of Canadian Political history!

  2. Don’t waste a booster vaccination on Jordan Peterson. If he becomes ill with COVID- 19, let him take his chances at home. No 911, no hospital.

    • He is a far far better man than Trudope could ever hope or imagine to be.

      He has alreadydivested the virus of fear and fear mongering and i agree with JP wholeheartedly. I would not go to any hospital if I became ill as they are full of covid fear monger who do not recognize self autonomy or sovereignty – unfortunately and stupidly I have paying my taxes for nearly 50 years to support AHS.

    • Ya don’t wast the boosters for the first four shots that do and did nothing to stop the spread. Lol!

      Just one shot and we get back to normal. Funny their website was already set up for 8 shots when they were pushing the first one as the only one needed. Imagine that. Lol!

      Since only the so called vaccinated can travel over sea’s some unvaccinated person must have walked from South Africa to spread that new variant across north america in under a week. Couldn’t have been the vaccinated that spread it across the globe in under a week. Lol! After the South African doctor that first discovered this variation announced to the world that it seems to spread much faster but the good news is it only leads to sore throats and mild discomfort.

      So that unvaccinated spreader must have made it much stronger in their travels walking across the globe since our fearless leaders now say it’s much worse so get the shots or the world is over. Lol! Sore throat and mild discomfort? Hey that sounds like that old Corona virus.

      You know the COMMON COLD. Lol! The mindless masses gather around the Hollywood Tabloid style so called mainstream news outlets for their daily personal programming. Good luck with that. Lol!

    • Spoken like a true Branch Covidian! You have a better chance staying home with the flu. All the doctors and nurses are paid off or fired. I would not go near a hospital…it’s a death trap waiting to kill you off. I have 100% chance of survival from adverse side affects from the experimental bio-weapon if I DON’T get it and a 99.97% survival rate from catching the flu now called Covid.

    • I am guessing that Jordan Peterson has already put things in place to combat the virus. And there is many prophylactics proven to work better than the vaccine and with more efficacy.I mean he’s not a dumb person!

    • Without being too rude, i would happily get covid any day over taking a bio engineered weapon designed in the manner that this has been.

      I equally would die for anyone including fools who dont know what they are talking about and only use the mainstream media as their education source for making such important decisions about health and freedom. I also will happily not bother with wasting a 911 call ( which btw is not really working so well these days!? wonder why!!??? ) nor would I tie up a hospital bed or icu unit when there are clearly way way more important things happening.

      But, by all means sir – referring to Mr Allardyce, you go ahead and judge anyone for questioning the validity of this lie.

    • right. and if my overweight neighbour who never exercises calls with chest pains, ignore him too. entirely preventable, and a personal choice resulting in poor health.

    • You are an idiot if you believe Trudeau is a better man than Jordan Peterson! Trudeau should have been charged when he had sexual relations with a young girl that attended the school he was a teacher at!

    • It only kills 1% of the people and they have comorbidity. If you go to the hospital you are sure to not ever come out. Especially specially if they give you oxygen.
      I’m sure Jordan knows that.

    • No worries, he doesn’t want it, as he clearly stated. You can keep your precious boosters and all of the illness and death that comes with it. But don’t say you weren’t warned when the inevitable occurs.

    • Bruce I agree… with all these choices available… I say, Pick One & Shut up!
      Who has time to argue? Do what you think is best for you? We all make changes with all the added stress, which doesn’t help anyone either.

    • How about no Hospital for you if you should fall ill due to the shot???? You would be a willing lab rat so thats your choice…..stay at home and deal with it

      • Totally agree! Would they say that to an AIDS person, black, moslem.
        Hope the shot ( which has actually been proven not to work) starts making them sick. Oops no hospital for them.

  3. Sir, its not the people from the west that voting for this moron its all of his people he is bringing into our country and the people from Eastern Canada, SASK, and Alberta did not vote for the loser, he hates the western provinces.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Most seats are in Toronto and area. Guess where all the immigrants live that he’s bringing in. Also, guess why he’s bringing them in by the plane loads? Dirty prick. To think, they wacked JFK.

