Jabs And Hijabs: Canada’s Journey Toward A Post-Modern Dictatorship

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The issue of a fundamentalist Muslim woman transferred out of her job for wearing a Hijab is stirring up major dust in Canada.

Collective outrage comes from all sides– white politicians, Sikh community leaders, National Council of Muslim Canadians, and countless others.

A recurring theme centres on what is being positioned as a breach of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In an article published this week journalist Randall Denley offers his opinion on the head-covering controversy:

“Canada’s shameful past has been a big topic this year. We can’t fix that, but what about our shameful present?”

Aren’t we just the most awful country on earth? Such is the impact of decades of academic conditioning and propaganda. In this capacity, Canada is unique in the world. We hate ourselves. In a way we come by it honestly. Three-term prime minister Justin Trudeau shares this belief system– so why shouldn’t the rest of us?

Speaking of our PM, he recently offered his statement on the firing of the teacher based on Quebec’s Bill 21:

Trudeau’s thoughts went to parents who had to explain why their teacher “lost her job because of her religion.”

This is, of course, patently false: Some 90% of Muslim-Canadian women do not wear a Hijab. Not one of them would have been fired under the circumstances.

Will Trudeau’s erroneous statement make a difference in the debate? Of course not.

While Charter-breaching accusations colour the Hijab dust-up, we point to an incredible irony. Within our Covid-saturated society, these “progressives” have not a word to say regarding the greatest Charter violations in modern history.

Covid regulations violate Charter Rights every day in Canada. Not only do the woke warriors ignore the phenomenon.– every element of society has followed suit.

Thus thrives a condition endemic within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Our controlling institutions now “pick and choose” that which they desire to be subject to law. This transition speaks volumes– the volumes not a single media outlet has communicated to our citizenship.

In terms of governance, it points to the difference between an authentic democracy, and a pseudo-democracy. Within the latter, government decide what is lawful, and what is not. The application of constitutional law is arbitrary.

Because a country is branded a constitutional democracy does not by default mean it is a reality. For such to occur, laws and legislation must be uniformly applied to all social and political circumstances.

Canada doesn’t do this anymore. And more than any phenomenon, the Covid pandemic has advanced the degeneration.

Media say nothing of the sort. But guess who does?  Ex-Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, the last remaining architect of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

“It is unbelievably tragically ironic that a second Trudeau is doing some things the same way that his father did. So, no wonder they were friends of [Fidel] Castro…obviously, they had this totalitarian bent in them that follows from father to son because why would they be doing these kinds of things?”

“Within all of these rights and freedoms, there is only one exception where they[Charter Rights] can be overridden. I am arguing that everything the government has done since the pandemic started they have not demonstrably justified was needed.”

“I think there’s a virus of fear more than anything else,” Peckford said. “Our democracy is failing and failing very fast.”

There you have it, fellow patriots. A Charter founder lays it on the line. Fellow Canadians, prepare yourselves for the fall-out. Blink, and you missed it– because there is none.

Like every other piece of anti-Liberal logic, Peckford’s comments fall on deaf ears.  None more mute than legacy media. Why? Because media no longer work for Canadians–they work for Justin Trudeau.

The bottom line is basic: Nothing can stop the trajectory of the Woke Revolution. Shades of the totalitarian in action?

Of course it is. Jabs, Hijabs– nothing affects the progression of  liberal-globalist reformation. Parallels with 20th century history remain uncanny as Justin Trudeau leads our country toward its very own Cultural Revolution.

11 thoughts on “Jabs And Hijabs: Canada’s Journey Toward A Post-Modern Dictatorship”

  1. hey wait a minute, Justinflation has told everyone that was listening, Quebec is a nation, if they implement their rules, Justina should stay out of it.

  2. You have nailed it again CAP for Canada!! The hijab has nothing to do with religion. I can’t believe how popular purple koolaid is these days!!😳

  3. Randall Denley: “Although it has not signed on to the Charter, Quebec is using the notwithstanding clause to override basic religious freedoms. If that’s allowed to stand, it makes a mockery of the whole [Charter of Blahs and Blahs] document.

    You got that right Bub. A mockery; a worthless document–For an entire country suffering from Trudeau’s “systemically racist”/”genocidal”/ fill-in-the-phony term and add “phobic” diatribes.

    Quebec’s latest act is only a small story in this rapidly-becoming-intolerable country. Readers might enjoy reading this short; Covid era (written) adaptation of Frank Capra’s *It’s A Wonderful Life* starring Jimmy Stewart.


  4. This is all straight out of Frankfurt School Critical Theory, particularly the elevation to power of Herbert Marcuse’s coalition of oppressed minorities as a surrogate for the proletariat.

    Cultural Marxism has truly captured Canada, and we are now just as democratic as the old DDR (Deutsche Demokratischen Republik) of East Germany.

    As the old saying goes, you can vote your way into Communism but you have to shoot your way out of it every time.

    • That’s an interesting comment–the neo-proletariat class formed through immigration. It parallels Marxist doctrine, which also speaks of racial divide as precursor for revolution.

  5. As an historian, I remain on the side of personal freedoms as guaranteed in our Charter of Rights. Whether you like it or not, historically Canada was established as a Christian nation.

    We have had many people come into Canada carrying the gods of their ancestors. They are guaranteed to quietly worship their gods but are constrained from pushing their gods onto other people. Regarding the hijab, it is central to Islam. The penalty to this day is that all Muslim women must wear a Hijab to cover their faces of shame for killing the prophet. That is simple history.

    It has no right or wrong – it is just a historical record. All citizens have the right to wear religious apparel in Canada but some politicians are so atheist that they disdain any religious symbols.

  6. their teacher “lost her job because of her religion.” . According to Trudeau, that is wrong, but 56 churches being burned and destroyed is UNDERSTANDABLE???

    How many arrests have been made regarding those arsonist attacks on Christian churches and how many statue-destroying terrorists have been charged? NONE.

    It seems clear that violence and destruction aimed at Canadians and anything but the fascist left is perfectly fine.


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