Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau Promoting Khalistani Revolution: Report

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TFI Global Canada describe themselves as an investigative media organization dedicated to “Decoding The Great White North.” They are a Canadian subsidiary of TFI Media Group, a company which runs India’s content platform The Frustrated Indian (TFI).

According to their website, every month over 8 million people read articles published on English and Hindi websites of TFI Media and roughly 30 million people watch videos published by TFI. As such, accusations of “white supremacy” are futile. 

Here is an excerpt of what their Hindu host has to say about Canada, PM Justin Trudeau and NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh:

“The Khalistan movement in Canada is spearheaded by Jagmeet Singh, proven Khalistani leader of New Democratic Party.”

“On matters of national security including Khalistani terrorism it is an open secret that Jagmeet Singh is the one controlling the strings of the Trudeau administration.”

“Denying Singh a visa, the Indian government accused him of misusing the human rights cause to pursue his insidious agenda of disturbing the social fabric of India.”

Islamists and Khalistanis call the shots here[in Canada], and leaders like Justin Trudeau keep pandering to them. For Canadian Conservatives, it’s time to wake up, otherwise we will see the proud nation of Canada come crashing down.”

The report offers a stern warning for the people of our nation. No wonder it will never be viewed by 99% of Canadians.

Click On This Link To Watch The Video Report.

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