Jagmeet Singh Calls Out White Supremacy, Demands Internet Censorship

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In the 1990’s, comedy lovers flocked in droves to watch Canadian Mike Myers in his Austin Powers movie trilogy. In terms of political analogies, one character in particular tweaked CAP’s interest. It arrived in the form of a height-challenged figure called “Mini-Me.”

A knock-off of the lead character, Mini-Me dedicated himself to replicating the behaviour of boss-man Mr. Powers.

Turns out the same dynamic is found with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and his relationship with Liberal PM Justin Trudeau. In terms of branding Canada racist and homophobic, the NDP apple doesn’t fall far from the Liberal tree.

Like our ruling PM, Jagmeet Singh has some serious hatred for our country. He says Canada has a huge problem with white supremacy, as well as “Islamophobia.”

Singh stated as much as much at a National Canadian Council of Muslims Town Hall event in 2019.

Together, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have re-branded our nation to their liking. It’s a privilege with a grand design. As they say, “timing is everything.”

It occurred the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister. In an instant, Canada was transitioned to a hate-based society for the purpose of a re-imaging of our political landscape. The PM’s dirt-tossing has remained front-and-centre ever since.

Not that our history has changed. Rather, it comes down to interpretation. The point is not that Canada is devoid of historical bigotry. All nations experience such a thing in one form or another. Rather, it’s a leveraging of history by Canada-bashers like Jagmeet Singh which contribute to what CAP branded Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

“I’m committed to standing up for people by confronting online hate and Islamophobia, said Singh.

What a shock. Like PM Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh wants to shut us up. The “us” being all those who refuse to bow to a form of Liberal fundamentalism. We are today “the damned”— those who have been shunned, stamped with a racist tattoo, and shipped to the bottom of our social barrel.

Can Canada be considered the strangest country on the planet? CAP think so– for good reason. No other western democracy is dedicated to beating the crap out of itself like the dying Great White North. Call it an inverse effect: the more a prominent politician trashes Canadian identity and heritage, the higher they go up our political totem pole.

CAP has a word for this. We call it “unnatural.” As in, non-organic, and a literal impossibility within a healthy democracy. Which, under control of our minority Liberal government, Canada most surely is not.

In what other countries do we discover this brand of socio-political masochism? The United States has some of it, as do various Western European countries. Still, no nation indulges in self-flagellation like Trudeau and Singh’s “no core identity” Canada.

Make no mistake– every bit of it is pre-conceived. Politicians like these are leading Canada straight down the drainpipe for the purpose of re-inventing society.

Jagmeet Singh announces New Democratic Party commitments to tackle racism, including Islamophobia, with action. They include:

  • Making social media platforms responsible for removing hateful and extremist content.
  • Boosting enforcement against hate crimes with dedicated hate crimes units.
  • Passing a federal law to ban carding.

Translation: Jagmeet Singh is every bit as neo-communist as Trudeau. Sure, some may look at this as “doing the best for society.” This is what the twin-towers of wokism want us to believe. Media want the very same.

All this activity results in a restriction of freedom of speech and communist-style censorship. Marxist Playbook, Rule #88: always position the removal of individual rights as a benefit to the public. Anyone else notice how Justin Trudeau always surrounds such edicts with “we are taking these steps as a matter of public safety.”

It’s a lark. Trudeau’s “public safety” is an erasure of free speech and individual rights. Keep it going for long enough, and witness our country transition to a bonafide authoritarian state.

It was in the cards from the moment Justin Trudeau was crowned globalist King of Canada. Knowing he may need assistance in achieving his goals, political Mini-Me  Jagmeet Singh was brought in to augment the Woke Liberal agenda. Both men are members of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum

Meet Jagmeet Singh, back-up quarterback for Trudeau end-run around democratic governance. Truly, it’s a match made in post-modern heaven.

16 thoughts on “Jagmeet Singh Calls Out White Supremacy, Demands Internet Censorship”

  1. What other country in the free world has a senior government representative that is banned in another free country after being labeled a terrorist???
    Maybe we could offer Jagmeet and see if anyone wants him …..

  2. My comments seem to get censored off this forum. Here is another try;

    Jimmy Singh is a thug with a law degree who supports the free state of Khalistan.

  3. I stated in an earlier comment I was being censored in here. My apologies to Brad and all!

    The posts just come up a we bit later that i expected.

    Just think what will happen to the First Nations when the Sikhs take power. Could Jimmy and the sword swinging clan want some of the taxpayers cash back to fund … you know … the project in India. Canada to these 3rd world ingrates is just a piggy bank with unlimited funds.

  4. As soon as turbaned Wonder-Boy Singh realizes we all get to stand on our own two feet as free and sovereign individuals, then might he understand what he allows for himself, that he gets to wear his head-dress because he is free and sovereign too!

    I don’t know much about the Sikhs, but my experience with them is best exemplified when as a parks dep’t worker, our crew came into contact with a business adjoining a city park which was named THE OTHER BROTHERS, owned and operated by those of a special and select group, Sikhs. Think of the implied effect of those words…

    So, it’s obvious that Jagmeet Singh calling out White Supremacy would allow his own type a means of advancing the status of Sikhism in Canada to the detriment of that of Old Stock Canadians. Afterall, is he not a purveyor of Brown Supremacism in his desire to supplant Canadian culture with a new and preferred great replacement!

    Back to George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM in which some animals are more equal than others, Singh can get up on two legs and spout his distaste of the existing order, that is what White people have established.

    Rule #88 levelled against the freedom-loving people of the traditional order of Old Stock Canadians is good in Jagmeet’s world, but how if you censor Whites and their legitimate aspirations, would you not be infringing on basic human rights? Why just go after one racial group and not be equally opposed to others?

    I get it, some animals are more equal than others! Wear a turban and be a non-White, and you get to stand on your own two feet!
    Elsewise, be Turdeau and one of his many hangers-on such that WEF types are the only ones standing on two feet while the rest of us are to grovel on all four limbs.

    • “It’s obvious that Jagmeet Singh calling out White Supremacy would allow his own type a means of advancing the status of Sikhism in Canada to the detriment of that of Old Stock Canadians.”

      Exactly. And Animal Farm tells the story of Trudeau’s transference of Canada to a socialist dictatorship. It’s bang on, in fact.

  5. The leadership of Canada and the US have nothing else to offer the people because of their inept and poor economic plan for growth. Printing billions of dollars to take from the people is not an economic plan but inflation. So to change the narrative both leftist leaders running US and Canada are calling their opposition racist, bigots and white supremacist. Since they know their unpopular socialistic plans would not work with out forced dictatorship. So blame you as the problem is their only alternative.

  6. Thanks Brad — I erred and apologised to yourself and members of the forum.

    Your posts and your writing prowess have reflected my thoughts and feelings re Castro’s son and his 3rd world cabinet. tRUDEAU IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE —- think I’ll get a T-shirt that says that.

    Salute =S=

  7. Mr Singh might consider a one way ticket to India where he will not have to deal with all these white people who built one of the greatest countries in the world.
    It really pays to keep playing the race card.
    They make money from it,.lots and lots of money
    I hear India is a great place to live, Mr Modi
    is such a fine leader

  8. Trudeau, Singh and the rest of their cronies are pulling the racist card and scapegoating nonsense to further create their divide and conquer agenda. Governments that intentionally break apart families, friends, and create internal conflicts do so to take total control. WE must all unite, and stop this crap. Stop buying into their game, by uniting all citizens we can piss those other idiots off big time and beat them at their own game. They’re playing Chess and RISK, they’re fools!


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