  4. Ivermectin is a far superior cure for covid than the poison vaccines they are forcing people to take.Just Google Ivermectin for the world and see the truth.

    • Most people who are paying attention know about Ivermectin. You just can’t get it in Canada, unless you want to try the horse paste, or know someone in another Country who can send you some.

      • If you don’t know, you don’t know,I guess ?
        Ivermectin comes in a liquid for farm use as well, and is virtually identical to the “human grade” that has been administered to over a THIRD of the worlds population !!
        I use the liquid Ivermectin myself, so I’m not just pontificating here !

    • I’m not not jabbed, I’m a very healthy 75-yr-old woman, haven’t had the flu since the year 2000. If I feel symptoms, I will not get tested, will not go to the hospital but will stay at home and treat myself with Ivermectin that I ordered online. I will remain a “pure blood” until I die or they take me to prison.

  5. But of course! The only way one can fight for freedom, is to sacrifice one’s life in defense of freedom. This has happened throughout history. And I have said the exact same thing to my wife, my children and to my Socialist brother. One can live under tyranny and be enslaved, or fight to the death so that our future will be reminded that freedom is given, but demanded.

  6. Buying off the CBC and other MSM throughout the country has contributed to the Liberal Totalitarianism we are seeing today. Whatever happened to the critical thinking Canadians is beyond explanation. The opposition parties have failed miserably each without direction!

  7. Jordan Peterson has my respect, and JT has nothing but my utmost loathing – thank you JP for your honest pursuit and diligence for truth and freedom.

    • You are most welcome–for Newsweek to cover this, and all Canadian media to ignore it speaks to the media bubble Trudeau has created as an element of his Woke Revolution.

  8. Jordan Peterson is double vaxxed but at least he even knows abd speaks up.hand in hand vaxed and unvaxxed will be more common than people think

  9. Wormwood root extract in dropper form is an ivermectin derivative which can be bought at most natural health food stores until our PM figures that out too and bans its use from the human race.

    What has been manufactured and spread is the s-spike protein, HIV, sars-cov2 and varicella encapsulated in a nanopartical (neurotoxin) along with the other sinister stuff in the mandated kill shot. No EXISTANCE WORLD WIDE OF THIS COVID VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN PURELY ISOLATED…THIS IS ALL A LIE BASED ON FEAR AND COMPLIANCE.

  10. Bruce Allardyce you should be ashamed of yourself, it is a very sad day for Canadians when people like you have so much hatred. You are obviously brainwashed to believe that these vaccines works, they obviously do not work when all the Omicron variant is from those with the jabb. This hatred against people who do not want an experimental gene therapy is out of control. The division, this is creating, is unacceptable. The truth is coming out, will come out and there will be heads a rolling.

  11. Bruce Allardyce you should be ashamed of yourself, it is very sad to see so much hatred coming from the vaccination-ed people. Omicron is coming from all the vaccinated people, how can that be, because the unvaccinated are not allowed most places. Sending love to Bruce, and prayer.

  12. Jordan Peterson is smart, yes, but this isn’t rocket science and is very easy to understand.

    It’s just that Canadians don’t want to see the obvious: that we created it by voting for it over and over again since at least the 1990s. Now the lefties waking-up get distracted by vaccine nanobot carbon fibre 5G lizard alien eggs so they can avoid facing the elephant in the room, that they created this mess.

    Most will never face-up to that, people whom have never been held accountable for anything will not suddenly come to their senses overnight.

  13. Tip of an iceberg..

    Liars, THIEVES.

    I work in global relations.. everything from the churches, THE JUSTICE SYSTEM to the grocery store is as dirty as whore house.

  14. As long as there is breath in my body, the answer will be “I do not consent”. However, before the gov’t bulldozes my body into the mass grave they are free to put as much of that garbage in my corpse as they like.

  15. PM Trudeau is mentally ill and dangerously so. No one will see it until he legislates the mass imprisonment of the experimental vax resisters and their families.


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