Jagmeet Singh Brands Canada Racist As 16 Sikhs Sit In Parliament

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“The reality is, our Canada is a place of racism, of violence.”

  NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, June 14th 2021.

Sixteen Sikh-Canadians are current members of parliament. With a population of over a billion, India has 13 Sikh MP’s. It is on this basis that New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh brands Canada racist and genocidal.

On a provincial level, the World Sikh Organization proudly proclaim the number of Sikhs in the house:

Ontario: Parm Gill, Amarjot Sandu, Prabmeet Singh, Gurratan Singh.

British Columbia: Jas Johal, Rachna Singh, Niki Sharma, Ravi Khalon, Harry Bains, Raj Chouhan.

Manitoba: Diljeet Bear, Mintu Sandhu ; Alberta: Rajan Sawhnev, Peter Singh, Devinder Toor.

Canadian Sikhs number roughly 500,000 people and account for roughly 1.4% of Canada’s population. Not only is this the most dramatic instance of political over-representation in our country. It is likely the most extreme on a world-wide level.

In late 2021, an unprecedented event occurred  in Alberta, Canada. Sikh-Canadian candidates won in both the Calgary and Edmonton mayoral elections.

Jhoti Gondek is the first Sikh-Canadian to become mayor of Calgary. She takes over from Naheed Nenshi, three-time winner as mayor of Alberta’s largest city. As a Canadian of Ismaili descent, Nenshi is a leading supporter of Muslim rights in Canada.

On the very same night, Edmonton mayor Don Iveson was replaced by Amarjeet Sohi,  former member of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet. It well appears Edmontonians have done a complete about-face. Or have they?

Federal Liberal MP candidates failed to win a single seat in Alberta in the 2019 election. In 2021, they managed to elect two MP’s. From all points of view, Alberta is an anti-Liberal province. After which ex-Liberal MP Amarjeet Singh is elected as mayor of Edmonton.

A rather curious development, no? But not as perplexing as a related political phenomenon: how is it that Canada can be continuously branded “systemically racist” on this basis?

“Systemic racism is an issue right across the country, in all our institutions, including in all our police forces, including in the RCMP.”

— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Sikh-Canadian MP winners in the 2021 federal election:

Harjit Sajjan, Jagmeet Singh, Randeep Singh Sarai, Tim Uppal, Jasraj Hallan, George Chahal, Anju Dhillon, Maninder Sidhu, Sonia Sidhu, Kamal Khera, Ruby Sahota, Bardish Chagger, Anita Anand, Sukh Dhaliwal, Iqwinder Gaheer, Parm Bains.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a prominent civil liberties & advocacy organization, testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee regarding its study on systemic racism and religious discrimination.

“The federal government should pass legislation requiring the public service to collect, analyse, act on, and report on race data in order to identify disproportionate service provisions and detect signs of systemic discrimination.”

Bringing about a most salient question: how can the NCCM advance these accusations when a plethora of evidence suggests the opposite is true?

Answer: Because they can. Because multiculturalism, diversity and woke culture control our society. We are living in Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Logic, data, statistics be damned. Trudeau’s woke revolution deals strictly in emotion. It is the emotional aspect that wins in the political realm– not fact– or heaven forbid, any form of truth.

Under these circumstances politicians can keep on accusing, multicultural organizations can keep on demanding, and 3rd world journalists in mainstream media can keep complaining.

There is a word for the phenomenon: insatiability. This lies at the core of Canada’s diversity agenda. No level of satisfaction is to be achieved. In this we find what has not once been considered by Canadian media or academia:

Where does it stop?

The simple answer is– it doesn’t, and never will. There is no “ceiling” for  Multiculturalism. No point of satisfaction has ever been defined. A demarcation of the point at which ethnic equality has been achieved does not exist. As such, the diversity agenda can roll on forever. Trudeau knows it, Jagmeet Singh knows it, media never speak of it.

Will a time arrive when government’s quest for social equality will result in social inequality against “Old Stock” Canadians?  Could society eventually “flip over” as Anglophones  replace “racialized’ Canadians as the oppressed communities of our country? CAP believe PM Trudeau wants this very badly.

Thus, we arrive at the crux of the issue: the policy of multiculturalism as forced upon Canada by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau is punitive in nature. For the purveyors of the Justin Trudeau’s woke revolution, it is now pay-back time.

The fact that the guilty parties are long-deceased is irrelevant. Emotion– not logic– rules in Trudeau transformation land. The very same exists in all neo-totalitarian seductions of society.

5 thoughts on “Jagmeet Singh Brands Canada Racist As 16 Sikhs Sit In Parliament”

  1. The greatest amount of racism in Canada is now directed against white people by various left wing groups and the federal government is cheerleading.

  2. Jimmy the Jag Sing. A full patch supporter of the free state of Khalistan. Many Sikhs, through the gurdwaras funnel money to this terrorist cause. The facade of the friendly temple where you might get a free samosa is all part of the sham. Do the RCMP turn a blind eye to the weapons stored in these temples — you betcha. Notice the number of Sikhs in the RCMP.
    To serve and protect —- REALLY?


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