Jagmeet Singh Preaches Prejudice Against Anglophones At Trucker Protest

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“Today Conservative MPs have endorsed a convoy led by those that claim the superiority of the wh*te bloodline and equate Islam to a dis*ase.”

So states NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh in regards to the massive trucker protest taking place in Ottawa this weekend. A fair statement? Of course it isn’t. What is displayed in this action can be encapsulated by a single word: desperation.

A feeling of being threatened is what motivates a political leader to spout such extreme nonsense. The demarcation is found in whether Singh’s condemnation speaks to the general beliefs of the protestors.

People believe a lot of different things. There aren’t enough seconds in a day to count the variety of attitudes maintained within a crowd of thousands. Put any crowd of this size together, and you will find countless outlandish and illogical belief systems among the participants.

Out of two thousand Canadians, you may find a few who believe in hardcore right-wing ideology. These people do not represent the general attitude of the gathering.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has thrown this concept in the trash bin. Instead, he moves directly to the periphery of the protest, drawing conclusions and throwing around stereotypes based on the actions of the very few.

It’s a calculated method of vilification. So much so it may qualify as hate speech in itself. Not that mainstream media will ever allude to the possibility.

How about we lay our cards on the table: Jagmeet Singh wants the truckers convoy to fail. Like his ideological partner-in-crime Justin Trudeau, the NDP leader is desperate to maintain the post-modern Canadian status quo.

How does one define this condition? Cultural Action Party point to the basics:

— One must consider their country racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

— Pride in country is anathema.

— Where pride does exist, it must be limited to “racialized” communities and homosexuals.

— Anglophones are the source of all of Canada’s social problems.

To venture outside the self-hatred bubble is to bring on the wrath of our controlling institutions. Aligned in ideology, government, media and our academic world maintain an inverted prejudice toward our communities.

The truckers are now challenging the purveyors of inverted racism. Hence Jagmeet Singh’s absurd prostrations. Sensible citizens have a handle on the Canadian condition. We know the general “vibe” of our people is one of moderation. Patience has been our virtue. We want nothing more than to exist as a peaceful society– but we have been pushed beyond our limit.

Can the same be said for Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau? Or rather is there a dedication to stirring up social dust lingering at the core of their beings?

Let’s be honest– Mr. Singh’s “superiority of the wh*te bloodline” accusation is hollow as hell. Like Justin Trudeau, he just wants everything his way. First and foremost a maintenance of everything the truckers convoy is speaking out against.

CAP think Jagmeet Singh is the hateful one. The general population only want what they were accustomed to until Justin Trudeau became prime minister–a free and democratic Canada.

13 thoughts on “Jagmeet Singh Preaches Prejudice Against Anglophones At Trucker Protest”

  1. Anything Jugmeathead says is irrelevant, does anyone even listen to that clown. Funny isnt it the 2 worst leaders in Canadian history have to resort to racism the moment things dont go there way.
    What a disgrace Resign now Jugmeathead !

    • Go home if you dont like the English speaking. We were here before you were! Actually the indigenous were first.
      So treat them better, Do as you say that they would. Get the drinkable water. How would you like tp drink dirty gross water .
      Its people like yourself that causes hatred in some Canadians.
      The truckers have only brought love and Unity back in to the Canadians , We only want FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!

  2. Good Morning People
    Who are the people in your neighborhood?
    Who are the Facist people in your neighborhood??
    Who are the progressive left wing nuts in your neighborhood???

  3. We can expect no less from this loathsome man. Yesterday–Saturday–I got caught up in several hours of convoy video footage. A blissful escape from Trudeau’s horrid; artificial “Canada.” People lined up beside highways; numbering in the hundreds and thousands. Flags waving; horns honking; people cheering. Ordinary; love-of-country Canadians. Veterans; children; young and old. City to city; a convoy reaching almost ninety miles.

    I watched drone footage of the celebrations–It sure seemed like a celebration. The main artery into–and through–downtown Ottawa was jammed w/ thousands of people; almost shoulder to shoulder. Parliament Hill was covered w/ people; it seemed like more than July 1st.

    All day, and well into the evening….Horns freely blaring; fireworks exploding brightly into the night sky. It was exhilarating; energizing; a sight to behold. Trucks of all sizes and shapes; packed together; mile after mile. I watched members of an Algonquin First Nations band doing a circle dance; the Elders making an infectious beat w/ their drums.

    Why? In support of freedom. In support of the truckers. The news media in the rest of the world looks on w/ respect, and in awe–Canada is standing tall, and leading the charge for freedom. As one news anchor aptly reported: I think that most Canadians have simply had a stomach full of Trudeau et al–And want their freedom–THEIR country–Back. The Canadian truckers have galvanized Canadians, and given us a loud voice. The spiteful Trudeau and Singh be damned.

  4. Why is this racist terrorist POG even allowed to be in politics? This country has gone to hell because of all the non Canadian haters in our parliament!

    • It always amazes me how people can point the finger at “white anglophones” for all of the world’s problems. Truth is racism exists all over the world in all cultures: are there not racist Sikhs, Tamils, Somali’s, Ethiopians, Chinese, Japanese? Pointing a finger at one group is the very definition of racism….

      But as for the actual topic, I was at the rally on the 29th. Lot’s of happy people, lots of folks of all cultures handing out free food, tons of kids, and a lot of Truckers thanking people for showing up. Yes, there was the smell of marijuana too (there’s a pot-shop on every corner now…thanks to Justin), but it was a very happy, positive and energized group. If there were white-supremicists, I did not see them. Reading the “news” on CBC and other sites is shocking, almost like they were at a different protest.

      Shame on Jagmeet for milking the racism card, but his only relevance is in propping up Trudeau. What exactly does his party stand for again?

  5. I am a 57 year white male born and raised in Canada. I feel like a refugee in my own Country because of Trudeau and Singh. No fault of my own other than my colour, reverse racism. I guess it’s time to cash out and move to Mexico 🇲🇽


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