Jagmeet Singh Backs Khalistan Independence, Brands Canada Racist

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This week, Ripudaman Singh Malik, a Sikh-Canadian acquitted in the Air India bombing which killed 329 people, was shot dead in Surrey, British Columbia. 

On 23 June 1985, Air India Flight 182 disintegrated in mid-air en route from Montreal to London over the Atlantic Ocean, resulting from an explosion of a bomb allegedly planted by Canadian Sikh militants.

The remnants of the airliner fell into the ocean 190 kilometres southwest of the tip of Ireland, killing all aboard: 329 people, including 268 Canadians, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens. The bombing of Air India Flight 182 is the largest mass killing in Canadian history. 

As it happens, Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh maintains a curious relationship with pro-Khalistani forces. OpIndia Media offer their take:

“Jagmeet Singh is known for his support for Khalistani terrorists and has openly voiced his support for the anti-Indian Khalistanis in Canada.”

In 2014, the Indian government denied Jagmeet Singh a visa to visit India, based on an “insidious agenda of disturbing the social fabric of India and undermining the peace, harmony and territorial integrity of India”. Singh is the first western legislator ever to be denied entry into the country.

In June of 2015, Jagmeet Singh appeared on stage at a Khalistan rally in San Francisco featuring a large poster of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, a Khalistani terrorist who led an armed movement against India.

In 2016, the NDP Party Leader participated in a pro-Khalistani seminar and endorsed the use of political violence as a legitimate form of resistance to achieve an independent Sikh homeland in India.”

To say that Canada has undergone political transformation over the past decade is the understatement of the century. Away from media spin and subterfuge, astute Canadian recognize the following:

Our country being is controlled by a partnership agreement between two individuals. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is described as a “totalitarian despot” by Canadian journalist Lorne Guntner. Integrating authoritarianism into society is his speciality. An advocate of communism in China and Cuba, Trudeau’s entire family have been supporters of Fidel Castro and Mao Tse Tung.

Jagmeet Singh, responsible for locking in Justin Trudeau for an additional three years to total ten years in office, has an equally sketchy political career.

Much of it found in his attitude toward our country. While advocating for an independent state for Sikhs, Mr. Singh doesn’t think much of Canada’s history as an independent country.

In terms of truckers who gathered at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa earlier in the year, Singh branded them people with an extreme right-wing ideology.”

The New Democratic Party leader considers Canada a racist and genocidal nation:

“Anytime you think of unmarked mass graves, you think of a distant country where a genocide has happened. This is not a distant country, this is here in Canada, and the genocide was against Indigenous people. And it is a genocide that is ongoing.”

That’s genocidal at this very moment. By now, Canadians should be used to the chicanery. Time was when the unthinkable existed: federal party leaders actually took pride in their country. Remember the good old days when prime ministers and party leaders cultivated positive feelings about Canadian society?

Today, this is as much of a dinosaur as Jean Charest running for leader of the Conservative Party. What qualifications are essential for political success in 2022?

Qualifying candidates must hate Canadian history. They must consider Canadian-born citizens racists and bigots. It is essential to maintain a position that everything of non-European origin is righteous, while Old Stock Canadians despise homosexuals and transsexuals.

Do this and more, and receive a gold star from mainstream media. CBC and the rest endorse you in every way, while withholding elements of criticism.

This is the format that Jagmeet Singh falls into. Why media behave in this manner is one of society’s great curiosities. Probably has something to do with money. Reducing the NDP parliamentary seat count from 46 to 25 seats over his tenure, Jagmeet Singh remains golden boy of media.

“In February, 2016,  Jagmeet Singh. then-deputy leader of the Ontario NDP,  shared a stage with NSYF co-founder Shamsher Singh and another Sikh homeland advocate, Harwinder Singh Mander.”

The youth leader spoke about the superiority of our[Sikh] culture, our language and our ideal” and said his cause “endorses violence as a legitimate form of resistance and survival.”

Jagmeet Singh is fully on-board– while propagating Canadian inferiority from the moment he became NDP party leader.

“The objective of an explicit Sikh narrative is sovereignty as a nation,” the youth activist said.

National sovereignty for Khalistan. In terms of Canadian sovereignty, Jagmeet Singh has nothing but scorn.

9 thoughts on “Jagmeet Singh Backs Khalistan Independence, Brands Canada Racist”

  1. Singh and sycophants including Trudeau have turned their backs on all Canadians! No respect for our country! The greatest country on earth! Yet we let them rule! Why? Do you not Love your country? If you do then the time for action is now! Vote these people out!

    • “Vote these people out!” ??
      Do you really think that voting for anyone within the Canadian uni-partys matter ?
      Don’t waste Your time on falsehood and hope.
      It’s all planned out years beforehand who will be the next pinocchios for the Geppetto Rockerfellers.

  2. The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth…all in One Article, now that’s what you call real Journalism.

    If Canadians don’t wake up soon, all will be lost to tyranny.

  3. “The Democratic Socialist Republic of [Canada], [massacred] for the better part of the past two [years] primarily by the [Singh/Trudeau] family, [will begin] to run out of food, medicine, oil fuels, natural gas, and nearly every other basic good by March, [2023,] the result of lavish government spending and the imposition of “green” policies that banned chemical fertilizer use.”

    An altered quote from http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/in-case-you-were-wondering-why-inflation-has-started-to-spiral-wildly-out-of-control/

    • Could not agree more, but notice how Trudeau blames everyone else but himself for his woke arrogance as ‘Budgets balance themselves’ and the liberals economic ideologies implode our country as he uses the BoC as his personal piggy bank.

      Blaming Canadians for a so called overheated economy while shutting down major industries for the sake of green wokeism is total bull crap! Putin is just a distraction and an excuse for Trudeau’s out-of-control spending and unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates.

  4. Ragmeet Singh is a terrorist supporter. So in his mind anyone who doesn’t support terrorism is a racist. He needs his terrorist loving ass thrown out of office.


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