Jagmeet Singh: A One Trick Pony Act To Prop Up Justin Trudeau

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One-Trick Pony


  1. “a person or thing considered as being limited to only one single talent, capability, quality, etc.”

According to the Canadian parliamentary system, a federal party leader acts as the official representative of the party and provides leadership in Parliament. Party leaders, also called floor leaders, serve as the spokesperson for their party’s positions on the issues and coordinate their respective legislative strategies.

What they do not do is work for their direct competitor and the party they hope to replace when forming a federal government.

In this capacity, the pattern has been broken. In PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, has transitioned his role to that of back-up quarterback for PM Trudeau in his  bid to re-weave the social and political fabric of our nation.

Mainstream media won’t tell you, but this is the true meaning of a signed document euphemistically called a “Confidence and Supply” agreement, inked by Trudeau and Singh in late 2022.

CAP has our own interpretation, typically sardonic in presentation. “Confidence” means that Mr. Trudeau can rest reasonably well at night knowing that Jagmeet Singh has guaranteed an extension of neo-communist control of Canada till late 2025.

“Supply” means that Mr. Singh and the NDP have supplied enough political power to the Liberals to facilitate the success of the partnership.

Though unprecedented, political pundits may comprehend reasons why. It might occur, for example, when a leader serves no actual purpose for the party he leads.

Not only is Jagmeet Singh’s role in Canadian politics singular in nature. The futility of his leadership has reduced the man to a singular form of political behaviour.

Simply put, his job is to whine and complain about Liberal policy, while at the same time, ensuring they will not be removed from office.

Witness as Jagmeet whines about health care. See Jagmeet whine about housing shortages. Bitch, complain, criticize, condemn. Isn’t it the oddest thing? The New Democratic Party  hold a mere 7% of seats in Parliament, yet maintain the power to keep Canada locked in a prison of woke Liberal policy.

Democracy in action? Barely. Then again, it’s the post-modern way. That’s the thing about Justin Trudeau. He doesn’t adhere to fundamentals of democracy as much as he and his backroom schemers work to circumvent democracy, sucking the life out of the political structure in the process.

As far as Jagmeet Singh is concerned, he was an odd-ball selection for party leader from the get-go.

Media has never spilled the beans on Singh’s ascension to leftist right-hand man of Justin Trudeau. The politician was literally parachuted into a Vancouver suburb in order to secure a seat as a member of Parliament. Lacking tangible connection to the riding, within two months of arrival the MP seat had been secured. Perhaps it helped that next to white-minority Richmond, the suburb of Burnaby is the most 3rd World-oriented riding in Greater Vancouver Area.

From MP to NDP Party leader was another hop, skip and jump. As reported by CBC News, Singh raised 53 per cent of all the money collected by the four candidates. His support was largely drawn from his home region of the Greater Toronto Area, which alone represented two-thirds of his fundraising.

How fascinating. For one thing, who knew that community members in the Greater Toronto Area– meaning Sikh-Canadian stronghold Brampton—  cared so deeply about election results 4000 km away in Vancouver?

Such were the sketchy circumstances surrounding Jagmeet Singh’s rise to the top of the NDP Party totem pole. Once he got there, he began to indulge in a hobby shared by PM Justin Trudeau: playing the “race card” against those who ideologically oppose his brand of globalist politics.

According to New Indian Express, the NDP leader has more than once openly voiced his support for Sikh separatists in Canada, earning him the tag of being “pro-Khalistan.”

In 2013, Singh was denied a visa to India for criticizing New Delhi’s human rights record, in turn becoming the first western legislator ever to be denied entry into the country.

Jagmeet Singh’s dedication to Sikh politics in undeniable. As for Canada, the man shares Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s scorn toward the colonial founding of our nation.

We tally up the results. Jagmeet Singh works for the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, our Sikh communities, as well as an independent Khalistan. The Sikh community in Brampton, Ontario supplied nearly all the funding for the NDP leader’s pursuit of a seat in Parliament in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mr. Singh has, at various times, accused Canada of genocide toward our Indigenous population, while First Nations is currently one of Canada’s fastest growing identifiable communities.

As with Justin, Mr. Jagmeet maintains an animus toward English Canada, Anglophones and Canadians of European heritage.

What a long, strange trip it has been from the days of a nascent NDP Party founded by Tommy Douglas.  A Scottish Canadian who served as Premier of Saskatchewan from 1944 to 1961, Mr. Douglas was leader of the New Democratic Party from 1961 to 1971.

This salt-of-the earth founder of universal medicare would be turning in his grave if he were to witness the transformation within his party.

When Singh began his leadership run with the NDP on October 1st, 2017, the party held 46 seats in the house. Today, five years later, they hold 25 seats. In truth, the party leader has brought the NDP nowhere but down.

Upon which we tally up the total extent of legacy media criticism of Mr. Singh. Are you ready? There is none. 

Why would it be that a politician with this kind of portfolio would escape the wrath of media in totality? CAP will go first:

Because Jagmeet Singh was planted and fast-tracked into his leadership position– that’s why. He’s supposed to be there, as commissioned by those who hold the power in our country: non-Canadians of the globalist/WEF variety.

The NDP caucus had no choice. Singh was chosen for the political horse-race in advance. Despite failing at the role, he’s still running down the political racetrack.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette,Toronto Sun, Brampton Guardian.

Notice a consistency? None of them ever suggest that it’s time to replace the turbaned one with a new leader. What does it take– a text from World Economic Forum CEO Klaus Schwab to get the removal process rolling?

The one-trick pony that is Jagmeet Singh’s political career should be called out for what it is:

Another in a series of manipulations within our federal political circus. At centre stage, the “Justin & Jagmeet” show, harbingers of Canada’s socio-political degeneration toward authoritarian state status.

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  1. May as well pair Jughead w/ the dishonorable S. Gargoyle. He can accompany Gargoyle; on his forthcoming nefarious trip to China; where they can help the CCP secure more fossil fuel sources of energy. Get those oil and coal trains a rollin’ out of Alberta; their “dirty” contents en route to the gigantic nation that devours coal. “I hear those trains a-comin’/They’re rolling ’round the bend….” Johnny Cash, “Folsom Prison Blues”.

    Here’s a Woke idea for them: Set up China as the worlds’ first “green” country. The streets of China already swarm with cyclists; they should be pleased w/ furthering the greening of a country with unbreathable air. Can’t see the sun some days; just thick haze. Wait–Bill Gates wants to block the sun! Attention!! Climate emergency! Be afraid! “Global boiling” is next on the UN/WEF fear mongering playbook. Block the sun; that’s the ticket. What a joke. BTW–Where is Greta Thunberg? She can accompany the Turdo Twosome to China. Someone needs to scold Xi Jinping. Here’s a better idea: Send Trudeau et al on a “cooling” mission to the sun. Bon voyage!

  2. You nailed it. Race baiter , manchurian anchor baby, groomed by political activists and financed by grievance grifters. Hi jacked our democracy for a freebe dental plan. Guys a political puppet boy for the WEF.


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